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Length: 37:24
Voice: Mistress Mia

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4 reviews for A Secret for your Subconscious

  1. Mia’s beast

    Are you prepared? Where will the thought go? Mistress Mia’s secret, a little bit of Mia’s magic. Her secret, something so special. Will you bite your lip in delightful pleasure? I have to say, this was such a special day. A sublime time spent with Mistress.
    Come inside, and allow Mistress to speak Her secret. Will you catch it, or will it sink, depper in, while you try and figure out what it is?
    A beautiful time with Mistress Mia, is in store.

  2. JohnB

    This session has become one of my favorites. I listen once a week and savour the experience as Mia expertly weaves her web and takes me into wonderful trance. This is a sophisticated conversation-style ‘confusion induction’ in the same category as the amazing “Play My Games”, “A Deeper Letting Go” and “Entangled Minds”. There are no triggers and no countdown deepeners in this type of induction.

    I have the type of analytical mind that makes it difficult for me to trance (I label myself a “hard trancer”). Two years ago, after a decade of modest success with erotic hypnosis, I had learned enough about hypnosis to know that a confusion induction often works well for those with an analytical mind. A google video search for “mistress” and “erotic hypnosis” and “confusion induction” listed Mia’s “Play My Games” (PMG) as the first hit. I recently reran this google search and see that PMG is still the first hit. At that time, Mia had a confusion playlist on her YouTube site that linked to full (not teaser) recordings of her three confusion inductions (she has more than 3 now). I listened to the shortest one first (Entangled Minds) and fell into my first-ever deep trance. That first trance with Mia made me realize what true trancing really was. I was thrilled, of course, and eagerly listened to all three of her confusion inductions multiple times over the next few weeks before signing up as a VIP on her Patreon site. After a decade of searching, I had found my hypno mistress.

    I knew I could trance with Mia and had fallen in love with her beautiful voice so I was determined to learn how to trance with her normal inductions featuring triggers and countdowns. The session “Bliss”, available as a free download from the is a good training session, but for me, the best session for learning her triggers was “Erotic Trigger Trance”. This is a loopable session. I’m a hard trancer, but I was highly motivated: in a one week period two summers ago, I listened to ETT at least a hundred times. With this conditioning, I was able to start enjoying the full breadth of material that Mia provides on her website. Investing a concentrated amount of time listening to ETT multiple times had a big future payoff as trancing with Mia became much easier.

    Many of Mia’s followers trance easily. I envy them and greatly enjoy reading their reviews. I write reviews to provide advice to future ‘hard trancers’ like me. In this review I have suggesting starting with Mia’s confusion inductions, then listening to her ETT session at least a dozen times per day for a week. Based on my experience, I have three other bits of advice for the hard trancer.

    If you have difficulty trancing with one of Mia’s confusion inductions, you may need help ‘clearing your mind’ before starting your session. This is like reading a chapter from a good book at bedtime. It helps dampen down the random thoughts your analytical mind is processing so you can fall asleep. Mia has a session for this, called “Mind Wash”, available on her YouTube Site. Set up a playlist so you can listen to Mind Wash first, then one of Mia’s confusion inductions. In the early days, I used Mind Wash to clear my mind prior any session I wanted to listen too. Eventually, you won’t need this but it was really necessary for me in the first three months or so.

    Over the last two years that I have been with THM, I have twice made the mistake of trying to listen to too much new material too quickly. I have to keep reminding myself of my limitations. As a hard trancer, what works best for me is to repeat sessions that I already know I can trance with before trying something new every fourth or fifth session. If I trance to a new session on the very first listen (wonderful!), I add the new session to my rotation. If not, I put the session to one side and come back to it a few months later. I listen to sessions at least once a day to maintain my ability to trance well. My first session of the day is always one of my favorites rather than something new. So I know I will have at last one good trance per day. I’ve learned to limit myself to only one or two new sessions each week.

    My current favorites are Mia’s Aphrodisiac, Alexandra’s Nylon Obsession and Sophia’s Teachers Pet 2. A newbie should start with Mia. I waited 9 months before starting with Alexandra and only after Mia assured me that it was OK to trance with one of her girlfriends. I listened to Alexandra’s “Therapy for the Submissive Boy” once a day for a month before venturing into her other material. The common theme in my advice to hard trancers is the need for more repetition to achieve successful trancing.

    My final bit of advice relates to an issue that may not apply to all hard trancers. As I have gotten better at trancing, I increasingly don’t reminder the content of the session. I feel great and know I’ve enjoyed the session, but can only remember bits of content, like trying to remember a dream. I can remember thinking “wow, this is a great session”, but can’t remember details about the session. In “A Secret for Your Subconscious” I can remember trying hard to follow Mia’s conversation, not because I thought I could win her game (and stay awake), but because I’ve learned this is the most wonderful way to lose against someone of her great skill (and fall into trance). Mia has taught us a game where it’s more fun to lose than to win.

    I tranced deeply when I first listened to Mia’s session “Dutched”. When I woke from the session, I couldn’t even remember her speaking Dutch. After listening three or four times, my curiosity got the better of me and I listened to the full session over some speakers while I was working in my kitchen. So I didn’t trance, but learned the clever way that Mia wove Dutch and English together in a confusion induction that had taken me so deep. But here’s the problem: I haven’t been able to trance to Dutched since learning the session detail. It’s like reading the last chapter of a good book before starting the book. I’ve learned that sometimes it’s best to let your subconscious enjoy all the fun. I’m certainly not going to listen to the detail of Secret. If I listened to this session over my speakers, and learned how Mia wove her web, I might not trance. When playing Mia’s games, winning is the last thing you want to do.

  3. Abe

    I’ll say this openly, this session if for advanced listerns of Mistress Mia, if you’re been around for over a year or more, then you will probably understand what Mia does to our minds here. Its pure magic with words that’s no doubt, but its also where Mia shares the secret she’s been teasing us with ever since those invitations. The secret is, there is more than one secret and that’s for us to know, understand and keep individually. For months, I’ve heard words and phrases left and right in the voice of Mistress that relate to the feelings of joy, happiness and of course arousal, words that have been kept secured in my subconsious, words that I happen to only know that were implanted without a notice simply because they were safe and good for me. Those who think similar will also agree with this, I hope. This is probably the most confusing session I have ever heard, in a good way of course, my mind simply imagines and thinks for me, creating beliefs and realities. Is this far from the truth, from being right? I guess thats another secret left in the open…

  4. Orella

    I love the foreplay components that are available with these sessions, sometimes they are deliciously arousing, sometimes they are deeply informative and broaden my knowledge and understanding, sometimes I am exquisitely teased and tormented. However, I think that the most special ones are where Mistress Mia shares some personal details about herself or her past and I get to feel that I know her a little better and feel so much closer to her, this foreplay is one of those most special ones. Thank you so much Mistress Mia.

    The best way that I can describe the live event on 29 August was simply a beautiful experience and this session is a beautiful experience too.
    Listening to Mistress Mia talk is pure bliss for me, it really doesn’t matter what the subject being spoken about is as just hearing her enchanting captivating beautiful voice fills me with immeasurable hights of pleasure which seeps into the deepest depths of my mind and very soul.
    Floating along in pure bliss as I listen to this game or conversation or whatever it is she has chosen to do with me I am filled me to overflowing with happiness, being gifted a secret from my Goddess, my Mistress whom I love and live to worship and serve is even more enchanting, just knowing that somewhere deep in my subconscious resides a special gift from her is such a heavenly feeling.
    I cannot thank you enough for this gift Mistress Mia.

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