Length: 19:36

Stimme: Mistress Mia

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11 reviews for Hypno Con

  1. mattintrance

    This session is one of my absolute favorites. Quick, to the point, and remarkably effective. It’s one of my first choices when time doesn’t allow me a longer trance.

    When I noticed that I had never reviewed this session before, I was surprised. I had all kinds of things to say about the details, but after reading the review of PeterJ below, I think he hit the nail squarely on the head. Our experiences of this session are practically identical.

    As for the “other me,” the one that was hearing Mia for the first time in this scenario–he’s caught. Roped, tied, caged, however else anyone cares to describe it. When he stands up from the chair, he’s still dazed and a little shaky. But he feels wonderful. Perfect, with a whole new outlook. He sees Mia smile knowingly, and with genuine empathy for how he’s feeling after what he’s just been through. What a impactful thing She just did to him. Before he leaves. She places Her hand gently on his shoulder, looks directly into his eyes, and assures him that everything is fine, and that She hopes to see him again. Of course, he wants to stay in Mistress’s coop forever, eager to please and craving any form of Her approval.

  2. PeterJ

    If Mia wanted to prove that she could produce a great hypnotic experience in a session lasting less than 20 minutes, Hypno Con would be the result. Mia starts by draining any stress or tension we may have and then quickly encourages a great feeling of relaxation and calm. Then Mia assures us that falling into trance is quite easy once we clear our minds and focus on her voice. Mia knows that most of us crave trancing with her and will easily succumb to her sweet voice with no resistance at all. For those who still resist the addictive appeal of her words, Mia laughs that she enjoys seeing them struggle. In end, Mia knows she is going to win.

    This is one of those sessions where you can remember the beginning and the ending of the session, but can remember very little about the trance itself except that you know you loved it. I certainly remember many of the finger snaps we have learned to love so much as well as repeated commands to sleep and go deeper. It’s no wonder I always wake up feeling so great after listening to Hypno Con.

    I use this session to experience a trance when I can’t schedule the time for one of Mia’s longer sessions. I’ve also found it great as a primer before one of these longer sessions. Because of this, Hypno Con remains on my top ten list of most listened to sessions. Thank you, Mia!

  3. SoVeryBlissful

    Sometimes being a little bit too curious is dangerous. I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. So, I visited “Hypno Con”. I met a very fascinating woman who referred to herself as a Hypno-Mistress. Well, I had a little chat with her. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spend time with that charming Lady. What then happened is not so very clear to me… There is some gap in my memories. Somehow, I found my way into the influence of the hypnomistresses. Or have I always been under their influence? I don’t know. The Lady didn’t even give me her card.

  4. DaleRoads

    About Hypno Con:

    Back and forth. You are at Hypno Con sitting in a chair, and perhaps mildly surprised to be so bold. The hypnotist is so attractive you really cannot help yourself, you want to gawk, and look at her all over but that would be impolite so you look only into her eyes. The words she say’s penetrate as she unclasps your secret desires. A thought bubbles up from some deep recess “Is this really happening?”, but it blows away as her words illuminate new meaning.

    Step one she says, Focus. Step two she says,Confusion, but isn’t that the opposite of focusing? But no, a crack in the wall of final resistance.

    Of course, this is just a recording, of course she is on the other side of the world, but no, in a real sense Mia is present and talking directly to you. Her fingers snap. Has time past?

    What happened? … are you at Hypno Con, or relaxed in your dreaming chair, or a pigeon in her VIP coop? How arousing to imagine yourself perched on her finger cooing for her. How arousing to imagine yourself beyond fantasizing. What a shiver of realization! … you would probably spill if she squeezed your leg. Beyond Fantasy?

  5. Abe

    It doesn’t matter if you discovered Mistress Mia 6 days ago, 6 weeks ago, 6 months ago or 6 years ago, you always end up falling for her over and over as new suggestions are placed at the very back corner of your mind where you might be fully aware they are. Hypno Con is a great addition to this amazing catalog for any new comer and listener of THM. This was a wonderful quick escape if you have a 20 minute break from pretty much anything.

