Length: 50:10

Stimme: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Sinful Santa

  1. Markus F

    I can only agree to what was written here in these wonderful reviews. I’m very thankful to Mistress Mia, simply thankful. And isn’t this what Christmas is all about? It’s not only because she brought me a gift, but more because she visited me, spending some time with me, in my cozy room under the snow-covered roof…

    What idyllic and atmospheric pictures this session painted in my mind. I want to be in this room not only at Christmas, i want to sleep there every night. And perhaps there is a residue of this unforgettable visit? A scent in the blankets… a left red thread… a piece of fur…?

    The night before Christmas will never be the same. And the morning after…
    Thank you, Miss Santa!

  2. lorenzo

    Did you know Christmas is lasting 4 days already? At least that is what I tell myself to keep hoping the Sinful Santa will stand at the foot of my bed again.

    One of the things I truly love about the winter period is being all tugged in, in your warm bed while its cold outside. Naturally Mia takes full advantage of that sense of comfort and turned it into a wonderful induction that got me so far gone. By the time I heared the jingle of her hypnotic bell I was mindless, silly and hypnotized.

    Dreaming of a beautiful Sinful Santa coming down my chimney… and she was singing… a beautiful catchy christmasy song mixed with hypnotic phrases… the song just kind of sweeps you up and makes you go along with the melody, not really minding the words… and before you know it your cock is caged and the embodiment of pleasure known as Mia a.k.a. Sinful Santa stands at the foot of your bed…

    You can let your imagination run wild on what happens next or maybe if you are on the naughty list and get this recording She might pay you a visit herself.

    Thank You Santa for my gift, I ate it all like a good boy

  3. Curiously Curious

    I still remember the feeling of excitement as a child waiting for Santa, the unwavering belief in the magic of Christmas, the trust that Santa knew exactly what I wanted, that I would get the best present ever.

    I never imagined a grown-up me suddenly re-discovering that magical feeling, the blind trust I felt as a child, the complete faith that Santa would just know what I had been asking for, but that is what this session did, it made Christmas into that magical event all over again.

    But pretty quickly it turned into something so much more as Santa became Mistress Mia, as Santa became the most beautiful, alluring and sexy vision imaginable. To lie in my bed filled with wonder, relaxing as her sexy voice sang a beautiful siren song that turned my mind to mush, first bathing me in the warm safe magic that only she can weave, then finally, Mistress Mia restored the magic of Christmas, gifting arousal on a scale that is barely imaginable, leaving me a spent mess with only thoughts of Mistress as Sinful Santa.

    Using nothing more than her voice and her incredible skill to hypnotise, to transport me into her world, I experienced something so wonderful I want to share it with the whole world, but a gentleman should never tell, and so it will be my fantasy, between my Mind Mistress and I.

    This is the most perfect Christmas present I have ever received, I know I did not deserve such a generous gift, but I am learning not to be surprised by the care and generosity of Mistress Mia.

    Mistress Mia, I don’t know how to thank you for this gift, but if you can give me a hint I will willingly try to thank you properly.

  4. Orella

    This is such a beautiful Christmas gift from Mistress Mia, a multi-faceted precious gem to drift deep within.

    The session is a delightful journey through a variety of layers and flavours of listening bliss.

    Revelling in the delicious aspects of Mistress Mia’s exquisite storytelling, wrapping myself in the velvet cocoon of Mistress Mia’s captivating enchanting Voice.

    This review is in part of the session itself and in part a tribute to the breath-taking talents of Mistress Mia.
    Anyone who has listened to one of Mistress Mia’s sessions will already be aware of her impressive hypnosis skills, have been consumed by the pleasure of hearing her beautiful voice. Have been astounded by her story weaving and abilities to use the mind as a blank canvas to paint exquisite imagery upon.

    This session is also a delightful opportunity to hear her skills as a pianist and singer.
    Her playful side is fully on display as she describes her red smooth silky stockings and later her Sinful Santa attire, which is mouth wateringly delicious.
    Her pleasure comes through in the sound of her voice, she is clearly having a lot of fun as she teases with the contents of her sack of toys.
    Oops…. My gift from Sinful Santa was to be locked on for a while, but the beautiful lady in red seems to have misplaced the combination to the lock.
    Still one of us got to play and therefore with humming toy and good, good, good vibrations, Christmas did get to cum after all, and I was left aroused and desperate just the way she likes her pets to be.

