Length: 40:47 (+Foreplay 47:17) [egg id=”3″ pulse]
Voice: Mistress Mia

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12 reviews for The Interview

  1. Hammy

    I loved the fact that Mistress Mia completely took control of the straight from the start of the interview, every word she uttered after that are all skillfully used to lull in even deeper into her control and wrap you tightly around her irresistible, manicured fingers.

    I imagined the scene ever so vividly in my mind, her knowing smirk when my eyes glazed over staring at her nails and my body started to go all limp, or the amused grin she must’ve had when she runs her finger over my thigh but ultimately denied me of the pleasure, being completely under her control was the hottest thing ever.

    Being a office pet for dominant women has always been one of my biggest fantasy and this file checks out every box of my favourite kinks, I cant wait to get on with the following files in the series.


  2. Steven G

    40 minutes really doesn’t seem long, especially in this session by Mia. It really felt like 15 mins maybe less. Mistress Mias voice had me slipping down no time and fixated on her polished nails as they tapped and scratched. Her sensual and seductive voice easily captures your attention and, some how, makes it so easily for her nails to do the exact same. This is a needed session by Mistress Mia. I never knew the power of nails till this session. I don’t think any of inch of me wasn’t hard and aroused for more.

    This is an interview and I helplessly lost wanting a second interview. Such a dominate woman really does bring out the most submissiveness of a male. Serving the ladies at THM is a fantasy and a dream job any male could have. After this Interview, you will be aroused and wanting a second, and a third interview like I have.

  3. tymissmayihaveanother

    No joke, I listened and thought I was going to interview Her. And somehow I lost control of the interview, and only thought of Her nails and Her voice. I felt pleasure and a little fear, but mostly I felt Her confidence and control. When She told me I could work for Her, I was so proud to be allowed. I will do my best for Her and will follow Her instructions. I know I have to meet more of Her friends here. She told me so. I do want so much to please Her.

  4. Braxton

    Captivating. Sexy. Calming.

    It’s the middle of the day, you have interviews lined up to fill multiple positions at your company. For some reason your next interviewee strolls in just a few minutes too late. She seems a bit chatty and a little confident despite showing up late… During the conversation you notice her nails… Her very sexy hypnotic nails… All you can remember is this overwhelming feeling of wanting to please this woman. Then suddenly she offers YOU the job…and says you’ll be meeting with Alexandra for a 2nd interview next week… Despite feeling confused, you agree. You think to yourself, “What just happened”?

    Mistress Mia in my opinion, one of the sexiest things a woman can do is utilize the art of seduction. There is no doubt that you have mastered this art. I truly felt like a lost puppy by the end of this interview. Your captivating voice and those hypnotic nails lulled me into a mindless surrender.

    Great session Mia.

  5. Darke_One

    This is my fourth (I think?) time listening to this session, and couldn’t tell you what’s in it. All I know is I wake up each time looking forward to my second interview with Alexandra, next week.

    I can also tell you that a new realization dawned on me during this session: Mistress Mia is actually sexually programming me, and this is just the next step in the process–only now she’s made it an explicit training series.

    (I’m writing this when there are 5 sessions in the series, so I know it’s going to be a long and in-depth training process.)

    Can’t wait for my next interview 🙂 Although maybe I should stop by Alexandra’s office for my first Therapy session before then…

  6. Alexander

    You always knew, that working for domiant women makes you weak? Well here is your chance. In this session you apply to work for The Hypno Mistress. So eager and excited to meet Mia for a first Interview, putting on a good look to impress her. Both of you chat along, you notice you can´t stop looking at her beatiful nails for some reason, you just stare and focus on them. Your cock and nipples stiffen and she knows you have fallen to her trap.
    Time passes and after awakening you are confused what happend, the only thing you know is you want more, an even stronger desire to work for her and a deeper wanting to come back and serve.

