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Length: 33:52
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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6 reviews for Surrender – Drop into Subspace

  1. Poet69

    Another Masterpiece of a true FEMDOM Goddess. Mistress alexandra is realy an outstanding hypnotic, erotic FEMDOM, with a lot of experience. And her work is truly full of devine bliss. Every slave will love this. ♥

  2. Jalang

    When Mistress Alexandra was first introduced to TheHypnoMistress, her sessions were very exciting. I wanted so badly to be one of her little toy soldiers. Her sessions invite you to explore submission to a strong, boss domina who knows exactly what she wants, and knows exactly what you want.

    This session is the perfect culmination of years of training to Alexandra’s sessions. The hypnotic induction is one of her most powerful. Once you’ve been taken down, things get straight to the point: You are here to surrender and submit. It will be effortless, because She makes it effortless for you to comply.

  3. Braxton


    Over my time here at THM, it has become so easy to surrender to Mistress Alexandra. Her melodic voice always seems to captivate me instantaneously. I had no resistance against her. I’m enjoying this series very much. Kneel… Surrender…

    Phenomenal job Alexandra

  4. Taigh

    OMG! What a ride.
    This was so F*$king hot. Being treated this way by such such an assertive Domminatrix as Mistress Alexaandra.
    It was sublime. Mesmerised and then put so firmly in my rightful place, down on my knees. At the feet of a Goddess, with her commands ringing in my mind like a bell, one after the other.
    Teased and belittled, broken, RAVISHED, destroyed, used for HER pleasure.
    Where have I heard that phrase somewhere before?
    And afterwards I just wanted so badly to lick the Heels of ANY woman. So submissive and blissful.

  5. Abe

    I don’t think Mistress Alex has ever used me the way she did here, at least in a sexual way. I was left in awe and extremely aroused at the end of the session noticing and witnessing Mistress Alexandra’s own orgasm. I won’t say how the listener will bring her pleasure and make her orgasm, that is something that needs to be felt and not explained. I felt that the final string of her bond has been put and tightly locked around my body and my mind. Forever hers, there’s no way out now, here desperate to be used and played with again, to surrender to Mistress Alexandra

  6. Orella

    Such an electric thrill of excitement and anticipation rippled through me when I discovered that SURRENDER – Drop into Subspace was the second step in Mistress Alexandra’s mind-moulding obedience series.

    I loved listening to Kneel and Obey, I have the five words deeply embedded within me, as are the numbers.

    Just looking at the delicious covers of these sessions does such naughty things to me. Upon seeing the word Alexandra my mind is filled with her beautiful voice, my desire to let go and become totally immersed deeply under her control overwhelms me.

    As mentioned before in my reviews of Mistress Alexandra’s sessions. I love hearing Mistress Alexandra’s voice, sexy sensual sounds resonating with confidence and authority. In this session the dominant authority reaches new heights and I love it.

    I am so happy to completely surrender to Mistress Alexandra, to be trained and conditioned to please her in any way that she desires. Kneeling at her feet feels right and perfect, it is where I belong and where I deeply desire to be. Awaiting commands so that I may be permitted to please my Mistress.

    I am a naturally submissive pet for my Mistress, surrendering to her fills me with pleasure, pleasing her makes me feel so good and takes my arousal levels to ever more intense levels until I am awash with bliss in every part of my being.

    There are so many aspects of this session that do incredibly naughty things to me, I am so lost in the desire to obey all of Mistress Alexandra’s commands, loving everything that she has me do as I worship my Goddess deeply devoted to her.

    I love being conditioned and programmed by Mistress Alexandra, I have such intense anticipation for this journey, if these first two steps are an indication, then the remainder of the journey will be perfect bliss for me.

    Thank you, Mistress Alexandra, for permitting me to surrender to you so completely. Thank you for permitting me the privilege of being conditioned and programmed by you, I love being trained to become the best pet that I can be to please my Mistress.

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