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Length: 48:49 (+Foreplay 60:06)
Voice: Mistress Alexandra

Copyright © 2020 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

9 reviews for Alexandra’s Interview

  1. ImperialSpy

    Amazing experience! Thruthfully, I can’t remember much. Alexandra’s words just cause me to sink and relax and by the time I wake up, I can just feel like something is changed within me. Now when I hear Mia’s or Alexandra’s words, my body becomes stiff in more ways than one and the color tangerine is all I see…

  2. Kaii

    Thank you Mistress Alexandra for making me your ‘nipple squirming slut’,

    I can’t remember much from the session, my mind feel blank empty. But everytime I saw Mistress Mia words suddenly i feel jolts of arousal at my nipples and became hard >.< What have you done to me Mistress?

    Nevertheless, I am grateful to be interview by Mistress Alexandra, I hope Mistress can help me to be an assisstant for Mistress Mia or her Girlfriends. Being Mistress Alexandra's nipple slut would also be nice ^^

    -557 (ARA)

  3. GoodBoyLance

    Mistress Alexandra knows exactly how to make a boy submissive and weak with simple and unconventional methods, just Her tangerine nails flashing in my face in my mind and tapping on the desk to make me imagine an alluring pair of tangerine high heels clicking by me in the Hypno Mistress Office makes me want to stare at the tangerine high heels and follow behind on my hands and knees like a drooling puppy so I don’t lose sight of the tangerine that’s captured my mind and imagination. Then Alexandra teases my nipples and makes a subconscious stimulus deep in my mind beyond my control to have hard nipples in the Hypno Mistress Office. All this teasing really makes me want to be the junior assistant at the Hypno Mistress Office to work hard everyday to be a plaything for all the Hypno Mistress’s at the Office.

  4. Braxton

    So relaxing. Calming. Deep.

    Mistress Alexandra is waiting for you. This is now your second interview for the position at The Hypnomistresses office. She methodically probes your mind, deeply conditioning you to respond to the arousal that you know you want. Beware her sexy nails and beware her countdown this is the point of no return…

    Mistress Alexandra, your countdowns take me so much deeper. I felt so helpless during many points of our interview. You voice is so inviting, and trusting. It’s so easy to trance with you. You are very talented Alexandra. Tangerine is a serious weakness of mine. More on that later…

    Great session.

  5. Dale Roads

    Of course I am listening to a recording, of course I am in my sleeping chair but lulled into a light trance, images appear and disappear, some of the gorgeous Mistress Mia, others not, a beautiful face, a lady’s hand with a large flashy ring and red nails, momentary flashes of a high heeled shoe dangling from a deeply desirable lady’s nylon stockinged foot. All the while Mistress Mia’s voice, so sophisticated, so natural does a funny thing, a confusing thing, the notion that she is not “here” fades away. She is real, I am real, you are real, we are real, and yes, her influence is real. She IS here, and there, and she is feeding us and we respond emotionally and sexually and submissively. Her finger, her painted nail enters my mind, our minds as though stirring a cherry pie, messing it about a bit before tasting it.

    Oh dear, I really must masturbate, I really must, and that should not be a big deal but somehow I feel as though it is, and that makes it even more pleasurable. (?) I don’t even know if I am making sense. Thank you for Mistress Croft for your high art in the fields of hypnosis and femdom.

  6. Tim

    I recommend this session very highly. It’s become one of my favorites.

    When I first listened to it, I didn’t have any particular expectation. I’d never heard Alexandra’s voice before, and I had no particular interest in polished nails or nipples. But now I can’t get enough of it. It’s deeply programmed me, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that through this session (and the one after it) I’ve discovered entirely new forms of pleasure, submissive desires that I never imagined.

  7. paul armstrong

    So, I wish I could be more descriptive about this session. I know Mistress Alexandra passed me along to Mistress Mia, however when I try and recall the session I keep seeing her Tangerine nails.

