Length: 47:22 (x2)
Voice: Mistress Katya

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4 reviews for New Directions in JOI

  1. Braxton

    Intimate. Sexy. Twist.

    My, my, my… This is one of my favorite sessions at THM. In this intimate setting, you face off one on one with the Queen of JOI herself, the alluring Mistress Katya. Did you really believe you had a chance? Allow her to take you in a New Direction in this wickedly sexy JOI file. Maybe she’ll show mercy to you… Maybe she won’t… It’s all up to her to decide your ending…

    Mistress Katya, immediately following the release of this session I began proudly calling myself “Katya’s Puppet”. Your words animate my movements…I’ve learned through your hypnosis that it is so much easier for me to simply obey your every instruction. I always know when I trance with you, I will experience pleasure. You are supremely talented.

    Outstanding session.

  2. SexNinja

    Absolutely UH-MAZING! Mistress Katya is a powerful Domina that entices your senses! She leaves you with a deep feeling of submission, bliss and ultimate pure arousal! At the end of the session, she left me with a need. A yearning so strong to please her, Mistress Katya. I have a deep need to cum, a desperate need to stroke to her. My awareness of Mistress Katya’s sexy voice is too irresistible to resist. I found myself drifting deeper into Mistress Katya’s beautiful voice and her dominant control. She makes me feel so submissive and aroused. I obey her every command. There is no way I will be able resist her words, her control… and why would I ever want to? I would do anything for Mistress Katya.

  3. Dale Roads

    Confession here. Mistress Katya stirs fears in me and I come out of trace and need to get up. Shortly thereafter I hear her voice calling me back and I get an intense erection … there is an interesting parallel here with the content of the recording. I know she will defeat my internal resistance … because she is just too fucking hot, and in the end she will have brought me to a deeper realization of what it means to be a submissive. Excuse me, she is listening and calling me back. I must go.

  4. Orella

    I do love sessions with multiple endings and I love interactive sessions where you obediently say responses out loud, this one is perfect as there are cum and edge only versions, also it is interactive and full of helpless begging and I simply love begging.
    To misquote Shakespeare ‘To cum or not to cum, that is the question’. Although being one of Mistress Mia’s chastity pets all I can do is beg for permission to touch and hopefully cum to this session soon, she will make the decision and I will helplessly obey.

    Adding Mistress Mia’s foreplay for me is a ‘no brainer’, these are sessions in their own right so you get so much more. Her foreplay also prepares my mind for the full session to follow.
    I simply love to become lost in her voice and her words, drifting along happy, relaxed and lost in the bliss of her sexy, enchanting, captivating voice. Any chance to listen to my Goddess is so perfect as she shares her thoughts with her devoted worshipful pet.

    Mistress Katya’s sexy accent and her dominant sexy style of speaking does something very naughty to me deep so deep inside my helpless submissive mind. There is no way I can resist her control and why would I ever want to.
    Even though I am listening to the edge file without having obtained permission to touch from Mistress Mia and therefore will have to obey hands free, I am so eager to become lost in this session and so eager for deep trance under Mistress Katya’s complete control.
    As the session unfolds, I recall feeling more and more aroused, more and more a helpless passenger watching what was happening to me.
    I recall the feeling of lots and lots and lots of begging, I recall the feeling of Mistress Katya being increasingly aroused and pleased, I recall the feeling of desperately wanting to please Mistress Katya and the more desperate and frustrated I became the more pleased and aroused she became.
    Post the session I have a desperate need to please Mistress Katya, a desperate need to cum, a desperate need to stroke, I am also aware of Mistress Katya’s sexy voice almost on the edge of my ability to perceive her words saying 3, 2, 1, Stop.

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