Length: 35:20

Stimme: Herrin Mia Croft

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9 reviews for The Siren’s Song

  1. RonC4880

    This session is better than my initial review.

    Enjoy the sensation of traveling on a merchant ship, thinking of ports of call and dreaming about entering another world.

    There, without resistance, without reluctance, without a care, totally surrender yourself to Mia. Become mindless, your body limp and bound by her controlling voice and words. Helplessly docile, commit to her your mind, body and soul forever. What a great feeling to accept the inevitable.

  2. RonC4880

    One of Mia’s best fantasy session. Very deep trance achieving the Zero Series depth where the sense of time and location are nonexistent. I want to return to this session often.

  3. GoodBoyLance

    The Siren’s Song is enchanting and hypnotizing, I quickly became helpless listening to the song of the Siren until I drifted into almost unconsciousness only to awaken paralyzed and enchanted by a beautiful Siren, She filled my head with the idea of becoming food and sustenance in service of the Siren. I now
    understand what goes through the mind of a male praying mantis and I desire to become a sacrifice to my Goddess.

  4. Jalang

    This is possibly Mia’s best fantasy session.

    If you enjoyed being lulled and seduced into submission in The Collector, then you will find The Siren’s Song quite enjoyable. You will yearn to be owned by Mistress Mia – tied down, your mind devoured.

    As with all powerful sessions such as this, I did not want it to end. I could not help but loop this session again and again.

  5. Andi_S

    I love The Siren’s Song. In this session Mistress Mia will hypnotize you and make you experience a very exciting mind control story in your mind. I do not remember many details about the story but it left me enchanted with the way Mistress Mia is able to express her inner beauty through her art. And maybe I should have been scared but instead I felt that Mistress Mia is indeed expressing my innermost wishes and desires. It seems that I am already too far gone to resist the Siren.

  6. Orella

    I am always awestruck by the incredible creativity and exquisite quality of all the sessions released by the wonderful ladies here at THM.

    Mistress Mia is truly an immensely talented expert weaving her craft of creating hypnotically perfect wonderful mindscapes.

    The Siren’s Song is the 2022 Halloween special.
    2021 I was given the gift of experiencing Sleepy ‘N Hollow as I became an empty grinning jack-o’-lantern in Mistress Mia’s Halloween window display.
    2020 I was visited by a supernatural entity and experienced a waking nightmare in my own bedroom in Insomnium.
    2019, if I recall correctly, was Eldorado. Another spooky experience and encounter with a supernatural entity in an old log cabin.
    Going further back there was Trick or Treat an incredibly sexy duo session, many doors with incredibly hot sexy experiences behind each of them.
    Right the way back to Relinquishment of Mind and Flesh, another journey into the spooky supernatural realm.

    Back to the present and The Siren’s Song. The teasers posted by Mistress Mia on 22 October in the Announcements and Gen Chat channels on the THM Discord server are breathtakingly alluring.

    I start the session and trusting totally in Mistress Mia’s protection on this journey into her scary Halloween story, I let go of any control and hand over all control to Mistress Mia as she weaves her scary mindscape deep within my dark empty mind, enveloping me in her words lost in her voice.

    My bedroom dissolves away and the bed starts to move as if it is floating, suddenly the floating motion makes perfect sense as I am on a ship.
    Effortlessly Mistress Mia takes me down deeper and deeper into trance.
    I cannot recall the details of the session story. I do recall the saltiness of the air, I recall stunning female forms, magnificent beautiful wings, terrifying talons. Mostly I have a blankness, an empty helplessness totally at Mistress Mia’s mercy and whatever she in Siren form chooses to do with me.

    Thank you Mistress Mia for taking me on this wonderful, if scary, Halloween journey under your supernatural control.

  7. Taigh

    Imagine a combination of The Collector & The Queen and the Soldier and Weak for Hypnosis. That’s what Siren’s Song is like.
    I thought I was under for over an hour and was stunned afterwards to see it was nothing like that.
    And picking my favorite file for 2022 just got that much harder.

  8. Abe

    I can only describe this session as terrorizing pleasure, but it’s so good, everything about it; the way she shares this story of those poor men that had a terrible fate, bringing you in and feeling so incredibly good it’s hard to fear that what should torment you. But Mia does promise to protect you in trance, and should say the wonderful and caring person that she truly is. A few days away from Halloween and continuing the anual spooky sessions at THM. This was amazing.

    The boy in the story, his life, sure did have a happy ending while being protected, Feeling intense pleasure to his last breath, until his mind left his body and soul, his body devoured.

    I know I will listen to this one very often, it’s an Incredible story. The best of erotic horror I’ve heard in a long while

  9. Michael

    This is one of the most incredible hypnosis sessions I have ever experienced. Mia just…devoured me entirely, body and soul. I am hers, whatever she will do with me.

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