Length: 20:00

Stimme: Mistress Mia

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52 reviews for Accepting Pleasure

  1. RonC4880

    Today is the first time I listened to this file. It is a nice “lead in” to another session, but in Itself, it lacks a deep trance or any suggestions (that I can remember).

    The trigger word definitely works. I will listen again in conjunction with one of my favorite sessions.

  2. mattintrance

    After training with this file over and over since it was released, I’ve been experiencing something very interesting whenever Mistress Mia uses the particular trigger word She introduces us to here. Although at first, it affected me much the same as a trigger like “relax” always has, which feels like a wave of calm sweeping over me from the top of my head down. But, the new trigger makes me feel something subtly, but significantly different, almost like a gentle spasm from my lower abdomen, (ok—actually a bit lower, but you get the idea), that makes me arch my back slightly and radiates outward, leaving a sort of tingling as it moves upward and outward toward my chest and arms. It feels really magical, and it happens every time to some degree, although the intensity may vary depending on how I’m feeling overall when listening. I notice that it’s now happening whenever I encounter that particular word in other sessions. That’s always been a rewarding experience for me, because I consider it a sign that the conditioning has really taken hold.

    Anyway—I don’t know how interesting any of this is to a general audience, but it felt like something worth sharing, and I wonder whether anyone else has had a similar reaction. Either way, I want to thank Mistress Mia for doing this to me. I hope She’s pleased to know how deep I’m going, and how well I’m responding.
    142 ARA

  3. 946

    Accepting Pleasure is about relinquishing more control to Mistress Mia and feeling good about it. For those participating in the Femdom Court selection phase this is a powerful complement to Puppy Relax extending the reach of Mistress Mia into the listener’s mind, setting the ground work for more in depth conditioning that will be needed for those who are selected. The aim is to disarm the listener removing all resistance (and reservations) about willing relinquishing control. Mistress Mia accomplishes this skilfully and efficiently, no wasted words, just a clear objective leading the submissive where they ultimately wish to be, under Her control and dominion. These incremental steps are essential because it helps to subdue the subconscious resistance most submissives have and before you know it all you want is more of Her magical voice – i.e. it is a perfectly scripted conditioning file. Listen now, you will not regret it!

  4. Jim

    This is an excellent follow-up to Puppy Relax. Where that file focused on feelings of relaxation and acceptance, this one is all about pleasure. It primes you into feeling pleasure (and not just sexual pleasure) while under the control of a dominant woman like Mistress Mia. It builds upon some of the triggers from Puppy Relax while reinforcing new ones. When taken together with the follow-up file, Progression, it makes the listener want to be the perfect submissive. Truly a wonderful experience.

  5. GuyC_UK

    listening to this and puppy relax each day,
    brings increasing blissfull amazing tingles,
    from being triggered, leaving me so very submissive
    relaxed and pleasured, every time.
    Thank you Mistress

  6. Michael F.

    This is a great training session. I’ve been listening to it and Puppy Relax for many days now. I thought I was receptive to Mistress Mia before but now…now I can go even deeper even faster for her, and become an even better plaything for her. Which is all I want. -170 (ARA)

  7. Slave_Lukas

    Accepting Pleasure is a powerful session which forms our submission brain into obeying more and more. Into following orders without thinking.
    The fact that Mistress Mia makes this session feel like a dream and suggests to you that you won’t remember what she said makes this file even more powerful, because even if you dont remember everything in your conscious mind, these triggers have been planted deep inside your unconscious mind, unable to reach.
    You will feel you are very relaxed, might even feel your are floating, once you wake up everything’s over and you remember nothing, except that you will feel good about what you have just done. Getting sexually programmed into a better submissive pet
    – 592 (ARA)

  8. Russ

    757 – I enjoyed this very much.

  9. 735

    Accepting Pleasure is the second of a trio of files designed to tenderize our collective minds ahead of the upcoming Femdom Court Enigmata event.

    Like its predecessor, Puppy Relax, its shorter length (by THM standards) means it can easily be sneaked in between daytime activities to reinforce its programming.

    It is also soft enough to be looped all night, should one need that extra push to help its suggestions grow deep roots.

    Thanks to its parting amnesia suggestion, it’s likely that you will feel like you’ve listened to a blur of words, without being able to recall what they were all about. That’s only part of the fun for those who, like 735, love experiencing such hypnotic phenomena.

