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Voice:Mistress Mia

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  1. GoodBoyLance

    Mia knows exactly how to make a submissive boy into Her toy to serve Her and feel cherished and loved at the same time. Her gentle yet assertive commands to kiss, lick, and worship Her boots are irresistible and Her toys listening simply must take heed. The sublime classical music in the background really sets the atmosphere that this is a time of worship and it is a high honor to have the privilege to be able to serve Her and clean Her divine leather boots with your tongue. Mia’s loving aftercare brought me to the verge of tears as a whimpering mess thankful and yearning for more of Mia.

  2. My little fly

    What an intense moment of pure adoration. After listening, i just wanted to cry. Mistress Mia’s soft but confident voice calls for submission and worship. She knows exactly how to train a submissive boy to passionately serve Her, with love and mindless enthusiasm, make him respond diligently to Her command right away.
    The delicate baroque music in the background emphasizes the feeling of complete atmosphere of elevation for being bestowed the sublime honor and bliss of kissing and licking Mistress Mia’s boots.

  3. Braxton

    Weak. Erotic. Helpless.

    This is a classic way to display your submission to your Mistress. A few ago I commented on one of Mistress Mia’s YouTube primers…”The best part of my day is sitting at my Mistress’ feet, with my head in her lap”. Mistress Mia responded stating that she would welcome it, but after awhile she may push my head down to her boots… She then posted a link to this amazing session, ‘Bootlicker’. In that moment I was turned on immensely. I felt compelled to obey, I felt weak, helpless, and sightly confused as to why this aroused me so much. I knew she had me at that point.

    Mia your work is truly amazing. Your understanding of erotic hypnosis is second to none. You do it better than anyone I’ve observed. Thank you for this lovely gem. Short, sweet, and to the point.

    Great work Mia.

  4. Andi_S

    I just listened to this session called Boot Licker…and what a truly beautiful and inspiring session it is. I felt so aroused but moreover I felt so happy being used, being allowed to serve, being allowed to kneel beneath Mistress Mia. It was such an intense feeling and a certainty that this is where I belong. I so long to be beneath you, worshiping your boots, my whole being completely immersed in serving your body, your beauty, and your power. Such a sense of awe and wonder and love. Such a sense of belonging and happiness to be of use.

    This session is more of a roleplay than a hypnosis session but Mistress Mia describes this scene of making you worship and lick and kiss her boots so beautifully and so expertly that it came alive in my mind so vividly and I felt completely immersed in it. Also the beauty of her words and the passion with which she described the scene elicited intense emotions in me.

    Personally, I don’t think words can do much justice to the intense sense of beauty and of belonging that I felt listening to this session. Throughout my life I have often been unsure of what my purpose is and if there is a place where I belong. Listening to this session I knew my questions have been answered. My lifelong search for meaning and belonging has been answered. I know…This is my place. This is who I am. A naked submissive toy, ready to obey my Mistress’ every command, happy to be used in whatever way that pleases you. Thank you so much Mistress Mia for letting me experience this and allowing me this immense pleasure of serving as your boot licker.

  5. Alexander

    This is a erotic story in which Mia will describe how a good obedient boy would have the honor of licking her thigh high leather boots. This file is filled with so many details you just find your mind easily imagine following her instructions.
    The first time I listend was just normally laying down and let Mia work her magic, but then i thought what would happen, if I actually had a pair of leather boots in front of me. So i orderd two pairs of sexy thigh high leather boots and listend to this again, the experience was something else. Kneeling at the floor and following all the detailed instructions Mia is giving you on how to lick her boots amazing.

  6. GuyC_UK

    Experiencing this Session, left me with thoughts of being grateful to having been of Service to ♡Mistress Mia♡ and Boot Licker is also non Hypnotic and can fall to sleep easily after listening to it, leaving you to dream of the situation your left in, (Pleased to have Pleased your Mistress).

  7. Abe

    I was never able to see Leather Boots the same way ever again after listening to this session. Everytime I see or think about leather boots, I hear Mistress Mia’s voice. How much leather boots appeal to me, how I love leather boots. Always wanting to be kneeling at the feet of my Mistress and kissing, licking, and worshiping those sexy boots of hers.

    I love the detal of devotion for the submissive here. Witnessing just how much Mistress Mia enjoys the power she has of me while wearing her boots is very arousing

  8. Mistress Mia’s Slave

    This file is so wonderful!!!! It is extremely detailed and help paint such a wonderful image in your mind. I had such vivid thoughts of my Mistress Mia wearing Her boots and end up giving them such a breathtaking shine to them, to help please Her even more!!!!

  9. Orella

    Such a pleasurable session, instructed to lick Mistress Mia’s boots whilst envisioning the experience in exquisite detail. Oh yes please.

  10. Shakara

    Licking, lapping, kissing, massaging or simply, worshipping those gorgeous boots, which belong to your gorgeous Mistress.

    This session is filled with tons of details. From the taste of the leather, to each wrinkle. Your mind will flow with your saliva and covering those boots you love.
    There is no hypnosis included but you will melt and begging for more.

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