Length: 30:51
Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Captive Gaze

  1. mattintrance

    Mistress Mia has done it again. She’s used another of Her many weapons to take me in an instant. She’s triggered a level of arousal that left me breathless. I don’t remember what She did precisely, when She did it, or when I in fact fell. All I know is that I awoke feeling weak and obedient, and She is making me weaker and more obedient every time She hypnotizes me. My mind is filled with visions of Her catching me unaware; me falling deep–helpless and spellbound in an instant, Then She deftly manipulates me for Her pleasure. And I love Her voice. Oh my, do I love Her voice. It all feels so real, but maybe it’s just a dream. It doesn’t matter to me though, as I love the idea of Her placing thoughts and implanting memories in my mind. And it clearly pleases Her. As long as I’m Hers, I’m happy.

  2. Taigh

    You had me at “Hello”. Actually, even before that. The first glance at the cover and it was all over for me. That’s just how it is with Mia.
    I love it when I’m told something of a hypnotic nature is going to happen to me, and then boom! There it is. Happening right in front of my eyes (or lower down). It’s like instant hypnosis, effortless control and I feel like everything after that already is a foregone conclusion, as I read the words and soon discover my fate at hands of this ridiculously sexy and exciting woman. It’s not fair – and I love every minute. 🙂

  3. Braxton


    Mistress Mia once again effortlessly takes control of our minds in this sexy file. It is incredibly arrousing the way she can gain power over us by enticing us with her ample bosom.

    Great job Mia.

  4. lorenzo

    This file is not a fiction. Mia is such a beautiful Lady and I’m certain that if I’m actually lucky enough to find my gaze falling on her voluptuous breasts I’d be utterly helpless.

    Just the thought of having Mia’s tits in front of me makes me weak and obedient. Gosh I would do absolutely Anything for her in that moment. It is to hard… to resist something so utterly captivating

  5. squealerson

    I have found it difficult to write a review for this session. The more I think about it and how it makes me feel, the more I get lost in thought. The words don’t come out very easily and I find myself blankly staring at the screen. I’ve become very easy to hypnotize and Mia takes full advantage of my weakness. I do love the sight of a sexy cleavage on a beautiful dominant woman. I have to try hard not to stare.

    I am constantly impressed by the skill demonstrated by Mistress Mia on a regular basis. It is a tremendous amount of work with scripting, recording, editing, artwork, marketing, website, and so much more. The quality and professionalism shine through on each session without fail. Thank you Mistress Mia. I am honored to be your pet.

  6. Orella

    My first listen to Captive Gaze was a mesmerising experience.

    Mistress Mia’s voice is always captivating, coupled with the words being woven into imagery in my mind.
    To sum the experience in one word ‘Boooobs’

    Listening to Mistress Mia speaking about her cleavage, her breasts, her tits.
    The images of her caressing, fondling, and playing with her breasts is irresistibly captivating.

    Post listening to the session I drifted off to sleep, can you guess what filled my dreams?
    Yes, you guessed it, my night of dreams was filled by ‘Boooobs’.

    All the more frustrating for me as I am locked into no touch chastity as one of Mistress Mia’s THM chastity pets.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, thank you for the delicious images filling my mind. Thank you for many hours of delectably exquisite dreams.

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