Length: 66:51
Voice: Mistress Mia

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16 reviews for Aphrodisiac

  1. 456

    This is one of hottest sessions here, long, so erotic and with a very steamy ending. I was so filled with arousal that I almost had my first HFO.

  2. Spirit

    Wow. I only now listened to this file for the first time after getting it as my 2nd VIP claim for the month, and I have to say it may well be my favourite session ever. I don’t know why I didn’t get it sooner. Perhaps the seemingly innocent tags on it make me expect it to be one of the less arousing sessions and so I chose more explicitly tagged files first – but this one surprised in the best of ways.

    So many of the words in this file triggered me to be aroused and submissive. All the talk of being open and eager, willing and needy, receptive and horny leads to such a longing that it was a great reward when finally the word slut starts being spoken. From early in the opening almost through to the ending, this file had me hard and throbbing, happy and loving it all.

    I ended with a million dreams about possible sequels where the goddess of lust seduces me to be even more of a horny slutty submissive for hypnosis. I can’t stop dreaming of the potential for combining these ideas with chastity training/traps, teasing and edging or anal pleasures. Until such dreams are fulfilled by future files however, I know this will be a part of playlists I make myself.

    Thank you so much Mia for making a file that made me feel so thoroughly seen and taken in all the best ways.

  3. Braxton

    Sexy. Erotic. Compelling.
    It is very true that aphrodisiacs can come in many forms. There are so many things that can stimulate sexual arousal. Why not the voice of a sexy, confident woman? In this session we are captivated, and ravished by a voice that exudes pure sexiness. Erotic whispers for the listener awaits, ready to lead you to a very powerful mindgasm.

    Mia, this session was outstanding! This is a file that has been in my collection for a while now, but this is only the second time that I’ve experienced it. The first time was when you issued a challenge to me during the events of “Mia’s Caged Puppy”. This session allowed me to wallow in sweet surrender to your voice, and ultimately your control. Mia, you are the sweetest drug.

    Phenomenal job.

  4. Ste He

    This session is one of the hottest sessions I ever listened to. Mia’s foreplay alone is enough to bring me close to the edge and the main session keeps me in that aroused state but at the same time leads me more and more down into an incredible pleasurable hypnotic trance, giving more and more control up to Mia. The deeper I go the more aroused I get. If listening to this file after at least a week without orgasm – it becomes impossible to resist, leading instead up to the wonderful experience of completely surrendering my mind and body to Mia’s control, obeying all her commands and cementing my submission to her with a HFO.

    Thank you for this.

  5. MicHam99

    Aphrodisiac April 2021…… this session is very special for me, it was one of my first session, and I remember like it was yesterday, I was struggling with my new account at THM and Mistress help me fixing everything, she is so sweet, always! every where helping, i really don’t know how Mistress manage, but that’s is one of the reason she is my Mistress and me kneeling at her feet.

    As a new boy entering in Mia’s Worlds I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But I discovered a new life for me here and so much more. So happy to be part of it, and learning every day to be a better obedient boy for my Adorable Mistress Mia and all her wonderful girls friends.

    I don’t know why I didn’t review that session before so sorry ! Because for me it is a masterpiece, it is so an intimate session, so perfect, a great moment, one of my greatest moment with Mistress Mia. That Aphrodisiac session is the session you must have. It will bring you somewhere else, a place that you didn’t think it exist. It is so profound, deep and impossible to resist. I felt something that I never imagine possible. A total Bliss, no ! Even better ….

    But now ! after several months kneeling for Mistress I know that everything is possible. I love my Mistress so much, thank you so much to make my life so much better, a better obedient boy and a better person and respectful for all woman. You really did a difference on my life. Your influence is a good thing for me for all boy.

    Good night Mistress, your obedient Michel Toy. Xxxxxx

  6. Pye

    Aphrodisiac is the perfect session for anyone who wishes to go extremely deep into an hypnotic trance.
    I think that the one of Mia’s recordings that I listen to so far that has taken me deepest (together with FT2). I’ve listen to this recording quite a number of times now but still cannot recall the full sessions as I write this review. It just takes you that deep.

    I do recall some parts very clearly though and and so far there is always a part of the recording that hits me with a
    ‘Wow, I cannot believe this is actually happening!’. I would say that for any hypno-fetishist, this recording is a dream come true. There is a deep yearning in me that wishes I had time to listen to this recording over and over and over again. Be completely lost in its beauty and fully absorb its nurturing effects.

    In my opinion, you need to have full privacy and a good chunk of time available to fully enjoy this session.
    Therefore I always have this session in mind for these sacred occasions when you are fully ready and have time to explore to what a hypnosis recording can do for you.

    Thanks Mia for such an awesome and beautiful experience!

