Length: 47:08

Stimme: Herrin Katya

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4 reviews for Nocturnal 2

  1. Dale Roads

    Is Katya a succubus? … “a supernatural entity in female form that appears in dreams to seduce men, usually through sexual activity.”

    Huh? But maybe. Point by point: Katya, is definitely a female, sorry but I just feel sure; and she does sexually seduce men, I am just smiling … and she does both of those things while we dream/trance. Finally, I do believe I could promote an argument for her being supernatural in some unaccountably attractive, tasty, sexual way, but no need for me to make her case. SNAP!

    Now, all of which might be mildly amusing except … she IS in our lives (more so if you are a THM member), she increasingly focuses our attention on herself (and her comrades), she seduces us into giving her things very real and tangible (our libido, our sexual motivation, our attention), she sometimes even appears within the day in private dayDreams while we are driving or having lunch alone, or …. you tell. (Plus, a little nipple pinching, a little sly touching?)

    IS Katya a succubus then? Drifting down, her accented voice so rich, so sexual. Drifting down, she addressing, attenuating, one’s conscious mind by convincingly explaining … “human?, supernatural?, in the mind, really, in effect, what does it matter … just listen, just touch.” Then, hearing her sympathetic low volume, “ahhhh, good boy”. Drifting further down into the shadows of the subconscious, her voice increasingly personal, seemingly present in your very room, the vision she paints of herself appearing in mind’s eye, the particular things she does to you, caressing, whispering, straddling, leaning in, creating a vision to which you helplessly lend yourself. Until … (ZIP, much more, but you really need to hear for yourself, sorry.)

    Then later, relaxed, open, she brings you back, talking to your conscious mind again; but you just knowing that it was just too good, too irresistible, just like a succubus would be; and you, knowing that you WILL press that play button again tomorrow night, or sooner, and Katya will return to feed, just like a succubus …

    Stop! No! Katya is NOT a succubus, please, pfft, it is all just words, make-believe. I mean, I could just go for a walk instead, I could choose to NOT settle into my dreaming chair and push ‘play’ after I finish writing this … can’t I?

  2. Justgoodvibes

    Mmm… Katya! The idea of being visited by a succubus in the middle of the night is just plain hot. Add Mistress Katya to the equation and things get amped up exponentially. She once again gets check marks on all points. We are so lucky that she shares her talents with us. From now on, I’m sleeping with the windows open ! Thank you , dear Katya !!

  3. Braxton


    Beware, the succubus returns! We are now marked from the wet dreams that we experienced in Nocturnal 1. Now Mistress Katya is back to summon her victim for more pleasure as she toys with us once again.

    Great job Katya!

  4. Orella

    It was a thrill to see the Patreon post of which sessions were to be released in August.
    My anticipation of hearing a new session from Mistress Katya was growing ever more acute as each day passed, Nocturnal 1 seemed so long ago albeit that the release was back in April 2023.

    Nocturnal 2 – The Summoning is another fantastically wonderful and intensely arousing erotica fantasy journey into the supernatural world of the so very irresistibly sexy succubus.

    Mistress Katya’s arousing, sensual, sexy accent is perfect for these supernaturally themed sessions.

    No spoilers here. However, the sexy experience that Mistress Katya has crafted and expertly delivered into my willing open mind was deliciously naughty taking me to exquisite heights of arousal lost in waves of submissive pleasure.

    Thank you, Mistress Katya, thank you for this further erotic journey into the sexy, deeply arousing world of the irresistible allure of the succubus.
    I wonder where you will take me next on this enchanting erotica fantasy journey.

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