Länge: 38:27

Stimme: Scarlet

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3 reviews for Aural Bliss

  1. Orella

    Mistress Scarlet’s sexy voice draws me into the session as I start to relax to her words. I am taken by the hand and guided to soak myself in a warm bubble bath where I can fully relax and let go as I fall into a deep trance.
    My relaxation increases all over my body as I listen to Mistress Scarlet’s silky voice, my attention is drawn to a vibrantly coloured bubble in the bath and I become lost in the colours and their transition across the swirling rainbow spectrum. Leaving my body behind I float up and merge into the bubble, nothing on my mind just relaxed happiness and carefree bliss.
    My journey changes as I approach a red door with the words Oral Pleasure written upon it, my anticipation and arousal starts to increase more and more as the door opens and I step into the room. My eyes are transfixed to the vision of Mistress Scarlet standing by the bed. My desire to orally please her is overwhelming, I happily kneel before her desperate to taste her pussy and please her with my tongue and lips. I am lost in complete bliss as I am permitted to start worshipping her pussy, I am nothing more than a mouth to please her pussy and I would not want to be anything else. I am lost in the bliss of worshipping Mistress Scarlet as her arousal builds and builds towards orgasm.
    I am lost in arousal as Mistress Scarlet decides that she wishes to play with my body and cock, I must obediently wait as she teases me with massage oil and her hands upon my body, I am lost in desire and ever-increasing arousal.
    Mistress turns her attention to my cock and using the oil Mistress Scarlet plays with it as it engorges so intensely into an erection that it wants to burst. As Mistress plays, I so want to cum but I must wait for permission, her pleasure is more important to me and she decides when I should cum and how I will cum to please her most. Today it is in her mouth, oh what bliss.

  2. truckertom1472

    What a awesome session. The excesty is unbelievable. Scarlet did a fantastic job.

  3. MattyMatt

    Being transported from bubble bath to Scarlet’s other realm was warm and relaxing. It was so easy to let go, to float to submit. Finding myself on my knees and being commanded to serve felt so right, it was my purpose, my will, my imagination took over and I fed upon all the sensations! I felt so rewarded for submitting to my mistress, serving to the best of my abilities, but this blissful encounter was far from over! Weaving her ’tist magic and some unexpected dirty talk I was conditioned for and received a hypno-erotic blowjob that reduced me to quivering puddle of orgasmic goo! Then, reluctantly, I was returned to my normal life with all the memories of this intense, yet blissful experience, yearning to serve once again.

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