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Length: 49:32
Voice: Mistress Mia

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All rights reserved. No part of this session may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means.

9 reviews for Brim Full of Mia

  1. Matiqx

    Relax and become empty and blank. To feel ultimate mindlessness. Brim Full of Mia is a simple adventure towards deep pleasurable trance. All you will have to do is sink.

  2. mattintrance

    Taken quickly. Relaxation is instant. Trance is inevitable. Mistress Mia’s voice makes me feel wonderful. So dazed. Immediately. Drifting and sinking down. Mia is always in charge. So completely in charge. She soothes me with her lovely voice, but Her mischievous intentions are clear. She wants me deep, sleepy, aroused and accepting. I am all of that. Soon, that is all I am. Hers. Her helpless hypnotized toy. Her deeply brainwashed and devoted victim. Sweet, total surrender. Hers. Always.

  3. 968

    This session transports me to a piece of such joy that it makes my soul vibrate. Mistress Mia’s voice has taken centre estate in my mind, over the years she had worked her hypnotic magic, and I submit helplessly within moments of hearing her sultry siren call. When she counts down to zero I can feel my mind and body being enveloped in the warmth of her control, and then I relinquish any sense of self, by giving in to the pleasure of submission to whatever Mia wishes to do with her toy.

    Blank, empty and floating in submission, Mia infuses every cell of my body, leaving me twitching and moaning with a pleasure that is other-worldly, no thoughts only feelings, and those feelings are Mia’s complete ownership of my mind and body.

    This session feeds my deepest hunger to submit to a dominant woman, finding a blissful coma like state where there is only a growing desire to find ways to submit even further to Mia, and finding more pleasure and arousal in that submission, driving me to deeper submission.

    So many promise, but only Mia has ever delivered. This session is total hypnotic dominance, joyous submission and is a mistresspiece of real hypnotic conditioning.

    968 is grateful for Mistress and her amazing willingness to brainwash a submissive mind to be pleasing to her.

  4. Dale Roads

    I will leave it to other reviewers, my betters, to make sense.

    I now sit at my kitchen table looking out the back window. Rain drops fall belatedly from the roof’s edge just outside. Beyond the back fence, the trees and roofs, the afternoon sky is gray. It will probably rain again, soon. I am inside, and further inside, inside myself. The session has come and gone like a Roadshow. But it has not left me. Not the words, not that loping carnaval-ish music haunting it’s background. Not the consequence.


    She, hypnotically arrived,
    a mind fissure opened,
    I no more, dribbled away,
    I didn’t mind, replaced,
    Brim full of Mia,
    she awakens me,
    her cock crowing below,
    I, now herself, sit quietly
    by the window

    – Dale Roads

    An accurate summation I would content. For me, Mia’s intellect is so appealing as she floats us along to her inevitable conclusion … sooner or perhaps later. At the Ontwaken Facility (Facilitation For Men 1), an intermediate or advanced training session I would guess. Evidently I have been enrolled, I don’t mind.

  5. Mrtitanicbuff

    Just an unbelievable file. I still dont know what the file is about other than super deep!!!

  6. Orella

    This session with its stunning cover and intriguing title is another precious gem in the vast and varied treasure chest of THM sessions.

    I loved the Zero series very much, I went so very, very deep listening to these sessions. There may be no bottom in the infinite depth.

    In great anticipation I settle down in bed and press play, Mistress Mia’s beautiful captivating voice fills my ears as I hear her say ‘five’, instantly I am filled with all sorts of feelings, I am also aware that my conscious mind is already automatically preparing to drift away into a warm happy state of blissful nothingness. The countdown continued…….

    Listen and silent. I never noticed that before about those words. How insightful Mistress Mia is, so Intelligent and so hot and sexy at the same time.

    Limitless ranges of awareness and equally limitless ranges of unawareness as Mistress Mia suggests.

    The first time I listened to this session I zoned out so completely. That I had to come back again and again for more and more journeying into the depths that Mistress Mia wishes to take me deeply into.

    Numbers swirl around my mind, lost in confusion within Mistress Mia’s voice. Happy to obey whatever is suggested and placed into my mind.

    Down and down, I go, lost in happy submission and obedience. Emptied out and filled to the brim with Mistress Mia, what bliss. Even though I still cannot consciously recall any details of most of the session, I am filled with wonderful background feelings just outside of conscious reach.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for this journey into the depths of your trance taking me ever deeper into your control.
    I love being under your control, blissfully lost in trance to you.
    Emptied of all that I am and filled completely with Mia and so happy to be in this state for you Mistress.

  7. Braxton


    I can always use a little more ‘Mia’ in my life. With that said, A Brim full of Mia was right on time. Who knew that relinquishing power to a sexy woman could feel so good. I love everything about this session, and I plan to add this one to my rotation.

    Phenomenal job Mia

  8. lorenzo

    I often start a recording with these reviews in the back of my head. Trying to focus on the snippets that I need to hold on to until the end of the recording so I can describe my experience here, as best as I can.
    Naturally, with Mia’s voice I rarely succeed and with this recording it has been proved impossible. Simply because I indeed have been hypnotized to complete unawareness.

    This recording is just pure hypnosis in its rawest form. I remember little things like countdowns, losing to Mia, Mistress Mia, losing control and thoughts while moaning. I remember just letting go in my submissiveness, feeling the safety of Mia and somehow being uncontrollable aroused by her playful mocking and my probably endlessly deep state.

    I remember being glued to her every syllable, Mia when you talk I want to beg for the next word. Only to be reminded to listen and be silent… I honestly love my Mistress Mia

  9. Andi_S

    What happens when you hear Mia counting down from 5 to 1? For me when I heard Mia count me down at the very beginning of “Brim full of Mia” I was curious about Mia’s artistic and creative choices for how she would take us into trance in this session. I kept listening to her, processing her words, thinking about what she was saying. A few minutes in I noticed that my thinking was changing. I was listening to her voice and her words just as or even more intently yet I could not or simply had no inclination to follow them with my thoughts in the same way as a few minutes before. That is when a smile spread across my lips and I started to feel arousal spreading from my crotch throughout my body. This smile, this energy of happiness and arousal, that radiated from deep within me, wouldn’t leave me for the whole rest of the session as Mia took me deeper and deeper and deeper, filling me with her energy. Just filling me with Mia.

    I can’t even put it into words how deeply satisfying and arousing and blissful it felt. This feeling is so deep and profound and beautiful. I was smiling the whole time and felt so happy. I felt my deepest inner self just saying yes to Mia, just feeling and accepting her words, liberated from having to think so much, surrendering to her presence. I felt Mia so deep inside of me. I felt her pleasure and pride from having me at her feet. I felt her energy flowing through my whole being. I was free from any worry or concerns. I felt like I was one with my highest inner ideal and purpose. I was floating and drifting ever deeper an endless sea of Mia’s divine energy, where there is no limit to the happiness and pleasure of being one with my Mistress. It was wonderful and beautiful and I can’t wait to listen and be Brim Full of Mia again. Thank you so much, Mistress, for training me and opening my mind to the limitless beauty of being your submissive empty-headed hypnotized pet.

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