Length: 50:36

Voice: Mistress Mia & Amber

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6 reviews for Taken Under

  1. mattintrance

    Green, yellow, blue
    Green, yellow, blue
    Green, yellow, blue.

    As always, Mistress Mia does an amazing job spinning a sexy, seductive story, in which another curious, submissive boy is lured into an inescapable trap. Although I enjoyed the presence of Mistress Amber, as well, for me this session began and ended, as always, with Mistress Mia’s voice. I cherish the moment when She switches from casual conversation into an induction–with no explanation necessary. And then–the colors. Oh my, the colors. So helpless, so deep, so incredibly submissive. I can NEVER get enough of Mistress Mia dropping me with Her sleep command. I could literally listen to it 24/7 (and I do, in fact, in my subconscious mind). Thank You, Mistress!

  2. Taigh

    Oh my. This is like a dream or like a fantasy you experience as a dream. There is so much happening and you just float thru it all, aware of events but in the haziest way. Mistress Mia’s voice like a radio left on while you sleep, scenes and feelings bleeding through into your drowsy horny awareness, a familar voice that you know you can trust and follow. And there is someone else there. A classic Domme with a no-nonsense voice of command, Amber is so authoritative you jump at every command, squirm at every slap, spank or lash of her voice.
    If you didnt already listen to the first file in the series, you really want to, to get so much more from this. As soon as Amber asserted herself into the scene, faster than a snap I was, in my head, right back on my knees at the toe of her boot, tongue out ready to serve.

  3. Braxton

    Wickedly Sexy.

    I am enjoying this series so far. Mistress Amber is in a zone! And no one can bring a scene to life like Mistress Mia with her art of storytelling.

    Fantastic work ladies.

  4. Abe

    Taken left me craving for more when the first session was released and I soon as I saw this one hit the showroom I knew that I was going to experience something that I wouldn’t be able to resist; to be completely owned and taken by a powerful domiant woman, 2 women in this case. This sesson starts off as Taken continues from the club with Mia’s incredible storytelling, almost like a 2nd or 3rd person prespective but as the story goes, you become the story. A sexy BDSM theme session very much different from other similar fetish titles that will surely leave you helpless with arousal, a great path towards complete openess of one’s body to a Female Dominant with delicious details. Part of me wants to relive this story over and over, to go back to how it all started but also, part of me can only wonder when I will be Taken again by Amber and Mia for new sexy ways to play with my body and mind.

  5. Orella

    I was completely and totally taken by the session Taken, the combination of Mistress Mia weaving the story, bringing to life the immersive experience, supercharging my imagination enabling an exquisitely arousing mindscape. Coupled to the very dominant Mistress Amber taking total control, her dominance fully exposing my submissive core nature, her commands totally and completely irresistible. What an amazing way to have me lap up my glass of milk…..
    You will have to listen to that session for yourself to explore this exquisitely submissive experience.

    Taken Under is the next step in the taken journey.
    This session is also a duo session with Mistress Mia weaving the story in my mind’s eye and Mistress Amber exuding her totally irresistible dominance.
    I think that the best word to sum up this session would be in every way ‘Captivating’.

    No spoilers or details here.
    Taken and Taken Under are exquisite journeys into submissive helplessness.
    An opportunity to let go and become immersed in female dominance.

    Thank you, Mistress Amber and Mistress Mia, for taking me so completely in Taken and continuing my journey in Taken Under. Such vivid deeply arousing images that feel so real. This session is exquisitely arousing, deeply felt and I am captivated in every way. Thank you again for the journey into this ongoing story and I look forward to more and more of this experience.

  6. lorenzo

    There is so much that I love about this session. There is the continuing of the story of ‘Taken’ from a few weeks ago. And I absolutely love to be hypnotized within a story and what a story this is.

    Secondly there is the element of hypnosis thru colored rings. I’m sorry but that is always an absolute trigger to pleasure for me. I can just picture my head full of Mia’s words, eyes full of colors and a predatory Amber standing over me.

    All of the above is enough to brake yet another barrier in my subconscious. Another fantasy I thought I would never like to even imagine. But now being taken under, being bended, being taken by amber. There is no resistance to it. Just a stupid smile and colorful eyes

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