Length: 35:38

Voice: Scarlet

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4 reviews for Breast Worship

  1. Orella

    A very pleasurable session as I listen to Mistress Scarlet’s sexy sensual voice as she describes her breasts and how I should worship them for her pleasure is such a lovely mind journey, lost in trance guided by her words lost in my own pleasure as I envision each of the breast focussed words in my mind’s eye.
    My trance deepens as I am triggered more and more, obediently submitting to Mistress Scarlet and my desire to obey and please her, adrift in arousal as I am taken deeper filled with the increasing desire to be a devoted breast worshipper.

  2. Stevetusly

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  3. Taigh

    Knowing that Scarlet’s Breasts are actually so very gorgeous, mesmerising and compelling, adds more than a little heat to this session. I listen regularly for the hypnosis, this is one session where the trance effects are stronger than most. My routine is to get in a comfortable place and then visit Scarlet’s About Scarlet section in the VIP Site where she has shared some really hot images of herself including a few where her breasts are featured. Gazing in horny wonder, I find myself sinking into a state of semi submissive abandon, and as this feeling sweeps over me – I hit play and take the plunge into full surrender to Scarlet’s voice. This routine is really effective and the session offers a really deep state of compliance and obedience to Scarlets words. I cant recommend this highly enough. Afterwards I find myself noticing ample bosoms much more than I previously had. I find my eye drawn to them, which to some extent was always the case – but now with an increased heat. Even as Im writing this I find myself surrendering to the temptation to scroll up an admire the beautiful pair of breasts featured in the session’s cover art. Thank you Scarlet. You’ve this to me and I find myself liking it.

  4. Ron

    This session is one of my favorites. If you like breasts, you will LOVE them when Misstres Scarlet is done with you. This session takes me deeper than other sessions somehow and I love the new trigger that is introduced. Even after the first listen, the next time I heard the trigger, I could not believe the impact it already had on me. Bliss square!

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