Length: 47:10
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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6 reviews for Nylon Obsession

  1. mindless foot pet

    Thank you Mistress Alexandra for turning me into an obedient boy for feet and stockings. It feels so good to know my place and I know it’s the right thing to do. I love my new obsession.

  2. Braxton

    Yet another wonderful conditioning session from the enchanting Mistress Alexandra! A woman’s foot is sexy, a woman’s stocking clad foot can be even more sexy. In this session you are invited back to Mistress Alexandra pleasure clinic where you are conditioned to respond to the sight, sound and feeling of sexy womens nylon stockings. I have a growing weakness for sexy legs and feet cased in sexy nylons. If your anything like me, you’ll welcome the triggers from Mistress Alexandra. Book an appointment with her to visit the pleasure clinic, you certainly won’t regret it!

  3. Orella

    This foreplay is so delicious, Mistress Mia’s beautifully captivating voice drawing me into agreeing to any roleplay she would wish for, I would do anything she asks.
    Oh yes Mistress Mia, thank you for locking up your chastity pet and thank you for the opportunity to beg you to let me out as and when it pleases you to permit me to play.
    Mistress Mia’s description of the role of ‘Footman’ is so very sexy and irresistibly desirable, I would love to be her devoted obedient Footman, or perhaps a generic THM Footman for all of the dominant ladies to share and use as they please.
    Oh, how I wish to kneel and show how much I love to be submissive and serve the dominant ladies here at THM.

    I love all of the sessions in Mistress Alexandra’s ‘For her Pleasure’ series, they are all so incredibly arousing and I love being on my knees serving in this wonderful shop, filled with boots and shoes that make me drool with desire, then there are the beautiful feet and shiny toenails of these dominant women as I serve them and help them try on the beautifully sext footwear.
    I also love my visits for treatment to Mistress Alexandra’s Pleasure Clinic, I love to be conditioned to be a well-trained pleasing pet and become more pleasing in my worship of Mistress.

    I feel myself start to drift of a little as I follow Mistress Alexandra’s breathing instructions, relaxed and happy as I listen to her lovely voice.
    My eyes close and away I go deeper and deeper as I listen, my mind fills with images and feelings in response to Mistress Alexandra’s words.
    I become lost in happy relaxation, images drift through my mind, images of water, shops in a street, perhaps a red handle or was it a red glove, following obediently, echoes of heels on hard floors, a feeling of kneeling, large leather chairs in various colours, others kneeling, sexy dominant women in the chairs, such submissive feelings, calmness fills me, naked lost deep in the need to obey and submit, awaiting her instructions.
    I become aware of the swish of nylon adorned legs as they move, the feel of sexy leather in my hands, beautiful sexy curves and mesmerising coloured toenails, the aroma of the leather, the stockings and those beautiful feet fills me with arousal and desire desperate to obey instructions to worship these beautiful feet in any way she desires.

    After I emerge from trance not quite sure where I am, I have a latent feeling of Mistress Alexandra’s firm voice instructing me in my helplessly aroused state, was I dreaming about stocking clad feet as I was writhing and hip thrusting helplessly desperate to cum?

    Thank you Mistress Alexandra for more and more training to help me be increasingly obedient and submissive so that I may better serve and please.

  4. Kin

    I admit that I love a woman in sexy stockings. Black classic seamed and patterned, thigh-highs, garters, fishnets, white stocks (grrr) ultra-sheer nude nylons….any stockings just make me melt. But I also love sexy high heels. I come undone when I hear the sound of a woman walking nearby in high heels, the look of the plunging arched foot, shiny polished toes peeking out distract me completely. All of this turns me into a submissive puddle of a guy…I want to kneel… I want to focus all of my attention completely on her sexy legs and shoots (or Boots!).
    I was pretty sure that I wasn’t actually into feet per se. Just feet all on their own..I would not have thought of myself as ‘Foot Man’ as Mia described them in the Primer on YouTube.
    But. Mistress Alexandra has changed my mind. As she often does…after listening to this session I am hooked. I cant stop noticing women’s sexy feet. I’m aroused just thinking about it now. This session was what I I guess I want from erotic hypnosis…to be be taken into a very deep and very suggestible state…and then moulded to please the desires of a sexy female hypnotist who seems to enjoy making me understand that I can be made to desire something just because she wants me to.

