Length: 35:20

Voice: Mistress Mia

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6 reviews for Caravan

  1. Abe

    The experience of this session sends me into a land of dreams I loved. At one time visiting an awesome carnival where Penelope’s Peep Show, Penelope’s Clown, Madam Fate where visited at the same night. Entering myself into the caravan just after briefly going these sideshows left me excited and in awe. I love when Mistress takes be back to previous experiences, amazing sessions through any new adventure she provides., like Mistress once said, experiencing the same journey but always differently. I was left totally amazed and helplessly aroused.

  2. Braxton


    Teased, and denied… I’ve always enjoyed this dynamic, but no one does it quite like you Mistress.

    Great job Mia.

  3. Taigh

    I felt the straw underfoot and heard the sounds of the carnival rides and the sense of someone walking beside me the whole time. Like a faded dream of desire and mystery. Pure bliss of hypnotic magic.

  4. Eddie

    Incredible session Mia. So magically you connect so many seemingly unrelated events to create such a wonderful experience. All the deep associations I’ve made so far all felt so strong and all working toward your new goal. I don’t know how to describe where this session took me or the deep acceptance it released. Like being inside and experiencing the effects of a dozen sessions all at once as a new world opens up before me. So amazing

  5. Orella

    My first listen to Caravan was on the Saturday 17 December, the session is delicious right from the opening few words that Mistress Mia says. It was also extra tease and denial for me as I am in no touch chastity and therefore nipples were the target of my hands attention.

    I was subsequently thrilled upon being granted permission to stroke by Mistress, at least for a few days. A very generous festive season gift that will allow a new target for my hands for a while.

    I love interactive sessions where I respond in my mind or even better out loud wherever possible. I feel that the immersive aspect is enhanced.

    Post this session I am filled to overflowing with exquisite, frustrated arousal and desperation to cum, but I have not been granted permission for that so it cannot happen.

    My recollections from the session trance include:
    Revisiting my memories, feelings and sensory experiences from trancing under Mistress Mia’s control over my time here at THM.
    A mysterious pink caravan, a little fuzzy on the exact details of the exterior which seemed to be in a state of flux.
    Perfect green eyes as I float on Mistress Mia’s captivatingly enchanting voice.
    ‘Doll space’ is a latent thought lingering in my mind.
    The whisps of imagery fluctuating almost into view, a feeling of surreal yet realness of memories fluttering through the swirling mists and shadows just out of conscious visualisation.

    Thank you, Mistress Mia, this is such an intriguing experience, a convoluted journey skilfully crafted for me to lose myself deeply within.

  6. Andi_S

    Mmmh. This session feels so good. I love how Mistress Mia is able to effortlessly take into such a deep trance. A numb and warm and arousing feeling that automatically starts to envelop my mind and body as soon as I hear the sound of her voice. My mind distant and yet focused. Vacant and yet attentive. Drifting and yet obedient. Drifting into a deeper level of being. A deeper level of meaning. A deeper inner truth revealed only through the sound of her voice.

    It really does feel like being taken to a different world almost. A world completely of her making, where she is the shaper and the maker of reality itself. Where every being and all that happens is subject to her control. Where everything feels good, and right, and true, and beautiful. Outside of reality but also completely real. Thank you, Mistress Mia, for creating this world and taking me there. That beautiful place inside of me where I am free to be nothing but your mindless toy that is free to be played with in any way that you desire.

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