  7. pye

    I can still feel Mia’s energy inside of me. It is a warm glowing feeling of relaxation and of knowing
    one that one is both deeply cared for and deeply penetrated. This session encompasses everything a true hypno-fetishist every could dream of.

    Ever wanted to know what a true hypnotic mind fuck/love making would be like this is the session for you. Not just have someone talking about it but ACTUALLY having it happened to you.

    It is so beautiful and every time I listen as I find new depth of submission and pleasure.
    Thank you Mistress Mia.

  8. Andi_S

    This session is one of the most intense emotional and physical experiences I’ve had my entire life. I hope I can do it justice with my words. The session starts with Mistress Mia explaining what an Aphrodisiac actually is and she proceeds to slowly and beautifully penetrate my mind deeper and deeper with her words. Of course her voice is the aphrodisiac. As Mistress Mia beautifully takes me ever deeper into trance, more and more every single word, every nuance of the sound of Mistress’ voice increasingly sounds so very beautiful to me. Almost as if every word she speaks somehow contains the very essence of beauty and eroticism. It feels like Mistress Mia wraps her voice around the pleasure center in my brain and and then at some point begins to just stroke me and penetrate me and fuck me.

    I have had such incredibly intense experiences with this session. By the end I often end up so lost in pleasure that I completely forget where I am, with my legs and and mind spread wide and my hips wildly and wantonly gyrating. This can culminate in a kind of mindgasm where you will not necessarily cum in the traditional sense but still experience an explosion of pleasure that can be felt throughout the body. I do not always experience this when I listen to this session but when I do it completely blows me away with how intense it is. And once the session is over I still feel so slutty and horny. It’s great. The powerful hypnotic techniques that Mistress Mia uses in this and the intense effects you can experience as a result are extremely impressive. So if you are curious how it might feel when Mistress Mia turns her voice into the ultimate aphrodisiac and gives you the mindfuck of your life definitely get this session.

  9. Miaslave

    The Warning is needed I did the session before the loop training and after. both I awake and needed sometime to come down. but after the loop my body did tremble for arousal while the session and my body was so sensitive that I had done all Mistress Mia order me even travle naked to her. It had become more than that I need to obey. It feels more like the way you must breath. wow awesome session you will feel so helpless and there is no other way than to obey all orders from Mistress Mia mmmmm

  10. Miaslave

    These session go under your skin and you do not want that it stop, when you awake you want more. You will go deeper, so much deeper. after a few words I was totally under Mistress Mia’s control. I feel so submissive and a littel drunken from the session mmm thank you Mistress

  11. JCNivens

    I fell in love with the power and influence of this recording. Mistress Mia simply begins speaking and I can feel my head get that kind of fuzzy, floating feeling. This session is so hard to describe as it speaks deeply into me. My mind continues falling farther away as her words take me deeper and deeper down. Her words become my thoughts and there is where I long to be, totally in her thrall. I willingly go where You lead Mistress. I have never fallen so fast for woman whose voice I cannot get enough of. All I want is more, more please Mistress Mia.

  12. Abe

    Perhaps I said this before but I’ll say again, and I think some might agree, I’ve considered my brain a pussy that Mia often fucks deep and hard with her sexylong and thick voice. My brain just gets wet and my erect cock is moist and sticky all on this own. My brain being penetrated while I squirt down between my legs, something I have no control over.The warning should not take for granted or ignored, it will leave you breathless and trembling to the point where you have no control of your actions, being left aroused and really horny by just the mind fuck Mia gives you here. Repeating those words that i so longed for. Perhaps my actions amused Mistress for a while as she watched how mind fucked I really was. I was burning in heat but Mistress had blew off the steam just enough to keep me on the edge and not set my entire mind on fire.

    What a session…

  13. Kin

    I agree with all the other reviews here. Mia Croft’s voice IS an Aphrodisiac, a sex drug that will just drive you mad with desire. This session does everything it says it will. And afterwards, within about 30 minutes you just want to do it again and again.

  14. Taigh

    Thank you for posting the warning Mistress.
    “may cause tremors, convulsions or temporary loss of control.”
    Yep – I got all of those. And a lot of groaning and moaning and vocalizing too…perhaps the warning should include something about “closing the windows before you start”
    so that you don’t disturb the neighbors with all the noise you are going to be making (trust me you will) once Mia gets you under and starts to enjoy herself.
    This must be the hottest thing going around on the Internet right now. It’s an unbelievable experience, you will want to have.

  15. JohnB

    If I was shipwrecked on a desert island and could only have one session to listen to, it would surely be Mia’s Aphrodisiac. This one session combines the three things I crave most in Mia’s sessions: incredible arousal, deep trancing, and the exciting feeling of being sexually controlled by a beautiful and dominant woman. The session is wonderfully addictive. I downloaded it yesterday and have now listened to it three times. I plan to listen once more today and then I really have to get back to class. I had a highly erotic and seductive summer listening to Mia, but September has been a busy month. I’m back at school for a second semester with my favorite teacher, the lovely Miss Sophia. I also returned to Alexandra’s pleasure clinic in September. Intensive therapy with Alexandra is really helping me achieve my goal of being a submissive, obedient boy for the women in my life.

