Length: 44:49

Stimme: Mistress Mia

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9 reviews for Steal

  1. 423

    Something will get stolen from you if you listen to this Session.
    Always be upfront what is happening in hypnosis.
    For some it starts as a leisurly walk in nature, for some it is walking right into a trap, pre announced. If you’re wondering and see an alluring trap maybe it’s your compulsion to walk right into it. Traps can be made out of honey, you know?
    If it is your compulsion to spring the trap, be sure to prepare yourself for loosing to the steal. And there is no easy way to get it back what was stolen.
    Another session helped me getting it back but what –it is– you have to find out yourself. I’m sorry but I can’t remember 🙂
    Did I mention it is a trap?

  2. Jalang

    A wondrous experience; A stroll through a hypnotically magical trail; A journey to a most captivating destination; A reminder of where Mia wants you to be.

  3. RonC4880

    Take a nature walk with a beautiful and dominant Mistress and returned permanently changed. I would not have it any other way.

    Knowing it’s a trap and preceding without caution, now eternally grateful, this session is exactly what I needed. I love being totally controlled and obediently subservient to Mia.

  4. Justgoodvibes

    Steal is another fine installment from Mistress Mia. I’ve listened intently to this file a few times. I’ve had my notepad out, so I could jot down some of the details. Does it really matter?
    I do try and understand what is happening. I also think about what is being said, and how it applies to my thoughts. Does what I think really matter?
    In this case…. There’s a fair amount of conditioning here to serve women. There’s also some feel good rewards happening simultaneously. What do I think? It doesn’t matter!
    I’m a huge trance addict. Listening to Mistress Mia is all that is needed. Did she knowingly use that knowledge to increase her grip over her flock? Maybe, but it doesn’t matter.
    The session was fantastic. If it pleases Mistress to use us however she likes, that is what matters.

  5. Braxton


    Mistress Mia, only you and your girlfriends can make chastity feel so wonderful and fulfilling. The closeness I feel while in chastity with you cannot be put into words. Thank you, Mistress.

    Wonderful job Mia.

  6. Abe

    Perhaps, the most gifting and most warm denial session I could ever experience. Steal only makes me wonder if something from me was stolen this time, sure, my heart was stolen many many years ago, that I do realize, Mia’s voice gently and seductivly takes away that one thing that keeps a boy alive, physicallly never of course, but all of that. that resides inside the heart and makes a man truly submissive, a submissive heart leads to vulnerabilty of the mind and that is where this session lands on. This session truly was a trap, a trap I did not expect to fall on, but a trap I would love to fall and trip over and over gain. This session made me horny, I did what I was told to do, I got horny again and at the end I was left like that, with helpess arousal only to plea and groan for more, but the best part of it all is that thing that was stolen from me, my horniness, all the arousal, didn’t just dissapeared and got lost or ended, it stayed in the warm hands of that mind mistress that takes my pleasure anytime and anywhere she desires…

    As I’m wriring this, that arousal that I felt is still safely secured in that magic ball in her hands, still glowing and growing.

    The best Chastity session I have ever experience, this is not your typical Chastity in Femdom… is that much greater and special

  7. Dale Roads

    a review

    I have listened to this session many times. In a few short paragraphs from now you might ponder that.

    “Steal” … steal what? … the Curtain is Dropped! the Secret Told! the Great Reveal!

    Of course, anyone with half a wit, all of us – almost, has known the truth all along. Should you be in the minority, then beware, you are about to lose the tiny pre-pubescent fig leaf of the ‘conventional self-respect’ that one inevitably tries to hold on to.

    Before you lift your hand from your lap to push the buy button, consider not. Once inside … spoiler alert … you WILL be given a final choice but then you will need to face the shame of being thought ‘boring’, by one of the most sexy voices that you have ever heard, and long for. And of course, this minor taunt will be only the final ‘come hither’ as you step forward to let the tent flap fall shut behind you.

    But wait, you HAVE been around the block several times, and yes, you know about her inclination to tease you using such words as, “victim”, “trap”, “puppet”, “doll”, and more. You also know that she does speak with genuine concern for “her boys”. You reach for this crutch of assurance but in this case find it too has been called into question … by herself!

    Seemingly standing alone for the moment, ones awareness of a novel situation grows, as does one’s self-betrayer south of the belt line ( of course!), both of which leaves one to ponder again … exactly what is she going to “Steal” ?

    In truth, there is no doubt that is the way to put it, even as she makes you her number one accomplice. Huh? But steal what, what! what? … sorry for you, sorry for me, finding that out is the price of the ticket. (Back, it seems, to the Carnival show.)

    But, later, after the final act of the ‘Play within a Play’ that is her game, while you are ambling off back into the daylight of normality (perhaps sated by a little ‘self-applause’ during the show) there is a consolation after all.

    You might realize that what she has taken here was heisted long ago by your relentless, forever circuitous porn habit, and in that sense, you might see this session not as a theft, but a rescue. Crazy, this world.

  8. Orella

    “Hello, this is Mia and this file is a trap” the session has started and I am instantly feeling deeply happy, warm deep contentment filling every part of me.

    Listening to Mistress Mia’s voice as we walk hand in hand, seeing in my mind’s eye everything that she paints there, feeling everything that she chooses for me to feel.

    I have listened to this session several times, I cannot recall very much of the session.

    I feel that there were things that profoundly touched me deep within.

    Post the session I am blissfully happy and very content. Any and all thoughts of Mistress Mia filling me with a serene feeling of pleasure.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, even though I cannot recall the details of this session, it fills me with such happiness and pleasure every time I listen to it.

  9. Spirit

    This was a wonderful session. Very relaxing. Very simple. Very sexy.

    It was somehow just what I expected from the description and tags, nothing surprising, and yet still very satisfying and just what I hoped for.

    When I got to the final parts of the audio and something was stolen from me as I found myself repeating words, I found myself remembering an officer hour where we had once tried to guess what was being said in a video of Mia’s and I guessed very wrongly. But now it seems my guesses (perhaps wishes back then) were becoming true, as some of the words I once guessed were now the ones actually said.

    Another wonderful session. I find myself grateful to have listened to this.

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