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Length: 30:24
Voice: Mia

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5 reviews for Perfect Obedient Plaything

  1. Orella

    I love being trained in obedience, it doesn’t matter if I have been good or bad, I always need to be trained ever more to obey and comply with any commands from Mistress Mia my beautiful Goddess.
    The only thoughts in my mind are completely focussed on Mistress Mia’s enchanting voice and the power of her words, I am drawn into complete relaxation and acceptance of anything Mistress Mia commands me to do.
    I love this session and as a chastity pet I can only listen to it when Mistress Mia has given me permission to masturbate, stroking myself ever deeper into submission to Mistress Mia. The pleasure from following Mistress Mia’s JOI instructions is indescribable, I am completely lost in pure bliss until Mistress Mia commands me, her obedient plaything, to finally cum and experience the most explosive earthshattering orgasm.

  2. Mistress Mia’s Slave

    WOW my extraordinary Mistress Mia!!!! This file is simply amazing and it felt so good to give myself more to You and this file has given the satisfaction of doing so my wonderful Mistress Mia!!!! Hearing Your wonderful suggestions in my mind and stroking my cock at the same time, felt so outstanding my Mistress Mia!!!! Then once You commanded me to have that explosive orgasm for You, I felt the connection to You grew to the most intense level I have ever before in my entire life!!!! Thank You so much my Mistress Mia and I am Your perfect obedient plaything completely and forever!!!!

  3. abe paloe

    They often say that good things come to those who wait… well, I believe that sometimes you have to go and find it yourself. I heard this session for the first time just a few days ago and wow, I was missing out on something so wonderful as this. I never could have guessed that such surrender and obedience could bring so much pleasure as Mia provides in this session. Mia´s whispers braught me so much pleasure and arousal. She opned the window to my mind palace and allowed me to fantazie whatever sexy toughts and images came into mind. This is a must have for all of Mia´s good boys!

  4. Good

    This session is a real treat. I realized even more just how much pleasure I receive from being obedient, taken under control and how easily my submissive side springs up and just aches, waits for Mia’s words, commands, being perfect obedient plaything and the reward from obeying Mia’s words, whispers, highly addicting, toe-curling, back-arching pleasure. Thank you for this session.

  5. Michael

    This file further deepened my addiction to Mia. I don’t know what to say about it, as I am not sure that I remember all that much, beyond that I listened to Mia’s words, and that I obey her, and that she rewarded her perfect obedient plaything with such pleasure…

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4 years 4 months ago

Teaser video for this session available on TheHypnoMistress Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEEGCIv08Zg