Length: 46:51 (Permission to Cum) 45:17 Denial
Voice: Mistress Mia

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10 reviews for Corporate Take Over

  1. muldy00

    This is my g0-to file when I want a firm , hot , femdom take no prisoners file.

    The play count on this one must be close to 50 by now.
    Great for foot fetishes and those wanting to be converted to the kink.
    I open the door to my office and Mia is sitting at my..her desk with her legs up and her stiletto shoes dangling. This imagine is burned into my brain by now.

    What follows is the listener being taught his place in a strict , humiliating? way.

    There is a cum and no-cum version. Includes CEI and Foot fetish.

    An all-time great THM file that has won many awards.

  2. GoodBoyLance

    Mia quickly takes control and is undeniably in charge as your new boss and your new job is to do as She says, if She says kneel then you kneel, if She says grovel at Her feet then you grovel, if She says kiss Her high heels then you kiss Her high heels, and if you are a good boy and are willing to do everything that She says, you are permitted to cum on Her shoes on the condition that you must lick and lap and clean Her high heels so nobody else at the office knows the little secret that you aren’t the boss anymore, Mia is. And isn’t it better when She is in charge behind the scenes?

  3. Dale Roads

    Corporate takeover.

    Well, who did she think she was, that new junior secretary, short leather skirt, so cute and saucy, strutting around in those high heels, flashing those pretty painted toe-nails?
    Obviously, she was trying to catch MY eye, I am the alpha boss here after all.

    I asked her out, promised her the moon, she snickered at me and gave her ass a special wiggle as she turned her back. You know the type I am talking about … low rent tramp. Reported her to admin I did, sexual harassment, love it.

    How surprising to turn the corner and find her sitting in MY chair, in MY office. WTF! Ok, I will play along, have some fun before I humiliate and scream her out the door. ha, ha, ha … oh yeah.

    And so the story starts, more or less. But as we know, it is not just a story, it is a seduction, Mistress Mia’s further advancement into our own minds … for she is a very real person who excites a very real response. Boing. Pretty soon your little bird is eating out of her hand, or certainly wants to. I won’t go into details but if you find yourself hypnotically dropping into this little drama of humiliation, you might find yourself wanting more … and more.

  4. Abe

    Tease and Denial (NO CUMMING) Version:

    It’s been over a week since my review of the permission to cum version. When I heard the denial version just a few days ago I realized how weak and powerless I truly am for Mistress Mia and her hot sexy heels. There was nothing else in my mind than begging and pleading to get allowed to cum like I did the first time. I went on for 3 days trying to compose myself and hold off from cumming, but the more I tried, it became harder to let go of the image of Mistress Mia’s heels in a desk and cumming hard. A total mind fuck for sure. I gave in yesterday and came hard, again listening to the other session.

    Mistress Mia teases and denies to her heart’s content. I can say that something, unmercifully, leaving us in a state of total surrender and arousal, but when she wants to, when it pleases her, she can reward all other torment, pent up arousal just for giving in to her, her games, even for making us eat our own cum, in the most sensual, erotic and merciful way. She allows us to reach that point of arousal, grabs hold of it and let’s it overflow through out our bodies like only she can. I like knowing that there is this part of the session where I can experience more pleasure and arousal so that when the time comes for me to cum, it will be 10x better than the last.

    We could have been denied the entire time…
    Thank You!

  5. Taigh

    I always think that the real test of a truly great erotic hypnosis file is when you are more aroused afterwards even than you were before hand, when you are naturally full of eager anticipation. It’s been 24 hours since I listened to Corporate Take Over (the No-cumm version) and I just can’t stop thinking about it. This type of fantasy has always been very exciting for me and Mistress Mia makes it feel so real. At one point she had me whimpering in desperate horny desire I’m pretty sure, and then when she said (some of the really humiliating parts) I felt myself just crumple into a ball of submissive arousal. This is so Hot.
    I feel pretty sure I will post a review after I listen to the ‘Permission to Cum’. But I’m going to hold off as long as I can for that.

