Length: 24:23

Voice: Mistress Mia

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8 reviews for Broken Loop

  1. philmslim

    Odd, I thought I wrote a review for this session last week.

    I’ve been dreaming of this track without even knowing it. Multiple layers, multiple suggestions. Mia makes surrender so effortlessly easy that you’ll wonder if you need to do anything at all other than just listen. Not since the Obedience Loop series has my cravings for being completely overwhelmed by the pleasure of submission been so strong.

    Broken Loop works particularly well when paired with other loops as it reinforces the programming and making you crave deep brainwashing daily.

  2. Abe

    The Mia in front talking directly to me, the Mia in my right ear, the Mia in my left ear, The Mia from every corner of my mind, the Mia who is spinning all around me, making my mind spin, all of Mia breaking me as I lose myself in her voice over and over again. It is truly a wonderful and sensual feeling hearing Mia all around me through my day, listening through trance, to be totally dependent of her voice through my days, that urge and need of desire of her voice and her commands, that brainwash that feels good, the feeling of dropping and breaking, her suggestions entering my mind as her voice plays with my body at the same time. Not knowing of anything other than Mistress Mia and her Goddess sensual voice.

  3. Maarten

    The first few times i was so delicious araused.,by the voices of mia.
    And suddenly it stopped.
    Did Mia broke my mind.
    This loop file is full of Mia she is everywhere in and outside my mind.
    I want to Surrender to Mistress Mia.

  4. Chrissy

    One thing I’ve noticed about The Hypno Mistress is that a lot of the new releases seem to be just what is needed for me as a submissive at that particular time. This one certainly felt that way. Broken gets straight to the point but pushes you further into a delicious mind meld where Time seems to take a break and leaves you to it. Expertly mixed and developed with voices coming and going almost disguising Mia’s main thrusting voice. I was driven out of mind and into bliss and cannot remember how it ends, so will have to listen again to continue the programme.
    As a loop, Broken could be used as an intro session for anyone becoming acquainted with The Hypno Mistress’ wonderful world.

  5. Orella

    Right from the initial music this session started calming my mind and inducing a state of relaxation readying me for abdication of consciousness on my journey falling into Mistress Mia’s voice and her words.

    I love surrendering to Mistress Mia, total trust and a deep desire to hand over all control to such a wonderful Goddess.

    I was blissfully lost within layers of Mia, her voice seems to be everywhere all around me, a sphere of complementary voices all of whom are Mistress Mia, sucked into a universe where I am surrounded and completely immersed in Mistress Mia, she fills me and surrounds me completely and what a perfect place to be, there is nowhere else I would rather be.

    I love surrendering to Mistress Mia, I love to be empty and to be moulded to become whatever and whomever Mistress Mia wishes me to be for her pleasure, Mistress Mia knows what is best for me. My only thoughts and desires are to surrender, submit, serve, obey and please Mistress Mia.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you feeding my obsession and desire is to surrender, submit, serve, obey and please you Mistress. Your pleasure is my pleasure Mistress. I need and crave your control, the only way to fill the void within is to open up and fill it with Mistress Mia.

  6. mattintrance

    I don’t know. I just don’t. I can’t know, unless I think. And I just can’t seem to think. There are so many voices, on so many layers. But how many voices are there? I don’t know, because I feel so sleepy and blank. There are a few thoughts, though; some tiny things are left. Something about brainwashing, what it really means, or if it’s really even possible. It sows a little doubt. Doubt that keeps shrinking, every time it comes up, which only makes me go down further and faster. Then I realize that there’s only one voice, that of Mistress Mia. The most soothing and commanding sound I know.

  7. lorenzo

    Mia, to me this was a pleasurable reminder of the power You actually hold over my mind on a daily basis. I think of you all the time in and out of trance and as this file so eloquently demonstrates, I can be brainwashed on your whim into a blank slate. Ready to obey your every word or to be formed in whatever is desired. I could crawl a marathon on my hands and knees on your hypnotic command.

  8. MI RC

    It sounds perfect. Heavenly.

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