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Voice: Mia

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2 reviews for Changes – The Complete Series

  1. MicHam99

    Changes, beautiful sessions, I did complete the series and was an obedient pet for my Mistress all the way. I past the final test. I am so proud that my Mistress show me, teach me that pleasing A powerful Women any women… is the important thing to accomplish as a submissive pet, my own pleasure is to please my Mistress, pleasing women. My own pleasure will come after ! naturally serving my Mistress. Thank you Mistress for all those great sessions and teaching me the good path for me to go, to follow. Your power over me is so strong and I love it so much. Leaning a lot being a submissive to Mistress Mia the greatest woman of the world. Love my Mistress and long the please and obey you.

  2. Orella

    This is an incredible series and journey where more and more I handed over all control to Mistress Mia.
    Changes 1-Lose control:
    What a wonderful feeling to be taken into a deep trance and conditioned to release both mental and physical control to Mistress Mia, deeply submissive and obediently obeying in complete surrender.
    Changes 2-Will power:
    Deeper into the journey of surrender to Mistress Mia where my will power is meaningless and all control is given over to Mistress Mia. Happily lost in helpless obedience, Mistress Mia fills my empty mind and has complete control of my mind and body to play with as she pleases.
    Changes 3-Transcendence:
    Once again I am lost, obediently surrendering all mind and body control to Mistress Mia for her pleasure and amusement. I am truly helpless and simply must obey and please my Mistress, no matter how desperate my desire becomes I must obey all of Mistress Mia’s commands completely.

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