Length: 55:30
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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5 reviews for Couples Therapy 1

  1. 836

    Great therapy session, really! I would love to entrust my partner to the hands of a confident dominant woman who knows how to deal with my lady. I wish to passively observe how a sexy hypnotherapist seduces my girl and brings her pleasure, realizing that perhaps she will experience true pleasure only with this confident woman and not with me. I don’t mind at all. She deserves to have pleasure, and I trust our hypnotherapist.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra. Can’t wait to listen to other parts of this series.

  2. Poet69

    Isn’t that a dream? Look at the beautiful Cover. Who would Not worship Mistress Alexandra while she is playing with another Lady? Mistress Alexandra is truly a tease. Sexy, Erotic, Hypnotic. Pure devine bliss. She realy knows the Art of love and lead you deeper and deeper into extasy and hypnotic Submission. Both Man and Woman will realy love this. ♥

  3. Eddie

    What a great voice she has strict, firm, sweet, sensual and so incredibly sexy. I just loved listening in on Mistress Alexandra taking my girlfriend deep into trance. Such a hot impression it left behind of my dominant woman being turned into another of Alexandra’s eager play toys. I can’t wait to hear where this series will lead us, being such a helpless willing couple and all. One of the first series I knew I wanted, so glad to be finally experiencing.

  4. Abe

    Another amazing therapy session with Mistress Alexandra. I admit that I haven’t been a good performer in the bedroom, maybe too focused or centered around my own kinks and fetishes lately. This session opened up my eyes to the importance of pleasing and pleasuring my partner, and better yet, to know all the tricks a girl knows when she recieves pleasure from another lady. Its a surprise knowing how my girldfriend here is feeling pleasure by Mistress Alexandra’s suggestions and questions. The exchange I witnessed here is very arousing to me. Sitting there in silence trying to remian in control just becomes an afterthought when Mistress herself gets control of both of our pleasures.

    I know that there is a lot for me to know and I am eager to learn

  5. Orella

    Having now experienced many therapy sessions with Mistress Alexandra I am familiar with her office and look forward to being there very much. I love hearing her strong authoritative yet beautiful, sexy and soothing voice.
    I am so happy to be permitted to stay and obediently sit quietly as I watch this sex therapy session unfold, just listening as I observe the therapy session is relaxing me as I become increasing transfixed to the interaction taking place.
    I have fallen into trance as I silently observe helpless to do anything but watch and listen. I become increasingly aroused by the questions and responses but have no control over my movements, I find myself mirroring the physical responses that I am observing, what a pleasurable/painful experience.
    Wow, the woman on woman exchange in the therapy session was enthralling and I am so eager to hear more and more on how women please women. I am so eager to learn as much as I can about how to give pleasure to women, this is much more important to me than my own physical gratification, she must be pleased and pleasured to her full satisfaction, achieving this for her in itself brings me deep feelings of pleasure, arousal and happiness.

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