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Length: 35:37
Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Changes II – Willpower

  1. mattintrance

    I believe that being a hypnotic subject, or a submissive in any context, is truly a journey taken one step at a time. Some are big, some are small; all are important. They come in many forms, some obvious, many not, and often when you least expect them. This is one of the big ones. You’re on your way. You’ve surrendered, and given Mistress Mia control. But it’s control of you, and it has to be freely given. But have faith. Trust Her. Listen to her voice, hear her words and keep your mind open so they can truly sink in. Then obey. When you’re truly ready to submit, it’s Her pleasure that’s the key. The more you give, the more you get. Thank You for doing this to me, Mistress. Thanks for taking care of me and keeping me safe throughout.
    142 ARA

  2. Miaslave

    If you like to give Mistress mia fully controle these session will show or more let you feel how pleasureable it is. It’s awesome and strang at the same time to feel how your body response to every single command from Mistress Mia. I’m totaly flashed. But it feel even better if you had listen to the session collaring Ceremony. I just awake after these session (change II) and feel so so happy and aroused, that I just want to give Mistress Mia fully controlle again and again. I’m not sure if it’s a dream or it’s real … totaly flashed. Thank you Mistress Mia for these session

  3. Orella

    Deeper into the journey of surrender to Mistress Mia where my will power is meaningless and all control is given over to Mistress Mia. Happily lost in helpless obedience, Mistress Mia fills my empty mind and has complete control of my mind and body to play with as she pleases.

  4. Abe

    Mia´s voice is so somooth, so loving, so calm, sensual, sweet and commanding as well and what´s even greater is that you don´t even feel that side of her. The sweetness of her voice overwhelms you completely here. Just by listening to her words, I´m completely in surrender to her. Just by following simple instructions I feel great pleasure and that is amazing.

    Nothing is greater than following Mia´s instructions and commands, they give us pleasure and she challenges you here. I must say that I was ready to finish myself off, but that wasn´t in Mia´s plans and I had to obey. It´s worth it…

  5. Michael

    This session is tremendous. I hadn’t listened to Changes I in awhile, so I made a playlist of Changes I immediately followed by this, and I went I think the deepest I have ever gone in a hypnosis session to date. My body was moving, but I really, truly did not feel like I was in control of it at all – that beautiful, lyrical voice was in control of every part of me. I really felt like a (very very happy) robot.

    And I was full of erotic bliss the whole time. Can’t recommend this enough. And can’t wait for Changes III

  6. Lucidair

    This is an absolutely magical session.
    It needs just one word
    describing this recording:
    Bliss. It’s bliss, bliss, bliss…
    I love your voice being so very calm.
    Your dominance is effortless – just a few gentle words suffice
    to make me euphorically go into trance and to make every of my cells crave your power and control.
    I love the body sensations, love you bringing heaviness and lightness in my body. And when you do so, I experience bliss.
    I love the mix of body sensations and breathing.
    It feels very tantric.
    I love you teasing me.
    I love you building magnificent, burning arousal in me.
    I love listening to your voice. Each syllable and tone
    increases my sexual desire, evokes burning sensations in my erotic brain.
    Everything is fine and just well blended.

    Personally, I don’t prefer sessions with
    masturbation instructions.
    But, this session is perfect.
    The balance between my cock, focus on my full body and
    feeling the incredible bliss of submitting to you not only felt
    right, but simply captivating.
    Thank you, Mia, for filling my body so extremely with bliss,
    arousal and sexual energy!
    I love it.

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