  6. Orella

    How delightful to find Mistress Mia at Hypno Con. I am instantly drawn into her voice, becoming lost in her words.

    I recall deep breathing….

    I recall relaxing….

    I recall drifting and letting go, or do I….

    I don’t recall much more….

    I wish that I could write a longer, better and more informative review, but other than feeling great about the session and wanting to return to it, I am unable to write more as the wisps of memory elude me.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, for this wonderful, sweet escape into your hypnotic embrace.

  7. TaighDupp

    Anyone fortunate enough to have experienced Mia directly through her online community at TheHypnoMistress, probably has had the fantasy of one day meeting Mia in real life, bumping into her somewhere unexpectedly.. and then Boom!…you’re falling into her eyes…entranced by her words…lost in delirious happiness.
    HypnoCon really is the perfect file for anyone just Discovering Mistress Mia. You can experience the force of her seduction and feel yourself accepting her suggestions all while you luxuriate in that voice (oh that voice!!).
    It’s also great for any HypnoMistress fan who has missed the more regular sessions, as it reconnects you smoothly into Mia’s influence, the gravitational pull she exerts so effortlessly.

  8. Andi_S

    The past weeks I took a hiatus from listening to hypnosis. When I heard that a HypnoCon is in town I couldn’t help but check it out though. I was nervous and almost a little scared because I didn’t know how I would react to hearing Mistress Mia’s voice again. Would my mind accept her and let her in? Would I be able to feel that trust and the freedom and bliss of just letting myself fall into Mistress Mia’s control? Would I listen, and follow, and obey?

    As soon as I heard Mistress Mia’s voice though I wasn’t nervous or even scared anymore. From the very first word I heard, the sound of her voice put me at ease and gave me a feeling that everything is okay. She also seemed to sound even more beautiful, and confident, and fascinating than I remembered it. You can also hear in her voice that she absolutely loves to be a hypnotist with every fibre of her heart.

    At first, I really enjoyed the feeling of just relaxing my body and listening to her speak. And then there was a moment where she said that all I had to do was to focus and follow and suddenly a feeling of happiness and arousal washed through my body. It felt so incredibly good to just let it all go and just follow and listen.

    Towards the end, Mistress Mia suggested that I would not remember what had happened during this trance and I thought to myself, well, this is not going to work, I do remember what she said. But now I actually do not remember anything else other than what I mentioned in this review. Funny how this works.

    Anyway, as it turned out this was a perfect session for a returning listener or a beginner. Really good to just relax you, put your mind at ease, and teach you about how to let go and experience the pleasure of being hypnotized by Mistress Mia. This is a wonderful session, Mistress Mia. Thank you so much for hypnotizing me.

  9. lorenzo

    I realize that this session is going to be the first one for a lot of new boys. And i feel like this session is perfectly designed for these brave new pets. Because make no mistake, if you listen to this one as your first recording Mia has you and you will fall deeper into the mesmerizing world of THM.

    What I myself love about this concept right here is the hypnosis with a purpose. At a hypnocon its all about exposure from the hypnotist to new eyes and ears. Making sure to give the new boys a lasting impression so that they remember that hypnotist out of all the others.

    Though, After visiting Mia at the hypnocon stand there will only be Mia and the THM ladies in your mind. There is no room for resistance to that beautiful fact after you press play on this recording. You can’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

  10. Braxton


    Short, sweet, and straight to the point. This quick visit to Hypno Con was just what I needed. It feels so good to let go, and allow Mistress Mia to assume control of my thoughts, and eventually my actions.

    Mistress, your conditioning of my mind is the best thing I never knew I needed. Thank you so much for giving me the proper thoughts to become even more pleasing to you.

    Awesome session Mia.

  11. Taigh

    I just had to write a review of the Cover alone for this session. I haven’t even heard the session yet 😉
    How can I feel so entranced just staring into this image! Feeling my eyes drawn down and and sinking into the pleasure of just staring. Knowing that somehow I am already doing exactly as Mia wants.
    It really is Hypnotic. Wow. Can’t wait for the actual session itself.

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