  6. Abe

    Mia is the ultimate office fantasy, this can’t be denied. Any person with a dick should be aware of her presence, her tricks, her charms and her power of word around an office as they will soon be worshiping and taking orders from such a sexy powerful woman. Corporate Takeover has to be the hottest and most arousing office theme session ever released at THM as of yet.The way she carried herself, implanting images of her sitting right there in a desk that once was mine, just teasing with her heels and provocative skirt as I’m being called out about my reports to HR, I knew right there and then that I no longer had any control of the situation, much less of the entire firm. The work place. It should also be said that the majority of us would choose the denial version first because of an order from Mistress Mia or because the curiosity to experience the long term arousal, but I went on and listened to the one where we are allowed to come, I payed tribute to her shoes making a big mess of cum only to have it cleaned right off my tongue. There is no other Mistress that could take control of me that way than Mistress Mia.

    This session builds up to a powerful conclusion and a mess that it’s almost too hard and hot handle. Mia always knows how to make a man submit to her with playful humiliation, always knows about the tactics to her desires and cravings. We know them too, those of us who have been willing fallen for them, every single time she seduces us with her traps. I knew I was no match to what was in store for me, not to go against her authority and what she wanted from me. The story is a amazing, Mia’s voice truly brakes every barrier of resistance when it comes to jerking off to images of her in heels, an office and a sexy secretary that may well, become your new boss.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop this desire and need for more of this…
    Thank You, Mistress…

  7. Andi_S

    This is a great session. Smoking hot. Very arousing and extremely intriguing. Mistress Mia is very skilled at placing thoughts and images in your mind and anchoring your arousal to them. A certain phrase is still echoing through me. The image of Mistress Mia’s sexy heels and me being made to get on my knees and kiss and lick them for her is still floating through my mind. And I still feel the buzz between my legs from all the arousal I felt from my mind and body being at the mercy, and adding to the pleasure of such a sexy, confident, and powerful woman by debasing myself and letting her humiliate me.

    I listened to the denial version. I loved it and it left me wanting more. It left me pondering and wondering about the thoughts and ideas that Mistress Mia placed in my mind and the pull they have over me. The immersive fantasy that Mistress Mia made me experience is extremely hot but the mental takeover, the way she plays with my thoughts and emotions, the way she exerts power over my mind, is every bit as hot if not hotter. I don’t think I will be able to resist listening more and finding out what this will do to me.

    Your mind is hers for the taking. The fantasy here is about a hot woman at your workplace making you submit to her. A corporate takeover. That is the fantasy. But

  8. Orella

    Well, well. What a deliciously arousing session Corporate Take Over is to immerse myself deeply within.

    Braxton’s great review frames the high-level story line perfectly.

    The two versions make this session are so much fun, a cum version and a no cum version.
    Both versions are such sweet torment for me, I am one of the THM Office chastity pets so I cannot touch if erect and under no circumstances cum without explicit permission in advance from Mistress Mia.

    Mistress Mia turns the tease up to the maximum in this session.
    I am helpless, lost in arousal, erect and aching, so desperate to cum.
    My mind full of heels, aromatic leather scents and textures teasing me, beautifully polished red toenails, tantalising curves and contours of Mistress Mia’s feet and calf’s.
    I am so absorbed with desperate desire to make a mess all over Mistress Mia’s beautiful feet and gorgeous heels, then to lick and clean up my mess as she smiles with pleasure and amusement.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Mistress Mia for creating this exquisitely tormenting session, I hope my desperate frustrated state pleases and amuses you Mistress.

  9. lorenzo

    This session might hold a world record on the time a boy is kept on edge. The session comes with 2 versions: denial and permission to cum. I choose denial because my orgasm belongs to Mia. Though until the very end I didn’t know if Mia might have switched titles (she might have, you’ll have to find out for yourself). The session is impossibly sexy and teasing until the very end.

    This one is especially good if you have a high heel/foot fetish (don’t we all), like being humiliated and there is CEI in there too. Also there is a little hint of blackmail. In short every ingredient needed for a proper corporate takeover.

  10. Braxton

    Captivating. Erotic. Immersive.

    In this classic power exchange fantasy, we are greeted by the new sexy secretary of the office. She has gotten word that you went to HR to report her work attire. Stating that it was “inappropriate” and distracting. This of course only motivated her to find out why we find her attire so distracting. As you arrive to work you notice an intruder already waiting for you in ‘your’ office…

    Mia, the level of obsession that I’ve had for this session from the original announcement has been crazy. I have never anticipated a session quite like this before. It
    definitely lived up to the hype. The two different versions only made the session that much better!

    Corporate Take Over will be featured in the very first episode of Skull Session which will release at the end of April.

    Phenomenal job Mia.

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