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01-Instructions from your Mistress : 04:39
02-Mind Melt : 48:46
03-Daily Training Loop : 27:12
04-Sleep Training Loop : 17:23

Stimme: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Obedience Loop 6: Pleasurable

  1. cftechdude

    After reading the existing reviews, I guess I am a man of few words. I have been training with each loop for a month each. I have just listened to Pleasurable for the first time and all I can say is “Wow!”. I can’t stop saying it. This loop is what erotic hypnosis truly should be. Thank you, thank you Mistress Mia for such a powerful hypnosis session and loop!

  2. Miaslave

    I’m on the end of week 2 if it still let the arousal grow I think I will lose my mind. From day one to know the arousal grow and grow with ervery Loop. But not only the arousal grow before these loop it takes a few mins if I was deep down now it takes a few words from Mia and the need to obey Mia is so strong now that it feel normal like to breath.
    If like to become more obedience the loop series is a good way, but you atthe end you will be very horny obedience hypnoslave that need to be Mia voice in her mind every day.
    Calling it a drug does not do justice to the feeling I have and the masterpiece Mistress Mia has created with this series.
    I am glad that I trained the hole series the last loop give you a new art of orgasm. You do not only want to obey Mistress Mia, it is you just have to obey there is no other option or at least it feels like these for me. And you are in a other world, a world of arousal and Mia’s voice.

  3. MicHam99

    Loop 6, is the final of that extraordinary series.
    I did all the Loop day and night and know !! that it will change you ! It did change me. Writing these line while lopping as it became my every day drugs. I don’t count how many looping per day I did… Obedience, malleable, responsiveness, pleasurable.. all these are now well engraved deeper into my submissive mind. Pleasurable is a nice ending! But in Mia’s World nothing never ends… always something on the move. The THM are like the bee’s! They never stop creating, I feel very lucky to be part of that wonderful world. I wish I have more time to honour the greatest artwork here. Thank you so much Mistress Mia for making me a submissive that only wants to fall on is knees, worship, please, be a good boy and obey is Mistress. I love THM

  4. Cron4881

    It’s uncertain whether or not I can complete the entire month of loops training. The pleasure in overwhelming only half way through it.

    Anybody who does complete the daily and nightly brainwashing loops, will become a mindless pleasure puppet of Mia.

  5. Abe

    It’s hard to think clearly when you’re finding yourself very emotional and aroused. Having just heard the mind melt and the daily loop for over 3 hours now, I came to realize that I will never be able to find this pleasure in this loop anywhere else. That’s what so special about it. Mia is a true Goddess of tease and pleasure, never denying it to us.

    For me, it’s even harder to find the right words but when it comes to Hypnosis, or in this case Mistress Mia’s work, she always finds a way to make me speak the right words to praise her wonderful sessions. These loops are truly a work of art.

    I’m finding myself feeling deeply aroused, emotional and completed. Yes, completed. Through out these 6 months listening to these loops I’ve discovered why Mistress Mia has become my Mind Mistress and how it happened. I’ve been part of her hypnotic world for over 6 years but Discovering her in 2013 has proved that I’ve been there much longer, but if if we’re to ask me, have I felt the time in years or have I felt the time like little simple months of continued conditioning?

    The answer is quite simple… once in trance, there is no time, no hours, no months, no years… just her voice and pleasure, or pleasure through her voice. Throughout this wonderful time in trance she sneaked her way into my mind but I haven’t fully known when it happened, all I know is that she did and simply took over.

    Now, she’s been so deep inside my mind that it’s hard to tell just how far down I’ve really been. Her suggestions have been heard in my subconscious mind, her commands, her whispers and through this series of loops, I’ve managed to remember her beautiful journey to my mind, through sexual dominance, devotion to her, trust and care over my mind and body, she has made me one of the happiest boys to ever have known of her wonderful sessions.

    My canvas has now been completed and painted wonderfully and I’m left a happily submissively obedient boy in her hands. May she decide to return to that same image and change it around, or if she were to desire a new canvas, my mind is hers for the taking, just as each and every single of of us who she desires to play or work her sexual magic on.

    My mind is no longer mine, it has never been, but hers…
    This loop is my reward.

    Thank You, Mistress

  6. Orella

    In my review of Obedience Loop 5: Malleable I detailed my Obedience Loop journey to all the wonderful destinations that Mistress Mia created for me to experience and enjoy as she trained and conditioned me more and more to be the best and most obedient pleasing pet that I can become for my Mistress.

