Length: 30:02

Voice:Mistress Mia Croft

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4 reviews for Anal Pleasures 2

  1. Spirit

    Such a sexy session. Incredibly enjoyable with a prostate massager and perhaps combined with chastity. I still like to re-listen to this session sometimes more than a year after first hearing it. Definitely a favourite, and very enjoyable even if the hands-free-orgasm isn’t necessarily where you end up. And sometimes it’s about the journey more than the destination.

  2. Quiet Joe

    When I first found my way to The Hypno Mistress Community I had no interest in anal. But my Mind Mistress has offered me a way to remain chaste. Her Seductive voice captures and takes you on a truly pleasure journey into the pursuit of the elusive prostate orgasm. You are taken onto heights of arousal with Mistress Mia as you explore a new adventure.

  3. Abe

    The orgasmic bliss inside the body as Mistress Mia speaks to my ears reaches its limits and pops like a pipe at full force with water splashing everywhere. The adventure found here might no be for everyone but those who truly enjoy the pleasures of ass play, combined with chastity, obedience and pleasure will find that this one hell of an experience. So hot!

    She will make you feel so good with her words…

  4. Orella

    I love being seduced by Mistress Mia my wonderful Mind Mistress. I found that the first Anal Pleasures session was such a fantastic introduction to the pleasures that could be found via anal play.
    This session makes me feel so aroused and excited as Mistress Mia’s captivating sensual voice guides my imagination on a journey into my ass and the intensely pleasurable prolonged prostrate orgasm that I could achieve.
    The image in my mind of Mistress Mia clad in latex as she secures my leather collar tightly in place and I submissively obey her every word is divine, cock untouchable securely locked away in the mind cage that my Mistress has locked me into.
    Mistress Mia’s voice is so incredibly sensual and seductive as she guides me on this mind voyage into intense anal pleasure, I am so turned on by this session that I feel the need to purchase the anal toys that she describes in this session so that I can experience the full effects of this session properly filled so to speak.

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