    I am looking forward to my next meeting with Mistress Mia, I am hoping she does not find me wanting. I am hoping she sees the work I have put into becoming her submissive boy. I am hopeful she will accept me, and my devotion Aand submission to her and all of the mistress here at the Hypnomistress.

  8. Andi_S

    I am fully aware that this journey wouldn’t be as fun if every question I had was immediately answered and everything I am expected to do was spelled out all the time. Diving head first into the unknown, the only true safety net being the trust in your Mistress and in your own subconscious is a thrilling ride. Yet…I do also yearn for clarity and guidance and I appreciate all and any that Mistress Mia chooses to give us. This pre-talk gave me a sense of security. I couldn’t even really recite what she talked about but I know I felt so safe sinking into her voice and thinking yes, this is what I need, this is right for me, please take me further down this path Mistress.

    My memory of the full session is rather foggy as well. Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful sexy nails hypnotized me so good. I just love to follow them with my eyes. I love the sounds they make. And I love to feel them on my slutty nipples. At one point Mistress Alexandra made me touch and fondle my own nipples and I have never before felt such intense pleasure from them. It was like a shockwave of pleasure that made me whimper and moan out loud and made my chaste cock feel like it could explode any second.

    I very distinctly remember a moment at the end of the session where Mistress Alexandra suggested to me that I will not remember what happened during the session and that I will instead think of her beautiful sexy tangerine nails when I try to. I thought, hmm, sorry, I very clearly remember what happened. But now…it feels like the memory is there and I could probably access it if I really wanted but a part of me just rather wants to think about her tangerine nails. I love moments like this where I realize just how obedient and eager to please my subconscious is becoming thanks to the training our Mistresses provide us with.

    I will definitely return to this session as I am eager to be further prepared for my role as Mistress Mia’s assistant and my slutty nipples are now so hungry for more training and pleasure as well.

  9. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay is so arousing as her beautiful enchanting captivating voice peaks my desire for complete submission to her, I love to be trained and conditioned to obey her and other dominant women that she chooses to share me with as this feels so right and makes me feel so much pleasure, I love being moulded by my Mistress in any way that she pleases and my strongest desire is to please my Mistress at all times, to serve and obey her without question and accept any training to please her more and more.

    Mistress Alexandra welcomes me to the interview and explains that I am to undergo a psych interview with her today. She leads me to sit in a comfortable leather lounge chair, I so desire to pass this interview as I want the job as Mistress Mia’s assistant at THM so much, it would be such heaven to serve and please Mistress Mia as her assistant, also to perform tasks to serve and please Mistress Alexandra, Mistress Sophia and Mistress Katya at the THM office.
    As the interview tests begin the roleplay is set, I will respond to Mistress Alexandra as my Mistress and I will be her assistant for the interview tests. I watch her beautiful hand and become transfixed on her nails, lost in the shimmering orange and cherry red shades of her tangerine painted nails. I cannot pull my eyes away from her nails, even when I am told to close my eyes, I can still see those nails so clearly in every detail.
    My mind is filled with the image Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful nails lost in the shine and colour of them, the noise of her nails tapping on the arm of the chair becomes mingled with the sound of high heels and these sounds become indistinguishable from the other.
    My eyes become so heavy as I listen to Mistress Alexandra’s beautiful voice, I so want to let go of my own thoughts and drift along accepting, visualising, hearing and feeling everything that Mistress Alexandra is saying.
    I recall deep breathing as I listen to and comply with Mistress Alexandra’s words, I fall deeply into trance and my conscious mind becomes blank.
    As I awaken from Mistress Alexandra’s trance, I feel so erect and such aroused pleasure, I become aware that my nipples are sore and wonder how that happened. I settle down ready for sleep feeling happy, aroused and even though my nipples are sore I cannot resist playing with them for a while teasing, stroking and suddenly needing to pinch, squeeze, tug, grind and twist them making them more sore and intensifying my erection and feeling of arousal.

    Thank you for this wonderful interview Mistress Alexandra, I love you tangerine nails they seem to be lodged deeply in my mind Mistress.

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