    Listening to Aphrodisiac has meant I’ve missed two appointments at the pleasure clinic and skipped two classes at school, so I’m feeling a little guilty about that. I have to say I seriously considered not going back. Aphrodisiac is that good. But I like to plan my sessions in advance and this year I have had great success alternating between 3 months with Mia and then 3 months with Alexandra and Sophia. It’s going to take some willpower, but after one more listen today, I’m going to put Aphrodisiac to one side until I am back with Mia in January. Maybe once or twice a month as a special treat, a guilty pleasure. Of course I’m already planning my January playlist, and Aphrodisiac is now at the top of that long list.

    I highly recommend listening to Mia’s foreplay with this session. I especially liked it because it features a happy boy shampooing Mia’s lovely hair. This happens to be on my personal list of erotic things I dream about along with the pleasure of dressing beautiful women in sexy stockings which Mia features in the foreplay for Teachers 2. I am certainly looking forward to Alexandra’s Nylon Obsession!

    So the only negative to Aphrodisiac is that it so great that it might lure you away from enjoying all the other wonderful sessions available at thehypnomistress.com! A nice problem to have.

    I enjoyed reading Orella’s terrific review of Aphrodisiac. As I’ve gotten better at trancing, I find I often can’t remember all the details of the sessions I love so much. So I can’t provide too much information on the session other than the fact that it has consistently been followed by a prolonged and intensely pleasurable period of arousal. My favorite sessions with Mia are the ones that arouse me the most. I guess this means I’m a hypno slut, but who wouldn’t enjoy being aroused by Mia’s lovely hypnotic voice?

  16. Orella

    Mistress Mia’s foreplay before this session had me aroused and ready to burst, I don’t speak Dutch but when Mistress spoke I really did feel that I could understand, deep within, at least some of what she was saying and what her expectations would be. Her voice is captivating and enchanting no matter what language she is speaking.
    I felt such desire as she spoke and could see myself kneeling before her as she sat above me in, what I can only see as her leather throne, such pleasure to feel, her boot resting on my shoulder as I polish and polish lovingly with my tongue lost in submissive bliss.
    Mistress Mia’s description of how Mistress Katya chooses to remind her pets of their place under her to reinforce their correct submissive obedience is very hot.
    Oh how I long to be in Mistress Mia’s chosen position, lost in her eyes, lost in submission, lost in obedience, lost in arousal, lost in devotion to her pleasure.

    I find it increasingly difficult to think clearly as Mistress Mia speaks about the origin and definition of the word aphrodisiac. I drift along floating like a happy sponge soaking up every word that she speaks, accepting her words and control lost in ever increasing arousal and bliss.
    I love being helplessly guided and taken on a journey by Mistress Mia, lovingly and obediently complying with every word that she speaks on my way to the gift that she has for me, an intense ‘mindgasm’ that she will permit me to experience.
    Somewhere deep in my mind I feel so grateful to Mistress Mia, I feel relieved that I can experience this ‘mindgasm’ and stay true to my commitment as one of Mistress Mia’s chastity pets, there will be no touching and no physical orgasm, to touch or cum without prior permission being obtained is never ever allowed.
    Mistress Mia is so right and understands me so well, before finding her I used to get aroused and go searching for porn to jerk off to. For a long time now I ceased looking for porn, those images no longer hold anything for me, my desire is indeed to listen to Mistress Mia’s voice, my Mind Mistress decides when I will become aroused, what I will feel, the images that will dance across my mind’s eye, how intensely my body will respond, when and how I will touch, when and how I will be allowed to cum and I happily comply with her lost in obedient submission and bliss.
    I love responding to interactive sessions, even if I cannot always recall what I said or what I begged for, I know that I will have obediently responded to please Mistress Mia and increase my desperate arousal so much more.

    I awake from trance, vaguely aware of my erect aching cock, feeling deeply satisfied, warm and happy still drifting along lost in bliss. No need to think I simply float in extreme contentment so thankful to Mistress Mia for being the guiding light at the centre of my being.

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Taigh Dupp
3 years 8 months ago

I’m looking forward to Mistress Mia sending me her invite to my VIP account. This is going to be so great.

3 years 8 months ago

Once I have enough money to spare I’m definitely gonna have to come back and buy this. I can’t stop reading the description, I can’t imagine what the ACTUAL session is gonna be like. Not to mention the fact that its a little over an hour long. This is gonna easily become one of my most rewatched sessions, I can already tell