    In fact, besides using Puppy Relax’s trigger once to quickly induce a deep trance, Accepting Pleasure defines a second trigger of its own that it then leaves as bait in the middle of the web of associations it has weaved in our subconscious.

    Although 735 has mapped those associations by dissecting Accept Pleasure for this review, they won’t be spoilered here, beyond mentioning you might loosen up some beliefs and past ideas as a result.

    And since Accept Pleasure is designed to take effect in all manners of communications with Our Mylady, that makes it an ideal standalone conditioning file to join the ranks of the Subliminal Series and Obedience Loops.

    735 ARA

  10. kitsune

    I am just listening to this file daily for the Femdom Court, as required. As described it’s an amazing one to put in a playlist with Puppy Relax.

    Indeed, listening to Puppy Relax after some Accepting Pleasure makes the first one… different.


  11. Monline

    A session that left me with a very pleasant sensation of relaxation, increasing my desire to always accept more suggestions.


  12. 679

    Every time I think that I’ve gotten as deep as I can get, Mistress Mia brings me deeper. I don’t remember how this file ends, but I feel amazing every time it does end.

    679 ARA

  13. 456

    I just listened to the session twice in a row and i am feeling so happy and relaxed right now, even elation i might say. I cant wait trancing with the next session.

  14. tymissmayihaveanother

    It is so easy to relax and let Mistress have control. I feel so connected to Her and I can feel my defences lower when I listen to this session. I float along and I accept Her suggestions,, and I really don’t want the session to end, but when it does, She has more sessions for me to listen to. Thank You Mistress Mia.
    196 AFA

  15. tymissmayihaveanother

    It is so easy to relax and let Mistress have control. I feel so connected to Her and I can feel my defences lower when I listen to this session. I float along and I accept Her suggestions,, and I really don’t want the session to end, but when it does, She has more sessions for me to listen to. Thank You Mistress Mia.

  16. Hanraman

    Accepting Pleasure is a wonderful follow on to Puppy Relax. Listening to it leaves you feeling elated, happy and even more ready to be a good boy for Mistress. It is at its best after multiple listenings, allowing Mistress Mia’s words to sink deeply in to prepare you for what is next.

  17. calimero

    After listening to Accepting Pleasure again and again, it makes me feel incredible submissive and compliant. I just can’t wait for more to come. Thank you Mistress.
    467 ARA

  18. lorenzo

    I release, relax and accept more and more. I’m always so weak for Mia’s conditioning files. They are simply irresistible and I always find myself malleable during and ever these experiences. I am happy, relaxed and accepting for any suggestion the comes in progression to this. And the fun thing is, I don’t even remember this session very well. I just know it is very good.

    355 ara

  19. geowill

    I’m so excited to listen to this ever day. Thank you so so so so much. I am so grateful. And I want to obey and be accepting and moldable.

  20. Richard905

    A training session meant to be repeated over and over again. In this file Mistress teaches us to find pleasure in the acceptance of her commands, control and suggestions, turning us into better submissives. After listening to this multiple times I became a more relaxed and accepting person open to my Mistress’s suggestions allowing her to mold me into a better, happier and more obedient submissive, and finding the pleasure in that acceptance. This file isn’t just a one off meant for femdom court, this file will help you accept Mistress’s suggestions across all her sessions and make you a better submissive in general. This hot and steamy session was amazing and so rewarding. A must listen.
    364 – ARA

  21. Felix

    Well the name really is rather self explanatory. This is for the boys who have always been very accepting and enjoyed pleasure. Doesn’t sound like you? Well give it a listen anyway, maybe you’ll discover some new truths about yourself. -443 ARA

  22. mulder00

    Accepting pleasure is yet another sublime submissive experience of being in Mistress’s sweet control.

    Obedience equals pleasure Control equals pleasure.

    Being controlled by Mistress is the epitome of pleassure.



  23. 754

    What’s wonderful about Accepting Pleasure is how good you will feel afterwards. I had a smile on my face as I was floating through the day. Repeat sessions just makes it all so much better. It feels so good.

  24. hvbarata

    Accepting Pleasure comes from the immutable true of a submissive pet. Obedience is pleasure.

    But then Mistress turn up that pleasure 10 fold, then 1000 fold.

    And all of the sudden you are feeling these uncomfortable floods of pleasure out of nowhere, both in trance and out of trance.

