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Length: 35:21
Voice: Mia

Copyright © 2016 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

6 reviews for Tribute to Beauty

  1. 456

    This is the best JOI file i have ever listened to. I just listened this twice while fucking my sex doll. Every time she said Bliss, my whole body was trembling from the pleasure.
    I just love all the suggestions that make me even hornier and harder when i am around beautiful sexy women.

  2. Andi_S

    This may be one of the oldest sessions Mistress Mia has published at The HypnoMistress but it deserves everyone’s attention and I believe you are missing out if you don’t have it in your collection. As some of you know I am one of Mistress Mia’s chastity pets and one day when she commanded me to cum for her I chose to listen to this session. It was the hottest JOI experience of my life. It really was so beautiful. The imagery that of beautiful and sexy women that Mistress projected into my mind was very powerful and arousing and helped keep me very aroused and on the edge for the whole duration of the file. Every stroke felt like an expression of obedience and of the beautiful connection between Mistress and hypnotic sub. Mistress Mia expertly and beautifully directed my masturbation and my pleasure and she directed me to one of the if not the most beautiful and pleasurable orgasms of my life. The title of the session is very fitting: It is a tribute to beauty. Definitely do not overlook this session.

  3. Darke One

    Truly one of the best guided masturbation sessions ever created. Sometimes masturbating (and other movement) can keep me out of trance, but I actually forgot I was stroking during this; complete focus on Mistress’ voice and the images she implanted into my head. Strong conditioning in this session, as with most of Mia’s sessions. So hot. Thank you, Mistress 🙂

  4. Orella

    Wow, the erotic and intimate imagery that Mistress Mia paints in my mind in this session is exquisite, especially the description of her attire. The level of lust that I am driven to and intense arousal blows my mind.
    The teasing is so unbelievable and the arousal so intense, I love being dominated and controlled by Mistress Mia. The pleasure of obediently following the instructions of my Mistress as she permits me to touch myself and guides me on what she wants me to do, when and how to touch, the speed to stroke as I pulse in increasingly desperate arousal and desire to please Mistress Mia lost in bliss and pleasure.
    I become more and more enslaved to the perfect images of women that Mistress Mia creates in my mind and the power they have over me, my desire to intimately worship, edging more and more towards explosive release and then finally ‘Oh my god’ what a release.

  5. Jon

    This is a great guided masterbation audio with a strong lean on using your third eye to visualize women. Its pretty long so its a bit like an edging session and like the title implies very much a tribute session. There are some great surprises in here as well.

  6. abe

    This is that perfect session you listen to when you want to fantasise about those special and perfect women in your life. Let Mia´s words guide and tease you while thinking of beautiful women and their amazing bodies. Mia will install a trigger into your mind that will keep you relaxed and bring erotic pleasure to you. In this session, Mia will have you stroking from start to finish as you fantasize about that perfect woman. This session will also help you be a better man when thinking, approaching and talking to women.

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