This is my world, my fantasy, not yours, or anybody elses. In this world, bound by rules, you are my guest. You are a diver in my sky.

This is not a standard, classic hypnosis session as you know it. It’s my own personal endeavor in creating something powerful, compelling.. frighteningly majestic. In creating something that manifests feelings of delight, without being erotic in nature. It’s a crucial test of your willpower and your ability to let go.

Es ist ein langer Weg nach unten... genießen Sie den Tauchgang.


Länge: 27:26
Stimme: Mia

Urheberrecht © 2016 von TheHypnoMistress
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5 reviews for Celestial Sphere

  1. Orella

    A lovely experience being guided into Mistress Mia’s world as she weaves images in my mind and I immerse myself in her words, voice and imagery.
    To dive into the freedom, calm and peace of this session is simply wonderful. Becoming completely lost in Mistress Mia’s beautiful eyes as I fall into the bliss that Mistress Mia enables me to experience with such ease and care.
    I am so happy to let go of any control and fall under Mistress Mia’s spell, being helpless in total submission under Mistress Mia’s complete control feels so very right, all I long for is to serve, obey and please my Mistress as nothing else matters and the pleasure I feel is intoxicating.

  2. Abe

    I´ll say that I think this session paved the way in which we can see Mia more than a Mistress, more than someone who shows great skill towards dominance. A friendly invitation to her world this session is, a little before we saw it how it is now. Her world here in my mind is just as beautiful as mine, as yours. It´s where we all gather as one and forget about this waking world. The tasks, the troubles. It´s truly wonderful losing myself in her sky, seeing her in the upper regions of the crystal skies as she safely drops you down towards the waters below. I´ve been listening to this session for a couple of months and everytime I listen, I go in as a visitor, a guest only to find that great caring Mistress that was then, now and will ever be…

  3. Taigh Dupp

    I love that moment when you find a session that has depth. I’m not referring the falling sensation – which is just wonderful in this session – but to the certainty I feel at the end, that Ive found a new file that I can put on high-rotation. One which can help me to really double-down on, listen to over and over, and have it plumb new depths in my trance levels. Celestial Sphere is one of those files that I feel will become a really effective part of my ongoing adventure to spelunk my way down into into the inky depths unconscious, automatic conditioning.

  4. Zephyr

    This session is nothing short of amazing – easily one of the best I’ve ever heard. You will be transported into another world – one of infinite sky and imagination ruled by Mistress Mia. Of course if you enter her realm, you play by her rules. During your visit you will discover a special kind of freedom found nowhere else. Feelings of exhilaration and euphoria abound. You will certainly want to return here again and again. Take the plunge, you won’t regret it.

  5. S P

    This is for sure one of the most original sessions I have ever enjoyed so far. Deep calm, joy and pleasure while floating in the sky… and then falling down like in a new dimension… that magic blue sky probably belongs to another world… and that soothing voice that is guiding me in this fantastic journey really sounds like the voice of a sensual Goddess.

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