Länge: 21:46
Stimme: Scarlet

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4 reviews for Reservations

  1. Little fly

    Although the shortness of this session, the irresistible assertiveness of Mistress Scarlet’ s voice and the strong suggestions of Her intoxicating feminine beauty and power, gives to the listener a very intense and unforgettable arousal . The session finished with a task that seals a complete bondage of the mind to Her will.

  2. Orella

    Well that was a lovely dinner date with Mistress Scarlet.

    I love her sultry sexy voice and the imagery of her in my mind as she prepares herself and her attire for our evening together is exquisitely detailed and arousing. The scene for our date is perfect in every way right down to the ambient background sounds.

    Mistress Scarlet guides my breathing as I drift into trance deeper and deeper, falling into a relaxed and happy state floating on her voice.

    Post the session I am left with an out of focus image of Mistress Scarlet as she is saying something to me but the word is muffled and I cannot quite make it out, then suddenly I see her and hear her clearly, also my own voice saying obedience is pleasure, pleasure is obedience and I am filled with arousal and pleasure. Also, a deep desire to obey Mistress Scarlet. This is repeating over and over in the background of my mind.

  3. Martin

    What would it be like to take Scarlet out to dinner? How would you prepare yourself for that moment? What would you feel, as you waited for her to arrive at the restaurant? How would you respond when she did arrive, drawing attention and turning heads, strutting through the room before sitting down across from you?

    If you’re lucky, you might just feel like a good fucking boy.

    As an introduction, Scarlet gives a sneak peak into her session recording ritual. Detailing every sensual, seductive step she takes as she prepares her sexy body and powerful, intelligent mind to record, for you.

    This is such a phenomenal piece of seductive, Fem Dom hypnosis. Scarlet strikes such an alluring figure, as she guides your fantasy, guides your breathing in and out, in and out, and with a snap… How could you not get lost in the moment with her?

    Waking from this session, I always feel incredible. Even more so when I start following the post hypnotic suggestions Scarlet has buried within my mind. A session I want to return to often.

  4. Thomas

    An exciting fantasy with a deeply hypnotic twist. This file encompasses the art of seduction perfectly. Scarlet will give you all of the details about her alluring outfit and more to spark your imagination with ease and prime you for the coming scene, followed by a powerful hypnotic induction.
    You will find yourself in a fancy restaurant, awaiting scarlet herself. The sound design is great. For example: A piano playing in the background and general restaurant ambience will immerse your tranced out mind even further into the scene.
    What follows next is the highlight of the file for me, but it is also spoiler territory. See for yourself 🙂

    While 22 minutes may seem somewhat short, this file is cleverly designed to get even better and more impactful after the first listen and I am not talking about predictable classic suggestions to be more receptive to hypnosis in general. You will know what I mean after buying or claiming this surprisinlgy intense and well thought out file.

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