  7. Mia’s beast

    Mistress Mia’s authoritative voice, Her absolute confidant control, Her ability to take control of your mind, and paint a picture that will leave You shaking is on display as always in this amazing session.
    i can picture Her nails, perminantly leaving their marks, Her dominance complete, and total, in all things. The interview is no different, as She takes total control of it.
    Thank You Mistress Mia, for as always, touching so very deeply, what is Yours.

  8. GuyC_UK

    Very Very Provocative ♡Mistress Mia♡ You are truly my Mind Mistress, After Listening to this body tingling Session i was left with waking thoughts of long shiny nails and of how aroused i am now just thinking about them, i am in awe of Your Velvety Vocal Dominance, the more i hear the more i need to succumb to more Blissful Submission hearing Your Voice.

  9. Abe

    I fell right into her trap the moment I saw those nails. Sure, it was a lovely first glance when she sat down at the table, but everything changed once those sexy finger nails came into play. I was lost in much arousal all through the entire session that I was simply to weak to resist the charms of this great interviwer. This was right before I got accepted to work at my rightful place, in my own little space and my tiny chair to sit on, below the greatest desk of all, Mistress Mia’s.

  10. Michael F.

    Mia started talking, and flashing her beautiful nails…and it’s all a pleasure-filled blur, until she brought me back up later, at which point I was happy to agree with whatever she wanted me to agree to…

  11. Andi_S

    I have to agree with Orella in that Mistress Mia’s voice just sounded so very sexy and sensual as the interview started. As soon as I hear her voice I feel completely helpless to resist its charms and just want to submit my whole being to her superior presence.

    The scene that unfolds in this session perfectly plays into that as I, the supposed interviewer, has the tables completely turned on him and is just is completely overwhelmed by the dominant charms and the sexy, mesmerizing nails of Mistress Mia. Sexy, polished nails are definitely a favorite of mine and I loved the feeling of being transfixed and hypnotized by them.

    I must admit I don’t remember much other than my eyes following Mistress Mia’s nails and feeling ever more entranced and aroused. And a particular thing she did that I will not spoil for you. When I woke up from the session my submissive self felt happy and content and aroused, basking in the feeling of Mistress Mia’s power, my mind filled with an image of her sexy nails.

    Prior on that day before listening to this session I had actually fantasized about working for Mistress Mia and being allowed to help and serve the magnificent ladies at THM. So I am very excited about being recruited by Mistress Mia and am very much looking forward to how this series will play out.

  12. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay introduction to this session really makes you think about the future role of the male and where we will end up in the social structure going forwards, naturally on our knees in obedient servitude what else could we ever wish and hope for.

    Mistress Mia’s voice as this session starts is so sexy and sensual, exuding complete confidence, power and authority. The way that she describes her wonderful nails in exquisite detail stirs such arousal deep down in my core and I am transfixed to them unable to draw my eyes away from those incredible claws.
    Katya was the catalyst for this interview and as Mia and I talk I recall Katya’s incredible party but it seems that my memory of it may be missing some key parts.
    As the interview progresses my gaze remains caught by those incredible nails, I am starting to feel increasingly uncontrollably aroused, cock already engorged and straining, a stiffening of my nipples as they desire to be played with more and more.
    I simply have no willpower; I am helplessly lost in arousal listening to the words being said and my eyes riveted to following those nails wherever they move. I love sharing my submissive nature with such a dominant woman, one whom I desire to please so very much, nothing else seems to matter anymore.
    Nothing exists in my mind except for Mistress Mia’s voice, those beautiful nails and my aroused desire to please her.
    I am overwhelmed by the images that Mistress Mia paints in my mind, those claws and what she may choose to do to me with them, helpless at her mercy, lost in intense desire driven by fear and intense arousal from the pain and pleasure that she may choose to inflict with her claws for her amusement and pleasure.
    I am confused that I have passed my first interview to work for Mistress Mia at THM and I am feeling such a deep desire for the role and cannot wait for my second interview.

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