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Stimme:Mistress Mia

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2 reviews for Secret Garden

  1. Orella

    I love Mistress Mia’s voice so much and this session feels so intimate and naughty.
    My feelings of submission and obedience to Mistress Mia are wonderful and complying with her every instruction and command brings such pleasure.
    I drift in darkness with only Mistress Mia’s voice as I fall ever faster into Mistress Mia’s world. I suddenly stop and find myself opening my eyes in a beautiful bright forest, I helplessly walk towards the sound of a woman in the distance, the sound becomes more beautiful as I get closer and I am inextricably drawn to the sound of this voice.
    I find myself peaking through a hole in a garden wall and behold Mistress Mia laying naked in the garden, oh what a vision of irresistible beauty fills my eyes and mind, my arousal is automatic and intense.
    I am transfixed and cannot look away from Mistress Mia’s naked form and her erotic sensual movements, my desire grows more and more as I watch her fondle and tease herself, my senses are driven wild as I catch her scent and this fills me with extreme desire.
    My heart is pounding fit to burst and my mouth is dry as she approaches me peaking through the hole in the wall. I have been caught in Mistress Mia’s trap as she knew I would be.
    I climb over the wall as instructed and am mesmerised by Mistress Mia as she instructs me to kneel naked before her, I am so desperate to taste my Mistress her scent filling me as I so desire to be permitted to lick.
    Eyes closed I am filed with the scent of Mistress Mia. I am so eager to comply with her instructions to look up at her as she uses my tongue for her pleasure and drives me insane with desire as she instructs me on how she wishes me to play with myself.
    I have earned a reward be pleasing Mistress Mia, I so want to cum but I am not to cum yet as the reward is intense teasing as I am lost in a sea of desire, arousal and bliss. I am here for Mistress Mia’s pleasure and that is what I desire more than anything, I love to cum on command for Mistress Mia and as I do Mistress Mia responds in kind as she reaches an intense climax.

  2. Abe

    Another of Mia´s Msterpieces this session is!

    I just couldn´t help myself… I got too excited and triggered just by reading the tags and desription before listening to this session.

    As I layed in bed, listening to Mia´s words and accepting them, I fell so fast and so deep into tranze that, I didn´t notice that it wasn´t excatly a bed that my body was resting on, but floor.

    I was taken to a different place right at the start of the session. The sweet hummings on her voice, captivating me, seducing me, lead me there. At her Garden.

    Then I saw her. The voice that seducced me all the way to her. Mia. Teasing me, pleauring my sight. Something my eyes have never seen.

    She just knew I was there and knew exactly what she was doing to me.

    But I will keep that to myself…

    One of the many things I enjoyed at her garden while with her was the ability to make her own hand, my own. I love this tecnique… I don´t know how she did it, but it felt incredible…

    Yes, you will be pleasured. You will find yourself lost in pleasure so much pleasure.

    Your cock will be stroked but it won´t be exactly how you might think or are accustomed to, but even better!

    Let yourself fall into a deep slumber of eroticsim, tease and pleasure unlike anything you´ve experience before.

    Experience Mia like never before…

    At her Garden…

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