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Voice: Mistress Mia

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25 reviews for Body Language

  1. GoodBoyLance

    Mia shows her prowess as a Lioness and powerful Mistress in this session and even the most masculine alpha man is no match compared to the superiority of an assertive feminine Alpha Woman.

  2. MicHam99

    Body language : Just the title talk by itself…. Great session, love it so much, went very deep under Mistress Mia Magic. Love the story, well crafted as usual, Mistress always putting so much of her, so much of love in all sessions she creates for us. Mistress Mia You are so wonderful. Mistress Sophia and Alicia with they’re beautiful voices as well! wow ! Can’t reveal to much, but it’s a must listen.

    The foreplay… can’t have a session without it, I crave so much these now… the foreplay is always so exciting to listen, it prepares your mind, it’s setting the table. It’s very important for me to have sessions with it. And having more time with Mistress is wonderful.
    Thank you Mistress Mia.

  3. Toy

    I have such a hard time writing reviews because I go so deep in trance that I don’t remember everything that happens. It’s so much like a wet dream that control me in so many layers. Mia and her friends are so talented at knowing how to push the right buttons and being in total agreement for anything. I’m not sure if the buttons are from some deep latent desires or some triggers she implanted for her pleasure that I have now enjoy. Mistress Mia and her other dominate girlfriends have reached so deep into my psyche that I have to submit to their commands. And I love it that way. This session will have you obeying her instructions and twisting your mind.

  4. Rashid

    This is one of the sessions where mistress Mia shows her hypnosis skills. it interesting where you always got a part within you like something and another part of you resist it. just like when you. think of smoking, some part of you will develop a thought against that. so when eventually decided to take a cigarette the experience of smoking is not in pure feeling with all other conflicts you why you have to do it.

    what more interesting about a mistress like Mia, is that they understand very well the nature and psychological structure of a man and she always suprise you with that.
    this is one of the sessions where I felt just listing curiously when shy start talking about me, your body like a student pet. when I just felt shy knows myself better than I do, I immediately felt the surroundings and fell into a trance.

    Mia has plenty of ways to enter and manipulate a submissive boy mind. I being a quite a time now on the hypnomistress, and I no longer have a doubt that Mia won’t be able to seduce me to here won pleasure.
    As such a dominate women like Mia,

  5. Little fly

    If it had been just for the fact that the narrative style of the beginning is so wonderfully switching in the middle of the narration to an imperative mode, in which the listener becomes Mistress Mia’s prey, it would have already been considered a fascinating session. But is is much more, the listener comes to irresistibly obey to Mistress Mia command even against his will, becoming the tool of Her pleasure, literally. Mistress Mia penetrates freely and triumphantly the mind of the listener without any struggle.

  6. Andi_S

    This has got to be one of the hottest guided masturbations I have ever seen. Hypnotized by your own cock. A cock that controls me and is controlled by my Mistress. So incredibly hot.

    Unfortunately for me, the first time I listened to this session I fell asleep because I had had such a hard day at work and the second time I listened to that I could write a review, I didn’t have permission to touch myself. It was so frustrating to not be able to obey all of Mistress Mia’s words.

    But come to think of it, isn’t that exactly how Mistress Mia wants to keep me? Horny, and desperate, and wanting, and so much more eager to obey. So in the end my loss is her gain. My denial is her pleasure.

    Here is another question though: What does it mean to be ‘cock sure’? This is a phrase that Mistress Mia uses in this session to describe the male character. And in the beginning I couldn’t identify with him because Mistress describes him as very proud of his own cock. But by the end of the session there were no doubts left in my mind: I can be sure that my cock is owned and controlled by my Mistress. I can be sure that I can please my Mistress through my devotion and obedience. So yes, by the end of the session I did feel a lot more cock sure.

    Thank you Mistress Mia, for giving us this great session.

  7. Taigh

    This was always one of my very favorite stories from the MCStories Archive. I love what Mia and her friends have done with the original, story. Listening to this took me back to the first time I read it and then brought it all to life on new ways that made it something extra. The ending is very hot. The fact that Mia says she may do more of these Jukebox stories is very exiting. Its got me reading back over the MCStories archives to find which ones I would love to get the same HypnoMistress treatment.
    Thank you Mistress Mia. Alicia and Sophia also, who add layers to this.

  8. Alexander

    Another incredible session in which Mia uses her sexy soft voice to blank out everything around and you are helpless to focus and absorb her every word. She grabs the attention all so easily. All Listeners will drop into a horny mindless state willing to do anything to please her, she takes control by using a very simple tool of yours. Doing as Mistress Mia says will make you end up in a explosive orgasm.

  9. Orella

    Body Language is such a stunning session crafted and adapted by the collaboration of Jukebox and Mistress Mia.
    This was a wonderfully immersive session and a joy to let go, relax and be wafted along within. Absorbing the intricately detailed mindscape imagery, sights and sounds becoming a microcosm bubble of transient exquisitely arousing reality.