  5. Mold Clay

    I began drifting off immediately. Alexandra’s voice was sending me on my way before I even realized it. It amazes me how quickly I begin to become mind fuzzy and drifting away. I feel my conditioning is progressing at a steady pace. I love the way this recording makes me feel. Under a woman, on my knees. Her silky hose encased foot in my face. It puts me exactly where I am meant to be. I love the smell, the curve and the look of a woman’s nylon covered foot. Her high heeled stiletto shoe. Gazing up into her entrancing eyes and finding I can fall deeper and deeper. That’s all I want is to fall deeper. I want to be totally enslaved by Mistress Mia. No one else will do. I have no desires or thoughts other than Mistress Mia’s. I crave more, more please, more. It is my sincere goal to be totally enslaved by Mistress Mia.

  6. Andi_S

    I awoke from listening to this session for the first time about half an hour ago and would like to thank Mistress Alexandra and Mistress Mia for this very important and incredibly pleasurable lesson in obedience and worship of women’s sexy and beautiful feet.

    One of the most memorable moments I have had in trance is in Mistress Alexandra’s office during her session Unconditional Surrender where she commanded me to hold her foot in my hands like it is the most precious thing I have ever held as she called me her foot licker. So I was really looking forward to this appointment.

    My mind can tend to be overly active sometimes. As Mistress Mia rightfully once told me “You think too much. You worry too much.” It is true. I agree my mind is much better off listening and obeying instead of being preoccupied with all the questions it engages in thinking about that only serve as an obstacle to accepting and enjoying that which I so eagerly want and need – being a obedient submissive pet for my hypnotic Mistresses and ideally all womanhood.

    So when I lied down naked in my bed for this session my mind was very active. All these questions floating around. But soon after it started Mistress Alexandra’s soothing voice managed to quiet me down. This induction felt so good. So relaxing and arousing. Soon my mind was just completely glued to her every word, passively awaiting her next suggestions, and rewarding me by flooding my body with the kind of happiness and arousal that only obeying my Mistress can give me. There is something about the tone of Mistress Alexandra’s voice during these inductions that puts me so at ease and just makes me want to hear them again and again and again.

    As Mistress Alexandra and Mia began to bombard me with suggestions I was groaning and moaning with pleasure. I so love to be told what to think and feel. My subconscious so loved to hear their voices tell me about me kneeling and obeying, just being passive and obedient, awaiting my next command. It was like each of these suggestions sent tingles of pleasure through my cock

    The imagery Mistress Alexandra created during the session was so powerful in my mind as well. I could so easily picture her client’s sexy Italian shoes and her beautiful feet. I just wanted to take her feet and caress and kiss them and massage them and just make love to them in any way that she allows me to. And at some point Mistress Alexandra did actually command me to make love to her feet and my hips just started to move on their own and my mind was completely taken with lust for these wonderful feet.

    Then there was a period I do not remember. Maybe I drifted off into a light sleep for a short while or my subconscious just wants to keep the memory of that part to itself. When I became somewhat conscious again images of beautiful, admirable, arousing feet and stockings were filling my mind. Mistress Alexandra was talking about how I would incorporate this newly reinforced appreciation for feet and stockings in my daily life and I was so grateful for receiving these instructions. I do believe that all the ladies at THM know and want what is best for me so the more instructions I receive, the better it feels. I hope I can incorporate these wonderful suggestions into how I act towards women with beautiful high heels, stockings, and feet. Either way, one thing I do know with absolute certainty I enjoyed this session so much and I will return to Alexandra’s clinic for more appointments to continue my training.

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