Length: 39:46

Stimme: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Adrift

  1. lorenzo

    I already knew way ahead of the designated date that I couldn’t participate in Mia’s celebration in the form of a Live event.

    You can imagine my joy, when finding out She made a session out of it.

    Just like the other live events Mia took it back too just the fantasy of Hypnosis in its purest form. I felt so safe after she started describing THM and her control like drifting on a big yacht in a big ocean and I could be floating up or sinking down and there was the playground of my mind in all sorts of colors. And i drifted off gazing into nothingness…

    My review might not be making much sense but being taken by Mia is sometimes indescribable. Thank You Mia for all the years of hypnotic bliss and everything thhat is still about to happen.

  2. MicHam99

    Adrift session ! So Beautiful, celebrating Mistress Mia was a great event that i have the chance to be invited, i won’t forget August 28. I want to thank you so much Mistress for adding this event session in the showroom, that was a great surprise for me, a gift of you.

    This file will make you surf on the biggest weave of the ocean, it is grandiose. I recommend this file, as must have ! It was for me, my first Live trance with Mia, i enjoyed my experience. Having the file in my player, now i can listen and drift down as I wish with Mistress Mia perfect voice.

    Thank You Mistress Mia

  3. Braxton

    Soothing. Calming. Relaxing.

    Let the celebration begin. This live show was amazing! A night to celebrate our wonderful Mistress.

    Mia this was my first chance to experience your live show, and it definitely lived up to the hype. I enjoyed every part of the celebration, and of course hearing you create magic live is simply indescribable.

    Amazing Experience Mia.

  4. Abe

    I love it when I’m drawn into beautiful scenery. The depths of an endless ocean and the way my life spirit floats, drifts and sinks through the ocean of this wonderful world Mistress created just takes me deeper and deeper. This happens every time I close my eyes and allow myself to relax to her words, her voice and her unparalleled imagination she brings to my mind. As I listened for the beginning of the session I was brought back to the previous live trances. I’ve been fortunate enough to take part of them all, each their own unique and wonderful experiences, but this one is different and truly intimate and special. There was a point in which I saw myself in one of these boats in which Mistress speaks about, perhaps with those who have been part of this world for many many years. I walked to the very front where the waters met and I just looked down below to catch a glimpse of myself through the years, remembering my journey to this same boat as others followed along. I soon felt the presence of Mistress Mia next to me talking those words that I long to hear, the voice and whispers she adores giving and the arousal my body feels all over, all while being very emotionally drawn to the experience that I felt during that time. It’s an endless journey, where this boat has no end, it simply floats along and further more to nothingness, but for me, nothing, at least here… is everything…

    Thank You…

  5. Andi_S

    Mistress Mia has perfected the art of vocal emoting. The art of expressing and evoking emotion with her voice. Every word, every syllable that leaves her mouth carries meaning and sounds so unbelievably good and seductive and erotic. From the very first word that leaves her mouth her voice wraps itself around my mind and works itself in, enchanting my senses, moving past my critical mind, penetrating ever more deeply into the depths and filling up every last crevice of my mind. When I lied down to listen to Adrift, and the first words left Mistress Mia’s voice I was awe-struck and completely spellbound by how beautiful her voice is and just how perfect of a vocal artist she really is. I felt admiration and love for beauty of her spirit, the grandeur of her vision and the beauty of her ideals, the grace, the intelligence, the elegance, and the natural feminine authority with which she leads. The only thing I really remember from the session is breathing for Mistress Mia but I just know this session is pure beauty. I know this is what I believe in. This is the life that I dream of. And of all this. All this beauty. Somehow the essence of it is all in Mistress Mia’s voice. If you listen closely enough you can sense all this even when you hear her voice for the very first time. Thank you so much, Mistress Mia, for bringing us this beautiful session and for sharing your voice with us. After the last word was spoken I kept lying in my bed for many minutes, naked and aroused and my head filled with echoes of your voice, and feelings of of elation, admiration, and gratitude for being so lucky and privileged to be allowed to listen and learn and be a part Mia’s world.

  6. Orella

    I was one of the lucky few who had the privilege of attending Mistress Mia’s live birthday celebration trance in August.

    The atmosphere of this special event was electrifying. Such exquisitely thrilling anticipation building up until the day came to join, settle back let go and relax. I gladly and gratefully handed over all control to Mistress Mia and drifted off to wherever she chose to take my willing mind.

    Reliving this wonderful special experience is quite an emotional buzz and delicious to revisit.

    With this session you can experience this special event too.

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