Length: 68:04

Stimme: Herrin Sophia

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1 review for Mannequin + Foreplay

  1. Orella

    I originally posted my review of the non-Foreplay version of Just for Fun on 28 February 2021 and after a few more listens I posted a second review on 02 March 2021.

    From my second original review. ‘Mistress Mia sounds so whimsical and playful in the foreplay for this session.
    Oh, how I love to be an acquired toy that she wants in her collection to be played with for her amusement and pleasure.
    A helpless obedient pet submitting to anything that Mistress wants, perhaps shared with her Girlfriends for their pleasure and amusement too.
    I am so lost in desire and arousal as I listen to Mistress Mia’s words, I am very excited to go back to Mistress Sophia’s store ‘Just for Fun’ for another visit. My first visit to ‘Just for Fun’ was so much fun, I wonder what will happen this time.

    The session transitions perfectly from where Mistress Mia left me standing, in the foreplay, to my mind being picked up and wrapped in Mistress Sophia’s naughty sexy voice. It is such a sexy arousing feeling being handed over from one Mistress to another and I really love feeling like an owned object with no choice in what happens to me.
    I am instantly and completely under Mistress Sophia’s control. I simply must do as Mistress Sophia instructs me to do.
    The added effects in this session are delicious, new loop like aspects filling my ears and mind are so pleasurable to become immersed deeply within floating in bliss.
    Mistress Sophia takes me deeper and deeper so easily, I would not try to resist even if I could, I am so happy to release all control to her, so relaxed and happy.
    I have fallen in love with the word deeper and what it does to me when I hear it fall from Mistress Sophia’s lips.
    Hearing Mistress Sophia’s heels clicking has such a deep effect on my feelings of arousal and deep need to obey.
    I love interactive sessions where I must repeat phrases and mantras out loud, they become so deeply embedded.
    Yes Mistress, please make me a perfect Pleasure Pet for Mistress Mia and her Girlfriends. Thank you for my new programming, Mistress Sophia.’

    The addition of foreplay adds to the intensity of the session experience.

    I do always urge people to get the versions of files with Foreplay where you can as Mistress Mia’s foreplay adds a wonderful dimension to the listening experience.

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