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Aural Bliss

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Length: 38:27

Voice: Scarlet

Copyright © 2017 by TheHypnoMistress
All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

2 reviews for Aural Bliss

  1. MattyMatt

    Being transported from bubble bath to Scarlet’s other realm was warm and relaxing. It was so easy to let go, to float to submit. Finding myself on my knees and being commanded to serve felt so right, it was my purpose, my will, my imagination took over and I fed upon all the sensations! I felt so rewarded for submitting to my mistress, serving to the best of my abilities, but this blissful encounter was far from over! Weaving her ’tist magic and some unexpected dirty talk I was conditioned for and received a hypno-erotic blowjob that reduced me to quivering puddle of orgasmic goo! Then, reluctantly, I was returned to my normal life with all the memories of this intense, yet blissful experience, yearning to serve once again.

  2. truckertom1472

    What a awesome session. The excesty is unbelievable. Scarlet did a fantastic job.

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