    I cannot express enough how much Mistress Mia’s foreplay enhances the experience of the sessions, but also frequently a better understanding of Mistress and connection Mistress. Additionally, food for thought and inspiration to explore, learn and expand understanding.

    The session itself draws you in deep, I felt like I was physically experiencing everything as each word departing from the beautiful lips of Mistress Mia, one following another, dripping into my ears easily absorbed and accepted shaping everything I was experiencing in deliciously arousing exquisite detail.
    Hearing the familiar voices of Mistress Sophia and Mistress Alicia was a delightful addition to the ambience within the session.

    No spoilers in my review, I do urge anyone considering listening to this session to do so. Dive in, let go and become lost in this delicious session.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, I loved this session and I hope it is just the beginning of many collaborations between You and Jukebox.

  10. vanHolly

    This convinced me to stay with Mia. She is my highpriestesse.

  11. Chiwook

    Mistress Mia’s session was always great, but this session really fascinated me. I didn’t even think for a moment that I might not be “that guy.” The moment the magic spell came out of my mouth, the spell became a reality. In fact, after that, my memory is a little blurry, so I don’t even know exactly what happened. One thing is clear that it captivated me more than any other session I’ve ever heard.
    Thank you, MIstress Mia

  12. Simon Dorpema

    Ooh! Thank you Mia…every word I try to find: Indescribable. The truth about my feelings; Not to give away to much…..Listen and transform….

  13. David T

    Pretty effective and arousing especially considering that its from an older story online. I look forward to listening again.

  14. Abe

    I read the story from Jukebox a day before this release. I must say from a Writers perspective, it’s quite a challenge creating hypnosis scripts from Stories but Mia here did an incredible job Combining both here. From one point as a person listening to a story I read almost knowing what to expect, to another point where I become the story and the things that happen there. Great mind story by Jukebox and THM erotic touch of such good story. I’ll should perhaps read more stories

  15. Markus F

    The first situation seems to make me feel picked up in my daily, let’s say confident, self-image. The “me” that has no problems to have a chat with women at a bar, to flirt, even to wrap someone around my finger… to get what i want… to give me the feeling, that I’m in control of myself, over the situation, over my mind.

    But in the midst of some beautiful women, there is a Lady, whose energy fills the whole room. Whose voice can be heared through the babble of voices of a noisy bar – even if she talks in normal speaking voice. Dressed in shiny black, it’s the Mistress of the Mistresses: Mia.

    Like the vain Don Giovanni reaches out his hand to the Commendatore, I step bigheaded into the energy field of this Goddess, believing my mind and mouth would’nt let me down.
    A simple gaze, a lifting of an eyebrow… Where is my confidence, where my always so clear mind, where my cool sayings? Mistress Mia’s voice beginns to shape me after her perfectly designed template, hitting me with my own guns. An incredibly strong whirlpool of inexpressible erotic emotions and feelings pulls me down into the deep adventurous waters of Mia’s energy and erotic power.

    A masterpiece! Exeptionally steamy, arousing und simply unforgettable!

  16. Dale Roads

    You and I … “cocksure”, right. Powerful alpha males we, attractive, well-muscled, amazingly hung, part of the scene, pretty submissive girls begging to be pegged in the far corner of the club … so supremely self-confident we are.

    Ok, maybe we are not that guy. Maybe we are a less obtrusive part of the scene. Almost as different from the alpha as are the two less experienced, hot young lady’s, watching that high in her heels Mistress in the full latex catsuit at the other end of the bar. Watching her as she is attended by a circle of smaller men gathering around her barely able to remain standing … oh the gravity she exudes. One of the young lady’s comments, “You know, she is a famous hypnotist.”

    But now we see that the cat lady is talking to that alpha stud, while around the room others, tops and subs are becoming engrossed in their own encounters at this meet and greet party. We drift closer following those attractive lady’s who talk between themselves, wanting to hear the conversation between the cat lady and the stud more closely at hand. “What did he say?” … “He said that he doesn’t want to be hypnotized, therefore he cannot be hypnotized.”

    Well, there you have it and what say you, can he or can’t he, will she or won’t she. And if she does hypnotize him, how? Oh my, how she does it! … without even laying on a hand. Sort of like she never lays a hand on us. Beware prospective listener, the cat lady is Mistress Mia and as always, this is a story within a story. You might just get struck in the cross-fire, collateral damage as they say. In fact, it is virtual certainty.

  17. David H

    Love this what a great story brought to life by Mia and friends did try to resist but found myself falling under her control and lost in her commands loved every minute of the half hour that felt a lot longer thank mistress Mia

  18. Slave patrick

    This is a fabulous hypnosession. Mistress Mia proves the Superiority of Women with her ability to seductively hypnotize a man. Men are no match. I loved this display of power and suggestion. Thank you Mistress Mia!

