Length: 67:20

Voice: Mistress Alexandra

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4 reviews for At Her Heels

  1. Poet69

    At her heels.

    Oh Mistress,
    My Muse and my Goddess,
    I’m truly on my knees
    To worship at your heels.

    Your devine beauty
    And your dominance,
    Pure extacy and bliss
    To worship such a goddess.

  2. Steven G

    Boots. What’s not to love about women’s long thigh high leather boots? Nothing, every inch of them deserves the love and devotion of the Submissive male and this session will make it 10x better. Be warned, Mistress Alexandra is playing for keeps and if you don’t have a love for them, you soon will. Her sing song voice easily guided me down into trance and what was left was an amazing addition to my already newly aquired love for women in high heels and boots. Already I want to listen to it again and again. A must have for anyone looking to enhance thier need for leather boots and for those looking to start one, For Her Pleasure 1 & 2 are the best ways to start before this knock out of a session.

  3. Abe

    I’ve listened to this session for the 3rd time and I’m finding myself mindless with arousal at the thought of sexy thigh high leather boots. This addiction for leather boots worn by sexy confident women just keeps getting better, stronger and that much more powerful. I’m helplessly addicted to the core, there is no way out. I’m too small to ever crawl or climb my way out of the tall boot. I can only ask for more of this addiction, they make my cock hard!

  4. Orella

    Boots, boots, boots, boots, boots. I love seeing women wearing high heeled shoes and especially boots, the deliciously exquisite heels, the beautiful shape of the foot from the toe to the ankle, the shape of the calf and thigh encased in such sexy wrappings sends a shudder through me.

    The foreplay:
    Given my obsession with women in boots as mentioned above, you can imagine what Mistress Mia’s enchanting captivating voice, which on its own does deeply naughty things to me, add to this the subject of boots and I melted into a puddle of aroused drooling helplessness.

    The session:
    Commencing listening to this session post the foreplay above and I was already lost in lust and arousal, then Mistress Alexandra grabbed my helpless mind by its metaphorical cock and balls with her deliciously sexy and authoritative voice.
    It was game over for me in an instant, I dropped into trance under her complete control, no resistance at all.
    I absorbed her triggers eagerly, deepening my desire and addiction more and more.
    I love this conditioning, thank you Mistress Alexandra.

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