Length: 26:28

Stimme: Scarlet

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6 reviews for Heel Boy

  1. Michael Smith

    Thank you soo much for your divine words Mistress and I will make sure to purchase all of your sessions Mistress. Thank you for existing Mistress. You are perfect Mistress Scarlet

    Useless white boy

  2. Martin

    While this session’s theme is foot / shoe fetish, the real focus is becoming a more obedient submissive for the women in your life, whomever that might be, especially Mistress Scarlet.

    I can never really remember exactly what happens within the confines of this session, no matter how many times I listen to it. All that I can really remember is that it is incredibly hot and that I know Mistress Scarlet is at her most dominant and forceful within, really flexing her powerful, hypnotic muscles upon my psyche. That upon waking from trance, there are a few things that I feel I must ask Scarlet. That I want to listen again. Maybe next time I’ll remember more.

  3. Orella

    I love this session as Mistress Scarlet teaches me to receive pleasure through serving women in my proper submissive place, especially Mistress Scarlet. The imagery that Mistress Scarlet paints in my mind is intoxicating as my eyes survey her attire and body as they are drawn down to her stiletto heeled shoes, I am then instructed to kiss them and taken down deeper into trance where I am shaped to be more and more submissive and obedient to women and gain pleasure form this more and more and extremely submissive and obedient to Mistress Scarlet.

  4. Dowd

    There was a little hidden bonus in this for me that I don’t want to spoil for anyone but it was an image – fleeting – that made it extra wonderful.

  5. Taigh

    Ohh man. This file is the Bomb! Scarlet is so very dominant here I went down like I a sack.
    Once down I was dazzled by this fantasy. It s one of my favorite’s and I never get tired of listening to it – although I do get sleepy…..

  6. SoVeryBlissful

    May I please lick your heels, dear Scarlet?
    I might remember that you locked my memories
    up. Then I get aroused about your control.
    When I get so aroused about your control,
    I can feel the barrier between my conscious mind and my memories
    becoming stronger. When I feel this barrier becoming stronger,
    I get more aroused.
    When I get more aroused, the barrier becomes stronger.
    Finally, I even become uncertain
    whether you indeed locked up my memories (which of course is obvious)
    while I feel that there might be something
    which has been somehow accessible before.
    But now it’s gone. And I feel only bliss.
    And I wanted to ask you something:
    May I please lick your heels, dear Scarlet?
    Do you allow my tongue to touch and lick these
    wonderful heels of the shoes worn by you, dear Scarlet?

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