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Length: 46:38

Stimme: Herrin Alexandra

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5 reviews for Real Men don’t Kneel for Women

  1. Boby Moby

    Kneeling naked before a superior female got to be the most beatiful thing i could ever imagine so thank you mistress alexandra by making this wish come true with your beautiful voice

  2. vanHolly

    A classical sum up concerning true wishes. Includes a professional prolog of Dr. Croft herself. Mind emptied Mam Alexandra fills it with heavenly truth. Can’t await her next session. Her voice is like medicine.

  3. Curiously Curious

    Mistress Mia, Mistress Alexandra, thank you for an incredible hypnotic trance, a wonderful experience that has left me humming in pleasure all day.

    Whether it is layers of programming and conditioning all coming together, whether it was so many familiar, sexy and dominant voices, or whether it was just the right time to surrender mindlessly, but coming out of trance, I found myself responding to the post-hypnotic suggestion that Mistress Alexandra had put into my deeply open mind in a frenzy of arousal and pleasure. The more I submitted to the vision of Mistress in my mind, the stronger the suggestion had me in its grip.

    It was a suggestion that I could respond to even out of trance, but having blissed out to the ladies of THM for nearly an hour, my response was visceral, automatic and so very pleasurable.

    My willingness to kneel in submission at the feet of a gorgeous, dominant woman has been replaced by a need to kneel in submission and worship of the divine, superior sex.

    Mistress Mia, Mistress Alexandra, thank you for the wonderful gift of submission, for imparting the knowledge that lets me be confident that I can become pleasing to Mistress Mia and her girlfriends. Thank you for letting me embrace my submissive nature.

    Another incredible day in the thrall of THM.

  4. Orella

    This is the third instalment in the Real Men series. I must say that I am loving my therapy sessions and my therapists.
    My favourite colour has always been purple; however, I now have an ever increasing appreciation of the colour yellow.

    Mistress Mia’s introductory foreplay is as exquisitely enjoyable as anticipated. I sink into aroused pleasure lost in her words.

    Mistress Amber’s voice snaps me out of my daydreaming state and I meekly obey and submissively comply with everything she tells me to do.

    Mistress Alexandra’s voice fills my ears and I happily surrender to her control becoming immersed in her words following wherever she wishes to take me.

    My mind is awash with images, book cover pictures of Dr Croft, round full breasts, yellow items of clothing, white receptionist uniforms with diagonal yellow bands, yellow strappy high heels, comfortable leather chairs.
    Delicious sounds of high heels on hard floors do very naughty things to me.

    I have a surreal recollection of a dark room, my eyes transfixed to large images feelings of intense arousal and the desperate desire to kneel.

    Mistress Alexandra’s sexy beautiful voice has filled my ears and mind throughout the session, suddenly there is a harder edge to her tone and an electrifying ripple runs through every fibre of my being. My desperation to obey her instructions becomes magnified manyfold.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for this compelling therapy session. I look forward to hearing it again and again.

  5. MicHam99

    Real man don’t kneel for Woman ! Humm ! Moi je suis tellement prêt à m’agenouiller devant une belle femme à me soumettre à tout ces caprices. What a great sessions, again… always great sessions here at the THM no doubt. So many things happening in that great session or I should perhaps say, in this therapy…. So much happening here !

    I’m at a point that my mind absorbe anything, all suggestions is easily absorb and wanted ! so wanted.

    Mon cerveau a été modifié à n’en pas douter. Mon obsession de maîtresse grandit de jour en jour.

    I am having so much pleasure to be here, living that impossible adventure! But yes it is here for me. So merciful of what Is happening to me. I am discovering Mistress Alexandra more and more and she is so great, perfection ! I am completely surrendering to any suggestions of Alexandra…..
    Home ! This is Home I am so lucky.

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