Length: 30:00

Voice: Scarlet

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2 reviews for Bedtime Stories

  1. Orella

    Based upon just the title of this session, I settled into bed with an expectation of being whisked off to a wonderful bedtime story land, Mistress Scarlet’s sexy sultry voice filling my ears and mind with arousing imagery for me become lost in as to drift off into sleep, perhaps on the occasions where I am granted permission from Mistress Mia for an orgasm I will also be happy and satisfied with emptied balls.
    However, I had not read the description of this session, so I found myself instead being conditioned to obediently set an evening alarm which fills me with an overwhelming desire to go to bed so that I can spend some quality time there with Mistress Scarlet, obediently following her instructions, her voice arousing me and making me feel so good and being left with such a deep desire to masturbate and cum, which as one of Mistress Mia’s chastity pets is an exquisite torment.

  2. Martin

    I highly recommend this session if, like me, you’ve had trouble getting into bed early enough, when you just want to finish doing one last thing, or find yourself losing track of time in the evening. As a night owl who has had to shift his schedule to service the need of his job, this session and the extra motivation that Scarlet gives me, has helped me to make good choices at night.

    Mistress Scarlet uses her sweetly seductive, dulcet tones to program you to get to bed when you need to. To be well rested for the day ahead. She wants the best for her boys and being well rested is an important part of taking care of yourself.

    Even though I’ve listened to this session numerous times, I can’t actually remember much of it. It has definitely affected my behavior in a positive way. I know that I enjoy it when Scarlet tells me her erotic bedtime story, but I can never remember the details, just the way it makes me feel when she wakes me up at the end of it, and what I need to do with that feeling, with that need that Scarlet has put inside of me.

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