Length: 33:07

Voice: Mistress Anja

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13 reviews for Breast Lover

  1. Bad Boy Braxton


    This session was just as sensational as it was the first time around. Mistress Anja has won me over with her sexy voice.

    Awesome Job Anja!

  2. vanHolly

    I didn’t find any thrill here. About 130 downloads 4 what? In my view 100% overestimatet. I do miss Alexandra. She used the right mixture between technical programming and erotic thrilling phrases.

  3. Dale Roads

    “You can’t touch this.” … and doing so if you happened to see Mistress Anja sitting on a bench in the park, would not be the first thing on you mind. No, you would find yourself wondering if you would dare to sit down and introduce yourself. Her class, beauty, hotness, and finally the smooth warm confidence and cadence of her voice would be very intimidating. Facing her, let alone touching her would be a great challenge.

    But how wonderful that we find ourselves already on the inside. Her interest in US as members of THM, and the possibilities for how she might tease and use us, starting with hypnotic control, is already on HER mind. Oh dear, the intimidation grows greater, one gets a tickle of nervousness in the belly, and develops a comical hoarseness of voice, as it crosses our mind, “One CAN Touch this”. If one follows her lead.

    Down, down, down one goes, as Mistress Anja engages our minds, slowing us down, dropping us into subspace, then then ever so pleasantly mauling our resistance, but using the carrot rather than stick approach (” Hello Loverboy”); although, one never knows what might come next in a future adventure … but we push away such fears. For the time being it is just too exciting to find her coaxing us to engage in the pleasure of seeing, touching, kissing, licking, and nuzzling ours faces into the warmth of her full, so shapely breasts. Of course, it is all at her discretion; we, soon enough …. becoming yo-yo heads, at the beck of the slightest tug of her finger. Mistress Anja is quite the talented artist and hypnotist; one hears this right from the start.

    (Gracias Mistress Anja, such a fine experience; I find myself re-listening yet again, and anticipating your next induction.)

  4. Miaslave

    First things first: welcome to the hypnomistress.
    I do rember your voice and the image of breasts. And ofcourse the arousal. Normaly it needs time or the direct order from Mistress Mia, that a Session from a other Mistress than Mistress Mia brings me so deep down. These is a awesome first Session and I hope to get much more Session.

  5. Abe

    Firstly, A warm welcome to Anja. My ears caught the attention of her voice the moment if first heard her voice. In that moment I knew she had me right where she wanted me, submissive and ready to take new suggestions and ideas that she might want to give me. There’s something in her voice that really grabs me and makes me feel wonderfully pleasant and aroused. Her delicious delivery of words in this incredible session only makes me want to worship beautiful womanly breasts like never before, to touch, to massage, to lick and suck on hard nipples to bring pleasure and arousal. Her easy way in into my mind, without effort at all truly shows how hypnotic and dominant she is. Willing to take control of the mind, fill it up with delicious images of breasts, tits, boobs, jugs, knockers, melons and racks. I wouldn’t want it any other way. We’re lucky to have such a sexy lady as her now around.

    Can’t wait for more of Anja!

  6. GoodBoyLance

    Mistress Anja has a very silky smooth seductive voice, I’m a sucker for being called a good boy and praised and hearing Mistress Anja’s voice praising me and calling me good boy is enough to make me melt. Mistress Anja’s subtle triggers have me craving to see and imagine perfect breasts and cleavage to submit and fall into. I hope Mistress Anja has many new sessions in the future

  7. Spirit

    What a wonderful voice, pacing and diction this introductory session has. I found myself instantly trusting and sinking into the voice of Anja. Enjoying letting myself be conditioned to enjoy cleavage and breasts more and more. It truly does seem that Anja finds it quite natural to be able to hypnotize boys like myself, whether with their voice or their cleavage.

    I wonder what this conditioning will lead to? I can’t wait to find out.

    Now I look forward to more sessions with Anja, and can’t wait to hopefully find myself being played with deeply under her confident voice again.

