Length: 63:42

Voice: Mistress Alicia

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2 reviews for Hands Free Masturbation

  1. Orella

    This session ‘Hands Free Masturbation’ is intriguing, especially for a no touch without permission chastity pet such as I.

    As Mistress Alicia talks about her new hypnosis routine, I am instantly curious about this new intimate experience.

    Becoming part of the show is irresistible, I am drawn in closer and closer.

    Relaxation overwhelming my awareness as I listen to Mistress Alicia’s voice. Heavy eyes as I sink deeper and deeper.

    The sensation of warm bubbly water surrounding me is so very pleasant, my relaxation deepening more and more as I drift deeper into a sleepy happy wonderful trance.

    I have a feeling floating surrounded by a rainbow of shimmering and swirling colours.

    I have listened several times to this session, however I still have little or no conscious recollection after the sensation of floating in the rainbow. I do have a delicious feeling of overwhelming pleasure and exquisitely intense feelings of arousal and a desperate desire to cum.

    One thing I did notice post awakening from trance was that for some reason my mouth must have been watering as my right cheek was wet from drooling saliva. I wonder what happened?

    Thank you, Mistress Alicia, thank you for this blissfully delicious intensely arousing experience deeply lost in desperately aroused pleasure leaving me with an intense need to orgasm.

  2. Braxton

    We’ve been warned in the past about Mistress Alicia. I think it’s evident that she may not be as innocent as we all assumed her to be.

    Outstanding job Alicia.

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