1 Boy Toy+Foreplay 47:30

2 Boy Toy- Daily Ritual  10:16

3 Boy Toy 39:05

Voice: Mistress Mia & Mistress Amber

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4 reviews for Boy Toy

  1. Jamesmac

    One of my favorite files! I listen to it often. I love having my body perfectly shaved smooth, so this file is automatically has become a must listen for me. I also love the idea of being a boy toy for dominant ladies!

  2. Braxton


    Mistress Amber is back alongside Mistress Mia, as they look to work you over together in this amazing session. Except what you are, what you’ve become…a Boy Toy, used for pleasure.

    Great job Mistress Mia & Amber.

  3. Orella

    A fantastic duo session with Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber.
    It is always wonderful to have the voice of one of the THM Goddesses in my ears dissolving my conscious mind and taking control.
    To have another THM Goddess in control at the same time is bliss squared.

    I love when Mistress Mia adds foreplay to sessions, a delicious preconditioning getting me aligned for perfect absorption of the session itself.

    Mistress Mia has such a smooth confident style, her expertise in hypnosis and her captivating voice have been enchanting my mind since I first discovered her late in 2018.

    Mistress Amber has a very strict commanding voice, arousing and sexy in a ‘you are going to obey without question’ way.
    I have been so very lucky to have been sent to Femdom Court and been under the complete control of Judge Amber previously, totally obedient to her and thankful for her daily instructions until she chose to release me from her custody.

    Back to the subject at hand and this great session ‘Boy Toy’.
    The Mistresses do a perfect job of making me thankful that they permit me to keep one of their toys between my legs, their toy to be played with whenever they choose to play with it.
    The conditioning in this session on how these perfect Goddesses want their toy maintained is delightful to listen to.
    A toy must be kept pleasing for its owner, hair is a no and not desired, smooth soft skin is all that is acceptable.

    I won’t go into too much detail of the session, Mistress Amber in her commanding way has me strip, assesses how pleasing to her eye and liking I am, she is in control as it should be and I obey her as I should always do, when Mistress Amber is ready, she hands me over to Doctor Croft for smooth toy trimming training.
    I must always keep Mistress’ toy smooth at all times and ready to please whenever she chooses to play with it. As I will never know when this might be a daily activity of making sure I am in a pleasing state is essential.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia and Mistress Amber, I love this session, I must keep your toy smooth for you at all times.

  4. Abe

    This session has truly swept me off my feet and after a few listens, I’m still finding myself right there beneath both Mistresses. In here, Mia re-introduces Foreplay to get you in the mood and to prepare you for what Dominant women really want. What they both really want. A nice smooth shaven toy. Mia explains a simple and sexy routine that can lead to a daily ritual of trimming.

    Mistress Amber is no stranger when it comes to being bold, strict and demanding, having whatever she desires from her boys, from start to finish she has you; your immediate attention, obedience, compliance and for me, this is a major turn on. Her voice is powerful enough to cast in us a hypnotic compulsion to do everything and anything that she wishes for us to do. I will like to add that this session inspires me to keep myself shaved and trimmed for the women who desire to play whenever the times urges them, to be ready at all times. To be smooth and neat. Mistress Amber and Mia condition you to crave this in the most sensual of ways.

    A wonderful Roleplay story that may take you back to a previous Femdom Court experience that took place not too long ago and if I may, a look through a door probably hidden or unaware at the KDV. It is great, sexy, and wonderful. This session is full of pleasure, of submissive arousal that will make you want to always be clean and ready for Mistress Mia, Mistress Amber and all the ladies here if and when they decide to play with their toy.

    I missed Mistress Amber, of any new way for her to sexually program her helpless sexual toy. I want nothing more than to fully surrender, knowing that I can be teased, tormented, and even pleasured just by her talking, creating sexy imagery. Thank you both for such a wonderful escape, for the reward for keeping myself smoothly shaved.

    A good looking toy keeps their owners very happy whenever they want to play…

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