  8. thm-pet

    A very arousing session and a delightful introduction to Anja – a talented hypnotist. I simply melted away as I listened, only later realising that I’d been looping the file.

    I really hope that Anja continues this theme in future sessions.

  9. Andi_S

    Welcome to THM, Mistress Anja. I greatly enjoyed your debut session, Breast Lover. You managed to quickly take me into trance with your beautiful, sexy voice and you effortlessly managed to steer my thoughts and my imagination to where you wanted it to be. Images of women’s beautiful, soft breasts. Thoughts of making my Mistress feel good by looking at them, admiring them, touching and licking and worshiping them. Being completely taken by their beauty and their power over me. As the session went on I was enchanted and aroused by Mistress Anja’s voice and images of breasts, nipples, and cleavage continuously flooding my open and empty mind. It felt so good. Thank you, Mistress Anja, for hypnotizing me and opening and training my mind to better appreciate the overwhelming beauty and sexiness of a woman’s breasts. I can’t wait to receive more breast training.

  10. Orella

    Such a special delightful surprise when Mistress Mia introduces one of her girlfriend’s here at THM. Simply exquisite to have the words of a new Goddess dripping into my ears and taking over control as I submissively let go and follow where she leads me.

    From the moment I read the announcement on Discord my anticipation started growing ever more intense.

    Seeing the session cover in the THM Showroom I was instantly transfixed, my anticipation and arousal supercharged.

    I press play and my ears are filled with the enticingly sexy sultry voice of Mistress Anja.

    Instantly I feel familiar with Mistress Anja despite this being the first time I am hearing her voice; I happily drift along immersed ever deeper in her voice and her words.

    ‘Falling deeply now’ activates a deeply embedded trance trigger from when I first started listening to erotic Hypnosis mid-2018.

    My eyes have always been drawn to the curvaceous perfection of the female form.
    Listening to Mistress Anja taking me on this delectable and delicious journey lost in a boobscape of all things breast, expertly woven by Mistress Anja is a heavenly experience.

    I awake from trance, buzzing with arousal, a drooling dribbling happy desperate breast lover for Mistress Anja.

    Thank you, Mistress Anja, thank you for taking me on a wonderfully sexually arousing journey into a world of all things breast.
    Mistress Anja, you are a fabulous addition to the THM Goddesses and I look forward to hearing more sessions from you.

  11. Braxton


    Welcome to THM Mistress Anja. This was a sensational debut session. I look forward to discussing Breast Lover on Skull Session November.

    Great Job Anja.

  12. Bobby

    Welcome to THM Mistress Anja and thank you for this fantastic session!

    At the end of October, Mistress Mia released a preview video for November and it included a shot of this session’s cover image and title. After watching the preview, I wrote on the Discord server that I had a strong feeling that this session was going to hit me hard. And it absolutely did. As a lover of breasts and dominant women, this session is a beautiful experience.

    I loved listening to Mistress Anja’s voice as she took me into trance and programmed my mind with images and triggers. I know that I will be coming back to this sessions again and again.

    I am very excited by the possibility (and hope!) that I will have the opportunity to listen to and obey Mistress Anja in more sessions in the future and to worship her wonderful breasts.

  13. lorenzo

    This review is posted purely for Anja’s enjoyment, because clearly she has no need for a confidence boost. Within the first minutes of the session I already understood that Anja is a lady who is just naturally dominant and hypnotic. The kind of woman who can just take the lead on your mind without effort.

    Anja has such an unique, playful style and quality to her voice and the choise of her words. I just hopelessly melt to it from start to finish.

    I love the subtle whispers to amplify her phrases. I love the way she rewards me for being obedient to her, it makes we ant to de anything on her whim. And I also very mich love her use of trigger play. Allthough I dont activily remember those. I’m really a sucker for suggestion and triggerplay in and out of trance, especially when it is coming from a hypnotic Mistress like Anja.

    I find it hard to believe that Anja is not an experienced hypnotist prior to this session because just like the image of her lovely Breasts, her voice and command had me salivating and lost for words.

    Please Anja, take my mind again sometime

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