    I look back lovingly to all those Obedience Loop destinations along my journey and will no doubt visit them again to relive the wonderful experiences and perhaps find new ones in the varied lands of:
    Obedience Loop 1: Obey the Bell;
    Obedience Loop 2: Crave Trance;
    Obedience Loop 3: Growing Responsiveness;
    Obedience Loop 4: Suggestible;
    Obedience Loop 5: Malleable.

    Having been summoned now to the land of Obedience Loop 6: Pleasurable by Mistress Mia. I find myself enthralled to experience the pleasures that Mistress Mia has in store for me.

    The Instructions from your Mistress file is so arousing and as Mistress Mia’s voice fills my ears I drift blissfully along on her words.

    The mind Melt file, Oh my!!!!!!!!! So many images, sensations flooding into my ears and mind, pulse quickening and breathing increasingly heavier as these deliciously sensual images, thoughts and yes physical sensations and deeply arousing feelings wash over me again and again. I am helpless and lost in aroused blissful overload.

    I love the training that I am to undergo for the next month to achieve and increasingly enhance my ability to ‘mindgasm’ ever more intensely to Mistress Mia’s voice, complete helpless obedience to my Mistress, hers to play with, tease and torment as she pleases.

    It is both a happy feeling that I have reached the final part of this incredible Obedience Loop journey and sad that there will not be another new land to explore. But great joy, arousal and happiness that I can revisit these wonderful loops. Thank you so much Mistress Mia for sharing your skill, creativity, talent, heart and soul with me on my obedience journey.

  7. Mia’s beast

    Mistress Mia concludes Her loop series, with perhaps Her best session ever.
    If you have been following, training, deepening Mistress Mia’s hold upon your mind with Her training loops, then everything She has been implanting with you, comes to a crescendo with Loop 6.
     Starting early, even within the introduction, Mistresses suggestions will have you shuddering in obedience, as Mia directs you further down, down to total submission, and complete obedience. Feel Mia’s words washing over your flesh as She pushes even deeper into you while She caresses that mind, which she now owns.
     Mind Meld will stroke the fires of obedience, submission, adoration, and bliss as Mistress Mia takes hold of your body, and toys with it just as easily as She has your mind. Deepening all the training, affirming Her master plan, for you, Her good and obedient pet. 
    The daily loop sinks those things into the other training loops, and Mia will have you writhing in bliss, as She sinks deep into you, pounding away at your mind, and body. The sleep loop will simply claim you. Mistress Mia’s reminder to your subconscious, of Her powerful, blissful, dominance over you, as your mind spends the night being programmed, and triggered, and owned.
     i have always known i serve a Mistress with such a beautiful, creative, deliciously deviant, caring, and amazing mind. Yet only now do i start to understand the depth of Mia’s feminine powerful plan. Do be sure to have followed Mistresses loop Training program before coming here to conclude, it is a life changing, submission deepening, experience to which i am made a better submissive for, and owned slave to, Mistress Mia. 
    Thank You Mistress Mia.

  8. Braxton

    Intriguing. Sexy. Exciting.

    In the 6th, and final session in the Obedience Loop series titled ‘Pleasurable’, Mistress Mia fills your mind with various erotic scenes. Some of which you may have experienced in the past, or maybe you would like to experience in the not so distant future. One thing for sure is that you will feel heightened arousal over time if you practice this loop. Mistress Mia is a master in the art of pleasure, seduction, and erotic hypnosis. This loop builds on the previous loops in the series, and amplifies their effectiveness.

    Mia, just when I thought I couldn’t say anymore about how great your Obedience Loops are, you go and deliver once again. I can’t say that I’m surprised. You are the sweetest drug, there’s no doubt, that I’m so strung out over you. Every scene that you described in the Mind Melt piqued my interest for various reasons. The main scene with the ice is something I used often on one particular lady in my past, she affectionately called it, the ‘ice trick’. I’ll spare the details of how I showed her body love, affection, and pleasure with a single ice cube. All of your loops are outstanding Mia. Every one of them from the Mindless Mantra series, to the 2 Subliminal files, and of course now, all six Obedience Loop packs.

    You often mention how your voice is so powerful. I couldn’t agree more. A voice can induce fear, arousal, comfort, joy, and a host of other emotions. Everyone who has heard you speak Mia, will agree that you have a very captivating voice. It’s sultry, and deep, but still remains extremely feminine and inviting. “Hello boy” were the first words I ever heard you say to me. It was years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. It was your voice that captivated me, and it has kept me loyal, and obedient to you. This series is just another example of how creative you are.
    Fantastic work Mia.

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