Length: 43:49
Voice: Mistress Mia & Katya

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7 reviews for Barbershop

  1. Jamesmac

    I love pleasing dominant women and I also love having my body shaved perfectly bare, so this file is a huge treat for me!

  2. Curiously Curious

    One of the most alluring things about THM is that Mistress Mia has taken my mind, broken the boundaries imposed by social norms, and turned me into her playtoy. Then she loans me out as a hypnotically programmed toy for the amusement of her girlfriends and I love it.

    In this session the power transfer is so tangible, first Mistress takes my mind in a deeply programmed response falling into hypnotic bliss, then she passes me over to Mistress Katya to have her fun.

    Blank, obedient and so aroused, the Mistress’s have their fun and I am left so much better for it, revelling in the bliss of real and total submission before Mistress and her Girlfriend, objectified and used and desperate for more.

    This session had the added and lasting effect of taking male grooming to a whole new level, and in this act I feel Mistress Mia’s control. I truly know my place as a submissive male.

    I came to THM out of curiosity, to have a look and a listen then leave. I have never been able to leave, I never want to leave, Mistress has opened my eyes and what she shows me is so addictive.

    I am proud to have a mind mistress, I am in bliss to be under Mia’s hypnotic spell, at THM I am safe, made better and rewarded with so much arousing pleasure.

  3. Braxton


    How can anyone resist the sultry Mistress Katya? She has plans for you at the Barbershop. You may be subjected to objectification, perhaps even probed and prodded… purely for the entertainment of the female patrons.

    Fantastic job Katya.

  4. Andi_S

    How immersive can a session be where your hypnotic Mistress talks about how she is touching you while you lie there motionless and no actual touching is going on? Answer: Very fucking immersive. You might be surprised. It can feel so incredibly good and immersive.

    In this session, Mistress Mia takes you along on one of her pleasure trips. Once she has set the scene in your mind, she proceeds to hypnotize you. She had me smiling dumbly and feeling so good. It feels so good to be turned into her mindless plaything with no care in the world other than listening and absorbing her every word.

    Once I was sufficiently mindless, Mistress Mia then handed me over to Mistress Katya who treated me to a very special treatment. I am a big fan of Mistress Katya’s Pleasure Program. I love to be trained with pleasure. This training involved a lot of touching and even though there was no actual touching going on, I felt the tingles and the pleasure going through my whole body. Mistress Katya was so sexy and got me so incredibly horny. This treatment also played right into my fantasies of being turned into a slutty pleasure toy for my Mistress. I loved it. It felt so good and it left me so horny and craving for more training.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Katya for hypnotizing me training me to be your horny and slutty plaything.

  5. lorenzo

    This whole session is like a little gateway of the mind and I absolutely loved the whole concept.

    The idea of relaxing at the pool with Mia, I have to confess I had fantasies of that before this session and the similarity is showing. Relaxing with Mia in a Spa can only result in me smiling dumbly in a blissfull trance…

    And that whole induction is only the beginning of this session. The hand over from Mia to Katja drove me craaazy. Mia speaking about how Katja is hypnotizing me with a finger motion to remain naked is almost to much…

    And then…Katjas voice hits…She is so evilly good in all of the teasing and the pouting.. I always feel so small and obedient to her voice… she always has that teasing way of hypnotizing… like she is rewarding a toddler… simple lines like fingers making tiny circles just make me hump air when Katja says it… She has me ready to do about anything (as this session has proven) I wont spoil the content of what Katja does to the listener but it is veeeery enjoyable…

    And then Mia comes pick you up for the last part of the session and yet again, the way she does that… ohmyGoddess

    Alltogether a very good collab of these 2 Absolute Hypnotic Mistresses. Story type collaborations are really one of the best types of sessions!

  6. Abe

    Ever since hearing the short glimpse of this session back at KDV-Dreams I’ve been constantly listening to it very often, secretly getting on my knees and begging for a session with this same name. When I finally saw this session here I was overwhelmed with joy, happiness and extreme arousal. Just taking a brief break from the other amazing session where Mistress Amber and Mia collaborated, I went deep with this one if not even deeper. I absolutely love the services I receive with these two sessions. Having my most sensitive area shaved with the greatest care, the sensually there is while is happening, everything comes smooth and pleasant. Mia takes you to a very luxurious spa to meet up with Katya where she does an amazing procedure to you.

    I won’t spoil the rest, but just wait until Katya’s fingers surprise you. You will you be thrusting and humping the air. Once she is done with you, you meet Mia once again and you’re lift with more pleasure to seek if you need or want more, perhaps you will choose rest from enough pleasure and the experience will end here.

    At the end, if you’re much into ass play then you will be left desperate and needy, horny in need for release. You will feel used but this will not be enough, you will want to be used again until you’re left in the hands of Mia stroking your cock and Your mind. I am Mia’s toy, her property. Happily trimmed and smooth for her to play with with.

    Thank You, Please Play Again…

  7. Orella

    This is an exquisitely arousing session, that left me so very desperate and longing for release.

    Mistress Mia sets the scene beautifully, I am always instantly captivated by her voice.
    I feel like such a lucky house pet, a toy chosen to accompany Mistress on one of her well-deserved indulgences where she takes a pleasurable trip and rewarding break.

    I love obediently serving my Mistress and here at THM Mistress Mia expects me to serve her Girlfriends as I would her with total obedient devotion to their pleasure.

    This is a duo session, I am handed over to Mistress Katya in the salon, beautiful and gorgeously attired, the image crafted in my mind is stunning.
    Mistress Katya’s voice effortlessly overwhelms me, dripping with sensual authority and irresistible, not that I would ever try to resist.
    Trying to minimise spoilers here. Post the session I am left with a collage of images, thoughts and feelings.
    The chair, oh yes, such a special chair, inescapable and I loved it.
    Smoothness is a strong residual feeling and desire, always a pleasing toy for Mistress.
    Nipples are very much on my mind.
    A desperate exquisitely frustrated toy for Mistress.
    My ass, oh oh oh thank you Mistress is all I can say.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Katya, for creating this delicious session for your toy to enjoy. For some reason I feel a desperate need to visit the THM Casino.

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