    When you listen (or imagine) Mistress voice. When you read Mistress posts or messages. When you are righting this simples session review. Uh-huh

    Thank you Mistress.
    862 ARA

  25. Svar

    You will submit. You will obey. You will be able to feel the pleasure. It might not be on your first listening, but you might be overwhelmingly surprised by the power of this session

  26. Zaid

    With more relaxing and conditioned to puppy relax, this file immersed in my mind like I live for it and have been listening it on loop day and night with puppy relax. 970 ARA

  27. Subjekt81

    Accepting Pleasure is the follow-up from Puppy Relax and is about molding your subconscious by simply release,
    relax and accept, everything Mistress says, more and more.
    That makes you feels very, very, veryyyy elated. Such a great feeling!!!
    Very exciting and arousing session, Mistress Mia.
    Thank you.
    ~833 ARA

  28. Bertrand

    This one is really powerful, and I love it, it’s so pleasurable.
    And you just want more, and need more.
    Can’t wait for Mistress Mia to use it on me.

  29. 836

    This great session continues the training to become a better subject for Mia. I have no choice but to listen to it every day to condition and brainwash myself, accepting all suggestions and making my response to hypnotic triggers more automatic. Thank you, Mistress, for allowing me to be your obedient subject. I become more open and accepting with each passing day.
    836. ARA

  30. 811

    Combined with “Puppy Relax” this will guide your mind more and more in the right direction.
    Beeing even more relaxed and open for Mistress Mia’s influence on you. Feeling so good.
    Accept, do not think.


  31. 864

    I love the emphasis on pleasure. Very enticing.

  32. Maarten

    A very hot file, waking up like i’m on fire.
    This training file is so strong you just give the control to Mistress Mia, a must have to conditioning yourself.
    211 ARA

  33. David

    Another great conditioning session from FDC. For me it really began to gently stir up a frenzy during the initiation. -172 ARA

  34. iogswq

    Accepting Pleasure is another powerful session by Mistress Mia. It will show you just as it has shown me the truth in life that obedience is the key to pleasure. I am so happy that Mistress has conditioned this into me -106 ARA

  35. 968

    Mistress Mia is pleasure!

    This session reinforces this fact, and it is a fact. Mistress has taken my mind and connected obedience, compliance and submission to her with my most basic pleasure response.

    This is a wonderful, short, powerful conditioning session, I am able to listen when time is short, able to loop over and over and Mistress Mia’s voice is just becoming an instant trigger into blissful surrender. Obedience is pleasure, pleasing Mia is obedience, I accept my need to obey Mia, Mia gives me pleasure and I want to obey her even more.

    The more I submit to this file the more I struggle to differentiate Mia’s programming from my own thoughts. It is so much easier to just obey and accept the pleasure.

    Thank you Mistress Mia


  36. Lagaz


    The second portion of an enigmatic cornerstone. A forked frontal foundation of things to come, not only in the near future. The mental walls slipping to waysides. Opening larger cerebral playgrounds, blissfully begging to sacrifice even more control to a true mind mistress.

    627 ara

  37. 731

    Another session that builds on the desire of so many of us to please dominant woman. The thought alone is already exciting but how Mistress Mia uses that desire for you, and maybe even against you, is as playful as they come. It makes you crave, and even whimper, for more.


  38. Hammy

    Absolutely mesmerising, in this file you WILL have your weak mind melted with the pleasure of obediently accepting Mistress Mia’s suggestions until you are planted with all the fun buttons Mistress Mia can play with.


  39. Alex

    What if there could be a word used by Mistress that spikes pleasure into your body, a word that makes all those little bubbles of bliss explode at the same time? Accepting Pleasure is just what you need. Listing daily will condition you to feel amazing, after every listen there is a bright smile across my face and i feel so good. Combine it with Puppy Relax and you have a daily treat of pleasure and relaxation, that will blow your mind away. You will go deeper each time and give into Mia´s voice easy access into your mind.

    -727 ARA

  40. Orella

    Following hot on the heels of Puppy Relax, Accepting Pleasure was the second conditioning file provided by Mistress Mia during the selection phase for the 2024 Femdom Court – Enigmata.

    As with the cover of Puppy Relax, the cover art of Accepting Pleasure is again breathtakingly beautiful, another stunning image of Mistress Mia, here as with the cover of Puppy Relax I could once again Gaze endlessly at this image lost in blissful devotion.

    Adding daily listening to Accepting Pleasure in addition to daily listing Puppy Relax was delightful, I loved the building intensity and depth of my conditioning, so eager to please wonderful Mistress.

