Length: 31:46

Voice: Scarlet

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3 reviews for Fever

  1. Orella

    It is always such a pleasure to listen to Mistress Scarlet, I breath as instructed by her sweet voice and feel more and more relaxed as I do so.
    My mind filling with the images that Mistress Scarlet describes as I drift into a deep sleep guided by her irresistible voice, falling deeper and deeper.
    I feel increasingly hot as my desire to obey my nurse builds more and more within me, my arousal growing as my mind fills with images of Mistress Scarlet, such a sexy nurse in her uniform.
    So sensual being examined by nurse Scarlet as she thoroughly examines me most intimately, driving me wild with arousal, lust and desire. I am taken further and further into intense arousal to worship and please my wonderful nurse in any way that she commands me to.

    Post the session I think, silly me I had thought that Scarlet Fever was nothing more than an illness, now I know that it is also an intensely arousing, lust filled deep desire to be intimately examined by nurse Scarlet again and again and again.

  2. Martin

    This is a very graphic session.

    Can you feel it, the flush of heat in your skin? The rush of blood and you’re light headed? Perhaps you just have Scarlet’s Fever. Indulge with a little role playing, let Mistress Scarlet take you deep, so very deep into her hypnotic realm. Find yourself in her examination room as she explores the symptoms of your discomfort and prescribes a cure that you will be only too ready to accept.

    I’ve enjoyed this session quite a bit, to say the least. It’s very pleasurable, so much so that it can be quite hard to make it all the way to the end… but when you do it’s that much better.

    You’ll want to be well acquainted with, well trained to Scarlet’s fantastic voice before listening.

  3. Kevinp0

    Mistress Scarlet will have you begging for more after you experience this intense session. She will effortlessly take you down into a place where only she can go and create feelings within you that only Nurse Scarlet can satisfy. You won’t be disappointed with the results of your examination, and you will schedule another appointment very soon!

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