Length: 05:12

Stimme: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Pleasure Loop

  1. GoodBoyLance

    This session is exactly what it says in the title, yet it doesn’t cease to be an amazingly sexy file to play over and over on loop. Though a bit of a forewarning, this file can be painful for locked up cocks.

  2. MicHam99

    Pleasure loop ! So great MMM moments ! It is a short 5 mins but so intense ! The arousal happened instantly! How could I resist…. Who can resist….

    I don’t know what I was thinking! ! But My mind trick me I guess… Because I was looping with that file and denied another day at the end of Locktober. I survived as you know. But i actually did that omg. Open and Empty that is what I am. That last minute teasing file was,,,,,,,

    Thank you Mistress Mia for that great MMM… and making coming a live for us.

  3. Micha

    Played behind any file, your training will be reinforced a thousandfold.

  4. Braxton

    Satisfying. Sexy. Rewarding.

    There is so much that could be said about this sweet little 5 min loop. Anytime you are intimate with a woman, this is the sound of victory. Every man should aim to please his woman, and bring her to ecstacy. There is no greater reward then sending her into pure bliss, and listen to her tell you all about it with her moans.

    I loved it Mia.

  5. Abe

    What’s not to like and enjoy listening to Mistress Mia moaning in pleasure? Some of her boys took the Locktober challenge as they put their pleasure on hold for the pleasure of Mistress. Listen to this loop for as long as you can and see what that does to Mistress Mia.

  6. Orella

    This pleasure loop is so very hot, hot, hot.

    Makes me think back to Locktober, Mia’s Morning Masturbation culminating in her delicious daily shuddering pleasure.

    All that whilst she kept me desperate and denied, lost in arousal with no release for her amusement and pleasure.

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