  19. cftechdude

    I absolutely loved this session! I loved how the boy was not expecting to be hypnotized, but he fell into her trap anyway. I have read a few stories by Jukebox on Literotica and will no doubt enjoy reading his many stories on MCstories.

    Two of my favorite stories of Jukebox’s are Head Games and Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over. They are also about unsuspecting victims of hypnosis. I would love to hear those stories come to life.

    Thank you to all at The HypnoMistress for the wonderful work that you all produce every month.

  20. Braxton

    Sexy. Erotic. Real.

    Hello ladies, it’s flexing time. Admittedly as men, we all peacock from time to time, but what happens when we meet our match, or even someone who just might be superior?

    Mia, I’ve shared with you aspects of my real life, and this session hits home for me. This has always been an ultimate fantasy of mine. I whole heatedly appreciate a woman who knows how to seduce a man, and Mia you have mastered the art of seduction.

    An amazing story, bright to life, and remixed the Hypnomistress way. I loved every aspect.
    Big shout out to Jukebox for the collaboration, and allowing our Mistress to give us an instant classic.

    Supreme work Mia.

  21. Curiously Curious

    An incredible session, both for the skill of Mistress Mia as a hypnotist, able to elicit deep trance even in a difficult subject such as myself, and for the whole immersive and and very arousing session.

    I am new to Mistress Mia, but a long time user of erotic hypnosis, I have never experienced this depth of trance so consistently, never responded with such total lack of control and never been so hooked so quickly in my life.

    This session is what I have come to expect from the Hypno Mistress. Mistress Mia’s sultry voice which has me desperate to obey her before she even starts to hypnotize me, a trance that hits like I have been anesthetized, and then an adventure that is so real it can’t possibly be just in my head.

    I will not give away any spoilers, in truth the depth of trance makes it difficult to remember much of the session anyway, but what I can say is, this session is so hot, feelings of total submission and the knowledge that I will obey Mistress Mia, no matter what, or where or with whom.

    This session and this site are proof that dreams can come true. Hypnotized and dominated by Mistress Mia, turned into a mindless plaything for her amusement, given to her gorgeous girlfriends to be played with. Could this get any better.

    Thank you Mistress Mia, at long last, the real thing.

  22. lorenzo

    It may seem like making an audio of out of someone else his story might be easier compared to writing ones own script. A common misconception, because it is actually harder. How do you convert the dialogues? Especially when there are males in it. How do you make the story your own without copying all the lines.

    Well, i think after this one we can conclude that Mia is an expert in turning legendary hypnosis stories into her own mindblowingly sensual creation. I also think the part of Alicia and Sophia was an brilliant addition/twist from the original story.

    Mia leaving every listener like a hot hypnotized horny mess is nothing new. But with this recording she showed us a new skillset which can be added to her long list of talents.

    And of course shout out to the original writer Jukebox, I’ve been reading his stories on MCstories for over a decade and this story, among others, shows what an excellent writer he is.

    If I had the choice for a future colab, I would love to have the story ‘dream Girl’ come to life. Or as a less fantasy like alternative ‘back and forth’ is a really good one too.

  23. tymissmayihaveanother

    I am always in awe of how great all of the audios are, but I do wish to say that this particular story was platinum. I was listening at one moment and drawn so deeply in the next, that I couldn’t think. Even thinking of it now recreates the feelings. Mistress Mia’s voice is magical and She makes me helpless and weak on a normal day. Mistresses Alicia and Sophia are delightful to hear too, and the collaboration with Jukebox makes me think of a quote from Casablanca. “This looks like the start of a beautiful friendship “. Vivid details, fun story, exciting and excellent experience. Thank You all for Your dedication to quality. This audio will become a favourite for many.

  24. Pye

    This session completely over-powered me. I found myself hypnotically knocked out and utterly controlled with no idea how it really happened. The session has just this wonderful hypnotic rhythm to it. Mistress Mia is so powerful and so deliciously dominant and Mistress Alicia and Mistress Sophia do a great job a setting the perfect atmosphere. Amazing session! Thanks all including the original writer!

  25. SafetyDance

    I can’t possibly fathom how good this session made me feel and not just in the form of pleasure. I have an extremely vivid imagination especially when Mistress Mia and her lovely girlfriends decide to toy with my mind which was the case here. Without spoiling anything for possible readers this session took me incredibly deep and I found it to be a wonderful and amazing experience in it’s own unique way, feeling lightweight and only able to obey Mistress Mia only left me more weak, submissive and obedient.

    I just want to say thank you to Mistress Mia and her girfriends for all the hard work they put into any session, they truly make me feel better and not in just the pleasurable way but in other ways I don’t want to mention here.

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