Länge: 38:00
Stimme: Herrin Mia

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6 reviews for The Perfect Trance

  1. Braxton


    I love the concept of this session! The setup was great. I am always in awe of your creativity Mistress. Perfection is fluid, and I have experienced many perfect trances with you and the ladies of THM over the years.

    Outstanding work Mia.

  2. Maarten

    The first one where Mistress Mia took me by surprise whith here voice. And I liked it. The feeling afterwards so nice. Looking forward in new adventures

  3. Abe

    Pleasure in the body, pleasure in the mind. For me, no pleasure can exist without the other. Mia delivers pleasure anywhere and everywhere both in the mind and the body. As natural as her charm, her voice naturally seduces me into relaxation and comfort. A prolonged feel good moment that never ends even if the session itself ends, even if the sound of her voice suddenly stops, it just keeps going and going; I like to interpret that as a blissful Mindgasm, without my body or any part of it moving, I could just lay there and listen, and with that alone, losing myself in this session. This was my choice, the pleasure I decided to seek in this session of choice. The body soon follows, taking her suggestions and words as my body naturally does what it’s programmed to do as it listens to Mistress

  4. lorenzo

    First let me start of that the concept of this session was very original. Every session done by Mia has that same originality. Which honestly is insanely impressive considering there are more than 300 sessions on THM by now.

    For me, this session was Mia showing of the amount of control She has over boys like me. In a delicious way she makes this session interactive by giving her subject the illusion of choice. Because it truly doesn’t matter wether you go left or right, in the end you wind up on the path Mia wants you to be on.

    Which for me means a drooling helpless mess. Captured by her voice for the millionth time and eager to obey in whatever way she wants me too.

    Lastly, giving a 5 star review on every session is solely my choice. The fact that the mere thought of Mia calling me her ‘good boy’ drops me to my knees in utter adoration has nothing to do with it.

  5. squealerson

    I have listened to this a couple of times now. It really induces a very deep trance. So deep, in fact, that many of the details are lost to me. I recall having to make some choices but I don’t really remember actually making choices. I also recall that it was a very pleasant experience. Very dreamlike and euphoric. Very arousing and enjoyable. Mia’s voice and her words can make me so weak. I’ll have to go back and listen again.

  6. Orella

    The first time I listened to The Perfect Trance I was enthralled by the session description. Before listening, I tried to imagine what would happen in the trance.

    I recall relaxing in bed as I pressed play to start the session, my eyes already closed as I listened to Mistress Mia’s voice filling my ears with her enchanting words.

    To my surprise I found that I was to open my eyes and I found it so difficult to keep them open as I listened with an increasing need to close my eyes.

    Time ceased to have meaning as I struggled to keep my eyes open. I felt very relaxed and like I was sinking away from my own vision as I continued to try to keep my eyes open.

    It was such a welcome feeling when Mistress Mia allowed me to close one eye with the other one following shortly after.

    I am not sure what happened after that, as the next conscious recollection was being counted up out of trance.

    I felt very calm, relaxed and contented post the session and drifted off into a deep restful sleep.

    I will have to listen again and again to see if I can consciously recall more details of the session.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, you named this session so very well, I seem to have drifted off into a perfect trance, or did I simply fall asleep and happened to wake up just as you counted me up out of trance?
    I will need to listen again and again to find out.

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