Länge: 22:28
Stimme: Mia

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6 reviews for Awe and Wonder

  1. LC

    This is one of Mistress Mia’s early Masterpieces. It is not explicit but her intellect, intuition and dominance make it incredible arousing.

    Thank You Mistress Mia I am always in Awe and Wonder of your influence!!!

  2. Andi_S

    This moment is what I live for.

  3. Orella

    I love being drawn deeply into trance by Mistress Mia and taken on a beautiful mind journey filling me with deep feelings of wonderful female domination and my own deep desire to submit, obey and be totally controlled by my beautiful Goddess.
    This voyage through the beautiful interrelationship between my submissive self and my Mistress, my Goddess is truly breath taking and awe inspiring in this timeless mindscape.
    My purpose is clear as I open myself completely and give myself mind, body and soul to the Mistress and Goddess whom I trust completely.

  4. Shakara

    The moment of greatest vulnerability … I can reach it with “Awe and Wonder”. The moment, the feeling I desire more than any orgasm, because it is a feeling of fulfilling. The moment you realize that this is your purpose in life. Being the Yang to her Yin. This moment brings tears into my eyes and I ignore anything. It doesn’t bother me, when there are loud noises, like messaging alarms, inside my head. I not just love this session, this session is the foundation of my desire.

  5. Andrew Asoka

    This session is the truth. Mia helps you ponder on the truth and it also involves a deeply philosophical and powerful rendition of the concept of time. Poems and literary texts can be written about how profound, simple, important and truthful this session was but what more can I say that to admit that this is the truth. This meditation led by Mia helped me anchor here. This session is so much more than awe and wonder and I think Mia explains it best in the session itself. These words are not a review but a sincere thanks with closed eyes for this important moment in femdom hypnosis. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Mia.

  6. Lucidair

    It’s a a very beautiful session.
    There is so much potential in this one instant and in the act of complete surrender.
    The session is not about doing things.
    It’s about a feeling. It transports us to beyond time and space.
    In this way, it’s extremely hypnotic. Soon deep trance filled my body and I felt extremely euphoric.

    This session about beauty of female domination. It’s about what I (as submissive) really want: surrender to my Mistress.
    This so much about a moment of delicate openness.
    Feeling this openness is so blissful and so arousing.

    I also love how Mia captures the essence of Femdom as something purely beautiful.
    Everything seems so related: seeing the beauty in others, feeling the connection, pure surrender,
    feeling the beauty in ourself. There is no beginning and no end in this cycle.
    Once you are in this cycle, everything becomes more and more beautiful.

    The session transports us into this feeling of completely surrender.
    It is the ultimate bliss and the ultimate arousal (yes, for me it has been much
    more arousing than many of the more explicit sessions, although I also like them).
    There is no “before” and “after”, just pure bliss.
    Call it “surrender”! Call it “hypnosis”! Call it “bliss”! Call it “true domination”!
    There are are so many names. This one instant enlightened by this feeling is simply transcendent.
    Mia’s session brings us the gift to experience it
    every time we hit the play button and listen to “Awe and Wonder”.
    Thank you so much, Mia!

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