    As with my initial listening to Puppy Relax I wherever possible listened multiple times lost in a totally blissful state deeply absorbing my conditioning.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for creating this second wonderful conditioning file, I am so grateful and happy to absorb you conditioning I love being under your influence and control Mistress.

    582 – ARA

  41. 845

    This file programs the brain so well to just let go and let yourself fall completely for the sweet seductive voice of Mistress Mia. All I want to be is a good boy for Mistress Mia and hear those sweet sweet words. Nothing feels better than accepting just accept all what Misttess Mia wants you to hear. Let your brain be conditioned to accepting and feel the absolute joy that comes with that.
    – 845 (ARA)

  42. Jude

    Mistress Mia’s prowess is unparalleled in the art of femdom. With a voice that commands submission, she effortlessly pierces through the veil of consciousness, drawing her listeners into a vortex of control that leaves them utterly entranced. Each word she articulates is a carefully crafted command, resonating within the depths of the listener’s psyche.

    This session transcends the bounds of a simple recording. It’s a journey that peels back the layers of your identity, rendering you pliable and exposed under her command. By its conclusion, the line between your own thoughts and her desires blurs into nonexistence, merging into a singular will. You’ll be submerged in profound relaxation and pleasure, becoming a testament to her control as you’re rendered utterly compliant and thought-free.

    914 – ARA

  43. Bad Boy Braxton


    Conditioning of my mind is what I crave from Mistress Mia, and her girlfriends. Accepting Pleasure is the latest example of pure bliss from The HypnoMistress. I desire what you want for me, Mistress.

    ARA 578

  44. Steven

    Drawing on the experiences of the past this session vibes with multiple listens. Building on the deep reactions of trance, driving strong positive feelings to the surface. Acceptance is an important part of letting go, and so this is a must have.

    Thank you, 133 ARA

  45. Jalang

    The second session expertly produced and generously provided by Mistress Mia, Accepting Pleasure, reveals the pathway to true pleasure.

    While technically a conditioning session, to the listener who has trained with Puppy, Relax daily, Accepting Pleasure transforms into an extremely erotic session. When you’ve come to that realization, listening again and again becomes absolute bliss.

    Mia’s voice is Pleasure.

    683 ARA

  46. Watcher watcher

    This is an amazing audio file for people who want to have their minds conditioned to be more accepting to Mias words, it will get you prepared to be transformed in who she wants you to be and that will make you feel good. If you are beginning in this word of hypnosis this would be a great audio file to listen daily and prepare yourself for a better experience with the next ones.


  47. mattintrance

    Mistress Mia will soothe you with Her irresistible voice. Your conscious mind will fall deeply asleep, and it will feel indescribably good. And in return for that incredibly pleasurable sleep, you will gladly keep your mind wide open for Her; hearing only Her voice; focusing only on Her words. You will be compelled to listen every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and it will be the most rewarding feeling imaginable. When Mistress uses Her trigger words on you, you will be helplessly under Her control. And it will be your favorite place to be.

  48. Abe

    Imagine yourself a slave, a prisoner, a never ending eternal slave to pleasure. That’s what you become in this sensual, erotic hypnosis session in its pure form. Accepting pleasure is a session where Mistress Mia gives all the pleasure you can possibly handle and what better time than now? Femdom Court feels just right, it is pleasure, if I where to be chosen to take part, I know that whatever tasks, humiliations, tease and denies will be oh so pleasurable. This session prepared you for that


  49. SneakySnake

    This audio is a good follow-up file to Puppy Relax. It continues to condition you further, teaching you to accept your Mistress’s commands and to get pleasure from obeying.

    – 599 (ARA)

  50. Andi_S

    Accepting Pleasure is one of the sexiest, most enjoyable, and most powerful conditioning files that Mistress Mia has ever created. Thank you, Mistress Mia, for granting my submissive mind the bliss of going so deep into trance and being trained to accept and obey your words instinctively and automatically. -242 ARA

  51. Jacks29

    Listening to acceptance daily for almost a week now has made my life so much better. Learning to accept and trust mistress has resulted in my life becoming happier and more fulfilled. It is simpler to know she is all I need to please to gain pleasure. Thank you for the experience mistress.

    Yours mistress,

  52. Nick

    Accepting Pleasure is a very powerful session that absolutely connects obedience to Mistress Mia with pleasure.
    If you’re even considering it, you should get this session.
    Thank you Mistress Mia

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