Length: 18:51

Voice: Scarlet

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1 review for Black Magic

  1. Orella

    During the November Black Friday sale in the THM Showroom, I took a wander through to see what bargains were on offer.

    As I browsed through to was surprised to find a session that I had not posted a review for, in 2019 I embarked on a mission to post s review for every session in the THM Showroom.

    I checked my collection and there was Mistress Scarlet’s Black Magic session, somehow, I had missed reviewing this one.

    It is worth noting that Mistress Scarlet’s sessions are not for the chaste unless you are ready to play and have permission from your Mistress.

    The session takes you into a strange forest, then switches to a mysterious shop filled with wired and wondrous things, an irresistible flower transfixing you and an ethereal beautiful woman. However, the pull of the flower fills you, an all-consuming desire to bury your face deeply within the folds of the petals ensues.

    Suddenly the flower is gone, you are helplessly restrained……. Then Mistress Scarlet does her favourite thing with you…..

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