  5. MicHam99

    What a lovely gift that I receive from Mistress, this is by far my greatest gift for Christmas this year.

    I was put in my bed and asleep cover with a warm blanket , while Mistress make me dream of a perfect Christmas. So deep relaxing moment. And then dicovering Mistress Mia in person
    Delivering my own present…telling all about Santa, why he was not able to do is job… I must say Mistress you always have your way with word… it is so perfect.

    It was a very arrousing moment to assist live to That famous MMM of Mistress and on my bed. Finding myself helping her, I mean melting while watching Mistress. Can’t describe that so perfect moment…it was so intense. Recognizing the sound of one of her toys put a big smile on face.

    Can’t wait for next Christmas to see Sinful Santa again, of course if I behave well and be a good boy.

    Mistress thank you so much for that wonderful gift.

  6. little fly

    Dear Sinful Santa,

    Please, please, please i beg You to come back again anytime. i promise You to be a naughty boy. i like very much the toy You brought me, and i am going to play with it as long as You want me to.
    Can You please bring also a collar and a leash, next time You come and let me watch You again?
    little fly,
    PS. Please don’t forget the card with the code, when You come back.

    This session is incredibly intense. My mind was all shaken up from the strong and unexpected suggestions.
    How Mistress Mia created this long and well composed session in a relative short time, is also a wonder.

    Thank You Mistress Mia for treating us always so generously.
    i realized tonight even more than before that being Your pet, is an endless circle of mutual gratification.

  7. Taigh

    Oh my. Does any man really ever stand a chance with Mia?
    She lulls you into a gentle state of compliance..telling you a bedtime story on Christmas eve…as you drift down she slowly bewitches your mind with red velvet and sexy red stockings. Then she serenades your heart, crooning to you in her sultry velvet voice, all the while sprinkling subliminal suggestions that fall so softly on your mind that you are unaware of the hypnotic blanket settling quietly over your mind, like the snow blanketing the roof.
    And then the fun begins, with the arrival of Sinful Santa appearing at the foot of your bed. You will believe in Santa again. And every year you will wait impatiently and eagerly for her arrival on Christmas night. Sinful Santa always cums at Christmas time.

  8. Andi_S

    This session is a Christmas gift from Mistress to all of her supporters and what a wonderful gift it is. During the first part she took me deep into a feeling of coziness and beauty. I felt those same feelings I felt as a kid when I saw the snow outside and the house full of beautiful lights and colors from the Christmas decoration. This to me is such a beautiful and elegant and sophisticated art form. The way Mistress Mia is able to make this scenery come alive in our minds and evoke these feelings in us through the use of her voice and words. During the second part of the session, a scene plays out in your bedroom where Mistress Santa will come to visit you and bring gifts and toys for her to play with you. When I started listening to the session I was not in a very aroused mood but by the time Sinful Santa was done with me she had me moaning and whimpering with arousal. This session is deeply touching. So much fun. And so incredibly sexy. This is one of the if not the most wonderful Christmas gifts I have received my entire life.

    Thank you so much, Mistress Mia, for this gift. I don’t think I will ever think of Christmas in the same way again. From now on, I will always think of your beautiful voice and Sinful Santa coming to visit me.

  9. Abe

    At often times the best gifts are given last, or when you wait for that perfect moment to gift a loved one just to enjoy and witness the incredible happiness and joy in the eyes of the receiver. I really think that Mistress Mia, Sinful Santa waited and waited n anticipation to give this beautiful gift of a session perhaps, years. As I remember the beautiful fantasy of wrapping her gift, having Sinful Santa looking back at me as I wrapped her present, my mind and body is filled with the arousal at the look in her eyes full of desire and eagerness to play with her new given gift. This is a Christmas I will no be able to forget. Lucky for me and everyone who listens, it will be Christmas every day from today on.

    Thank You, Mistress Mia

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