Length: 38:03

Stimme: Mistress Mia

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5 reviews for Spank

  1. Dale Roads

    I don’t know that I deserve to be spanked. I don’t know that I like pain. What I do like is intimacy, and I like to please, you know, almost anything for a “Good boy”, a pat on the head. I like things to be meaningful. In feeling Mia’s pleasure as she stirs adoration, I find meaning, and pleasure, and a connection … even in the leaving of a few words in response, and a kiss to her spanking hand with a head bowed in gratitude..

  2. lorenzo

    Mistress I need to be spanked.

    I love how Mia just utters those words out of me. It is so arousing to be laid over Mia’s lap. The I get toyed with in this session, the way she just builds and builds my anticipation and combines it with her hypnotic induction. How is it possible not to poke my bottom in the air and beg to be spanked?

    Even good boys are naughty sometimes and I have to admit that some THM releases broke my chastity a few times. Clearly I need to be spanked alot Mistress

  3. Tim

    After listening to this session, I decided to jump in the shower. My skin felt very sensitive. The warm water running down my body felt like the long hair of a lover, gently caressing me, or the perfectly manicured nails of a HypnoMistress, tracing deep red grooves on all those sensitive areas that just cry out for touch.

    I am still tingling all over.

  4. Braxton

    Wickedly Arousing.

    I earned my punishment, and it was well deserved. May I please have another spanking Mistress? If it would please you, I would like to ask for an advance on my next spanking. Wouldn’t you agree that another spanking, will keep my bad behavior away? This session re-established your powerful dominance over my mind, and body. Thank you so much Mistress.

    Outstanding job Mia.

  5. Orella

    Mistress, I need a spanking.

    Such a wonderful fun time as Mistress decides it is time for a spanking.
    So very kind of Mistress to have me naked over her lap waiting for her to amuse herself.

    I am lost in trance, skin hypersensitive awaiting in exquisitely aroused anticipation.

    Her voice filling my ears and mind, my senses heightened. Each touch on my skin is electrifying as hypersensitive nerves fire sensations overwhelming in their intensity.

    I feel tantalising gentle swirls and random touches, stimulation upon stimulation building ever more intense.

    I am lost in aroused pleasure when suddenly my ass cheek feels a sting, my whole-body jolts, hips thrust slightly forward at the impact. I simile and my aroused stiffness is driven to new heights.

    The random ass stinging impacts continue intermixed with gentle caresses and touches. Gentle pleasure intermixed with painful pleasure over and over, what a delicious gift from Mistress.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for giving me the spanking that I needed so desperately Mistress.

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